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  1. I get the same type of glitchy flickering animation when talking to the large training squirrel outside Notchi.
  2. Tiny error in Q touring land of fire pt 4. In the descr it says "...welcome to Houchou", my guess is it should say Hachou ?
  3. I think the dialogue and quest description of Squeak Squeaker Squakin should be rewritten at some places. It feels like Im reading something said by a edgy streetwise NPC from Cyberpunk. Exact quotes: "Crackhaed puffs a lil sum" "Tough af as well" "blOW your mind" Feels out of place af
  4. See the bottom right window - https://imgur.com/a/VeqVpvq Behind me is Kisaragi, I just passed the stone structures.
  5. This little dog acted a bit glitchy within this window in the screen. I mean, his animation glitched a bit zig-zag:y almost like flickering. I was too lazy to video cap tbh. Might be different on other GFX settings. I run everything LOW except VIew Distance and Texture Resolution. https://imgur.com/a/OIUivew screenshot of dog
  6. Aren't they all named just Bandit? Specifically this was the bandit right at Port Hachou near those guards.
  7. I am currently trying to kill a high level bandit with 2 other players and I initially got most of the aggro, meaning I also took the most damage. So naturally I subjutsu out to try slow down/reset my aggro but the bandit instantly went back on me. Sure, I was away for a few seconds. However I tried this 3-4 times and I waited at least 20-30 seconds after each Subjutsu to return to combat but the bandit still got on me instantly. All while the other 2 were hitting the bandit non stop. Sure there might be some AI making the bandit target me since I had the lowest HP, who knows. So I cant for sure say if this is a bug report or a suggestion. One thought I had is if I had higher DPS weapons but I actually used slightly worse weps than both of the others.
  8. I want to add that my Sub even attacked a party member. We were in a party before I used the ability. Party member used his Sub right after and it attacked me. Tried it one more time, still attacked member.
  9. I failed the timed quest Go Away im busy in port town from Kureno, and I cannot grab it again to try over. I dont expect this to be by design. I wouldve abandoned it but never got the quest log showing.
  10. These npcs in Kirigari (?) should get some better names I think? And the fireplace shows some object name(?) bottom right. Theres also a wooden tower above this town in the "mountains" that has the same items with object names showing.
  11. this npc will attack but cannot be attacked. I assume it has something to do with Rogue ninja, as I am Hidden Leaf instead. video explains it all why this is a bit wonky. Also the pathing of the guy is bad. https://streamable.com/px0iim
  12. Doing Sub Jutsu in Yokohohama it will auto attack nearby players. Either it will always do that, or it only happens when I am in combat myself (happened when I fought the cat and the squirrel) but not in "actual" combat with another player. And then the guards come attacking me which is annoying since I never intended to attack anyone that would trigger the guards so to say. So I only think SubJutsu should go after your target or the target you is currently attacking.
  13. This is about 30 seconds running left after exiting the gates (I believe there is only 1 gate ?) Behind the trees theres some water running from the city. I circled a few floating trees, might be a few more.
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