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Gender: Female
Birth Date:
Academy Age:
Current Age: 12
8 y/o Height: 125.27 cm or 4'11"
12 y/o Height: 154.53 cm or 5'7"
8 y/o Weight: 119 lbs
12 y/o Weight:  134 lbs
Blood Type: AB+
Classification: Konohagakure Academy Student, Former Kunoichi
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Team: None
Clan: Hinode


6 y/o: Enrolled at the local Academy, she is placed in the same class ranking as Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, etc.
7 y/o: Student
8 y/o: Student
9 y/o: Student
10 y/o: Student
11 y/o Current Rank: E, Student
12 y/o Graduation Rank: E, Student
Other: She is intelligent and may come off as shy, but in a similar fashion to Naruto, if anyone dares mention her familial past to her she tends to overreact. 


  1. Hinode, ---: KIA Jonin (killed in action)
  2. Hinode, Akina: KIL Genin (killed in labor)

Nature Type

Chō knows nothing of her special talents yet. She does hope to find out sooner rather than later, however. 



Chō is skilled at Taijutsu, mostly from watching other ninja her age. Her Genjutsu and Ninjutsu still require some honing besides how she performs on written exams and schoolwork. While her parents left the earth long ago, she did manage to seek out some help in the other aspects from her classmates, Ino and Sakura.

Background Info.

At twelve years old, Chō was born to Clan Hinode, and since the time she turned six years old, the spirit of adventure has come into her through the mark she bears on the outer section of her left bicep. The mark is a smaller version of her actual longbow that she owns in a dark brown complete with the golden piece symbolizing she belongs to the Hinode Clan. Given that her mother left her to survive on her own, which she knows is possible, she always finds it amazing that she is still alive. Her parents still appear to her until she requests one of her academy sensei to assist with permanently sealing them to where they are buried. While she does not do it intentionally, on occasion Chō Himiwari Hinode has found herself on occasion either bringing apples to her teacher at the Academy or by finishing scrolls for related homework in advance to prove her strength not only to herself but to those in Konohagakure.

She is a clever and caring individual, and while she still needs to learn much about controlling how much she chooses to care over her fellow Academy students. On the scale of her cleverness, others have tested her and the results were off the charts at a massive 225%. She is down to earth finding it slightly difficult to be caught in the webs of lies others may attempt to catch her in on a weekly basis. Regarding the piece of her internal puzzle that she is driven hits close to home with the way she travels to the Academy during the time when the sun was out before disappearing for her home where she mainly remains forming the habit of studying to become intelligent in the aspect of her books. 

Chō may be an independent spirit, but even independent people still need friendship, yet just like Uzumaki Naruto, the other villagers tend to see her as a nuisance and a pest. Her rebellious nature is at a low level, and in comparison to the piece of her personality that others consider her reserved and she does have to agree with those villagers who call her reserved. Even so, she somehow is still able to be sarcastic and laugh along with her classmates at Naruto's antics. She does have thoughts of being spontaneous but her streak of stubbornness takes over as if it has a mind of its own. Chō is a visionary through and through, with the way her artwork and writings are overly astounding and creative.

Chō mimicks a similar appearance that Yamanka Ino has when she is sixteen. Chō wears shinobi sandals that are black in color with her toes allowed to peek out while she is engaged in scraps with students. If one was to move their gaze from her feet to where her lower half is, she wears bands of fishnet material from the middle of her calves to around the middle of her thigh. Rather than a skirt, Chō has decided to opt for a pair of shorts that fit closely to her growing body and they are a light red in color. Covering her upper half is the same material as over her legs, but she wears it mostly to appear in a particular way before she does pull on a cropped top in the same color as her shorts. She wears white wrappings around her right arm meant to cover her clan mark, and unless absolutely necessary, she will not remove them as it is part of her nindo or ninja way. Her lower arms bear two armbands, adjusted around the area where her arm bends. Her hair is kept out of her face unless it comes undone in a high ponytail bearing two intricate braids on either side of her head. She may have grown it, but will not allow pieces to fall into her face but she will wear a hooded cloak to make herself feel and look invisible.

Within Clan Hinode, there is one female who survives no matter what. Chō was born an only child and while unpopular around the other villagers, she proves her worth on a daily basis. At the Academy, she met Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino who seemed to defend her when the others teased her for being intelligent. Ino does have a loud personality which caused the bullies to leave Chō alone, and Sakura seemed to cheer her up with flowers. Years passed before Chō is almost ready to graduate. While Sakura helped develop her confidence in her abilities, she finds it hard to forget someone like that. While other kunoichi seem obsessed or infatuated with the next boy that comes into the class, she is more interested in her books and studying than anything.

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