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  1. Please redo the old mob aggro ranges. Large snakes, bees, moths and probably other old mobs have huge aggro ranges compared to high level mobs like cobras.
  2. For the next days, maybe weeks, I will reward any player that sends me a screenshot of a dead player: 10 silver for every Leaf organization kill, 50 silver for ShinobiStriker kills I will prefer dms on discord but will check here too at some point Have fun
  3. specular map not updated in the underwater caves
  4. I was unable to give in the ranked recipe and killing patriarch bears quests and the lightning lasso quest, had to abandon and redo but i still cant give in the patriarch quest only it MIGHT have something to do with days passing but that wouldnt expain the patriarch quest because ive redone it in a single day
  5. bandits near kisaragi dont respawn i came here and killed one that was here and hes the only one respawning ive noticed before some mob respawns like disappearing but it was never more than one and never for a long time too, like an hour at most
  6. the icon is transparent
  7. the icon is transparent
  8. going to sleep so ill just leave this here for vlad
  9. weapon wielding bonus doesnt change on removing a weapon
  11. Tooltip says 9 sec, and it counts down from 9 sec, but it takes additional cca 5 sec before you can cast it again. So i guess its just a typo.
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