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Potential AP/SP scaling abilities for masteries that currently lack any:

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I'm new to the game, but as I understand it mastery combinations such as Kenjutsu/Fire are currently unviable due to divergent stat priorities. I think a potential remedy to this would be adding a small number of abilities to each mastery that scales with the *other* stat, as well as adding weaker AP ratios to SP abilities and vice versa. I think this plays into the hybrid fantasy of having a broader, but less potent toolkit. Here are a couple of examples of abilities that could conceivably scale with AP, just ripped from Narutopedia.

Fire Release:

  •      Fire Release: Flame Attack      A simple fire attack scaling with AP rather than SP. Good flavor, especially when paired with the upcoming Taijutsu mastery.
  •      Fire Release: Flame Whirlwind    A more powerful, melee AoE centered on the caster in the same vein.

Water Release:

Wind Release:


  •  Chakra Shock Slash A ranged, SP scaling Kenjutsu ability for casters that want to use their sword for more than just decoration.




  •  Leaf-Style Willow  You could argue that the CC capabilities of Genjutsu are enough to warrant a hybrid.





  •  Chakra Enhanced Strength  Any number of ways to incorporate this into AP-primary builds such as Kenjutsu and Taijutsu.



Again, I'm rather new to the game and still exploring it myself, I just wanted to toss the suggestion out. That suggestion being: Rather than trying to develop entirely different playstyles with tons of new abilities as part of a larger mastery overhaul, consider just adding one or two abilities baseline to each mastery, and a weaker scaling with the "off-stat" of existing abilities. (That's to say, have a current ability that scales 100% with SP, scale 100%SP/25-50%AP).


Thanks for your time!








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