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  1. Nah nah, I meant in general. In a normal setting could be said.
  2. The question in the tittle basically focuses on how do you guys like starting off in a roleplay of this universe. My personal preference, I like starting as an academy student, probably on their pre-teens and then start going up from there.
  3. Im a fan of it being randomize tbh. But I'd always liked Fuuton and Suiton.
  4. Ohhhh trust me. I've spotted 2 of those idiots in the discord (yes, idiots, that community is cancer, and I hope REALLY REALLY HOPE im wrong in this) and if this game kicks ass and explodes? You can be damn sure they'll spread the voice and others will join. Brace yourselves if that happens. Again, I hope im wrong.
  5. Because dear. You haven't played the "Shinobi Story Online" that has been going on for years in a platform known as byond. Trust me that being a Hyuuga or Uchicha alone makes you a target.... which in part its actually realistic if we put it in a perspective of RP as in. any Uchiha will be a target because veteran shinobi would want them out before they grow and get strong, but yeah, things got kinda out of control with stealing eyes and transplanting them to their own chars.
  6. I wonder how long it will take before people start stealing eyes left to right.
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