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  1. Here's a doc with more in-depth mechanical suggestions, and my vision for how the abilities in the tree would interact gameplay wise: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18rrkc9DDK0teHBq4AEwZTncPU-4FZhvCblnVue9alXc/edit?usp=sharing
  2. A bit on Mist Swordsman: Swordsmanship: Tendon Slash - Ability’s fine, I would consider increasing the duration of the slow a bit, maybe to 5 seconds. Right now there is heavy reliance on another mastery to help you stick to your target, which basically just means Earth currently. I understand masteries aren't meant to be self-sufficient, but I think a small buff to the slow would reduce the path’s reliance on Earth, and make Water, Lightning, and Wind more viable pairings. Especially since Water and Wind tend to work against this particular goal of Kenjutsu. Sword: Guillotine Killing Technique - I feel like this is one of the bigger missed opportunities on the tree. It’s currently a rather boring ability, with a dot so short it might as well be roped into the ability’s instant damage. I’d like to see it reworked into a stacking dot/bleed ability. Maybe slightly reduce the cooldown and damage, and re-distribute the damage into a 8-10 second dot (currently a 4 second dot, with a 6 second CD), and allow it to stack up to 3 or so times, adjusting the damage if necessary. Make it feel punishing to have a mist swordsman sitting on you for an extended period of time, rather than the hit-and-kite playstyle it currently has with its abilities. Swordsmanship: Rush of Killing Intent - I love this ability, and I love that it scales with Jutsu Power as well. Consider buffing the Jutsu Power scaling of this ability, strengthening its position in hybrids like kenjutsu water and kenjutsu lighting, and making SP cards a viable option for hybrids. Mist Swordsmanship Technique Discipline - I don’t know what this spell’s niche is meant to be, currently. In early levels it’s something of a high-risk high-reward spell. Its damage is insane, (because it does the same damage at level 10 as it does at level 60, non-scaling), so the idea is gathering up as many mobs as will not kill you by the time you channel it, then one-shotting them all with it. At level 60, its damage is far weaker, and it just feels incredibly situational. It needs to be used with CC, and hitting it isn’t very rewarding. But I’m not even sure I’d want the damage buffed, because in its current state I would like this ability to take as little of the mastery’s power budget as possible. Suggestion: Drastically increase the range, have it function more like a retail Monk’s flying serpent kick. If you want to make it more of a damaging ability like it is currently, make it instant cast, do less damage, and have it scale with something that way it isn’t so overpowered in earlier levels. Sword: Demon from Hell Jutsu - This costs way too much chakra. Reducing the chakra cost would help the ability see some use pre-60-jounin, especially in the open world/PvE situations. Since the spell is already very situational by its nature, I find it difficult to justify the enormous chakra cost. By the time your health is at 35% and you cast this ability, you have neither HP nor chakra remaining to do anything with the damage buff. Sword: Silent Killing Technique - The ability is just weak, but I think Jutsu Power as a whole is weak, and I love the fact that the ability is hybrid scaling. If you ever do a balance pass of hybrid scaling abilities, (as this is just one example of many that is technically hybrid scaling but scales poorly with Jutsu Power), please don’t overlook this ability. Buffing the jutsu power scaling of this ability might see it become very fun to use, especially if other balance changes push hybrids into running half AP half SP cards.
  3. I'm new to the game, but as I understand it mastery combinations such as Kenjutsu/Fire are currently unviable due to divergent stat priorities. I think a potential remedy to this would be adding a small number of abilities to each mastery that scales with the *other* stat, as well as adding weaker AP ratios to SP abilities and vice versa. I think this plays into the hybrid fantasy of having a broader, but less potent toolkit. Here are a couple of examples of abilities that could conceivably scale with AP, just ripped from Narutopedia. Fire Release: Fire Release: Flame Attack A simple fire attack scaling with AP rather than SP. Good flavor, especially when paired with the upcoming Taijutsu mastery. Fire Release: Flame Whirlwind A more powerful, melee AoE centered on the caster in the same vein. Water Release: Water Release: Surfing Strike It's from a game, and probably not feasible to animate, but it would be a fun gap-closer for a Water-Melee hybrid to use. Water Release: Azure Dragon Palm Also from a game. Wind Release: Wind Release: Vacuum Blade Wind Waves Kenjutsu: Chakra Shock Slash A ranged, SP scaling Kenjutsu ability for casters that want to use their sword for more than just decoration. Genjutsu: Leaf-Style Willow You could argue that the CC capabilities of Genjutsu are enough to warrant a hybrid. Hyuuga: Eight Trigrams: Vacuum Palm SP scaling ranged Hyuuga ability for caster hybrids. Medical: Chakra Enhanced Strength Any number of ways to incorporate this into AP-primary builds such as Kenjutsu and Taijutsu. Again, I'm rather new to the game and still exploring it myself, I just wanted to toss the suggestion out. That suggestion being: Rather than trying to develop entirely different playstyles with tons of new abilities as part of a larger mastery overhaul, consider just adding one or two abilities baseline to each mastery, and a weaker scaling with the "off-stat" of existing abilities. (That's to say, have a current ability that scales 100% with SP, scale 100%SP/25-50%AP). Thanks for your time!
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