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    In our mission to provide the highest quality open-world atmosphere for our community, we must employ regulations on both the in-game, and throughout our community. 

    While being a friendly & open community who's goal is to welcome new players & offer them room to grow and have fun, we are not tolerant of any attempts at disruption of quality service. In this policy you will find an extensive list of do's and dont's with correlating account sanctions. All players are expected to read and to fully understand the community & in-game policy. We provide many opportunities to read these rules & constantly draw attention to them. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse! 

    note: your in-game, forums/website account are linked together in what we call a community account. this means that your social actions can affect your ability to play shinobi story




    1 Warning Point - This is usually a verbal warning to draw attention to something you have recently done that goes against our rules. Often times you will be asked to review these rules again to better help you understand & to prevent you from further account sanctions. No Account Sanctions will be applied at this time. 

    2 Warning Points - While still in relatively good standing, your account will no longer be given the benefit of the doubt, as you were previously helped with understanding the rules & your attention has been drawn to them before. No Account Sanctions will be applied at this time. 

    3 Warning Points - Your account is no longer in good standing. You will be watched more closely by the Game Master Department to ensure further disruption of the community does not take place. Your Community Account will be sanctioned with a 24 hour suspension. Attempts to circumvent this sanction will add an additional warning point to your account. 

    4 Warning Points - Your account will no longer be able to qualify for team applications & all your known IPs will be collected & flagged. This will be your last chance to improve your community standing. Your Community Account will be sanctioned with a 72 hour suspension. Attempts to circumvent this sanction will result in total account closure. 

    5 Warning Points - Total account closure


    To appeal account closure, please Submit A Ban Appeal Here. Appeals will only be considered at least 3 months after account closure. 


    ⚠️ The "Spirit" of the rules is equal to the rules themselves. Trying to bend the rules in any way will result in account action. Starting 03/27/2023, we have an absolute zero tolerance policy for harassment and trying to harm gameplay for other players using toxic means. 




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    Minor Rudeness/Insulting/Toxicity
    This rule addresses:

    1. Insulting a community member publicly
    2. Public shaming/targeted attacks
    3. Excessive rudeness
    4. Toxic or unwelcoming behavior

    Sanction: Verbal warning or, depending on severity, 1 Warning Point at the moderator's discretion.

    This rule addresses:

    1. Advertising other ninja-inspired projects within our community
    2. Using our forums to create a competing ninja game

    Sanction: Typical advertisement posts will result in a verbal warning. Depending on content, 4 Warning Points may be accumulated. Reposting closed advertisement threads will accumulate 1 additional warning point per repost.

    Posting about Real-Life Politics/Religion

    1. This rule discourages discussing politics or religion within the community. If you wish to discuss these topics, please do so in private messages.

    Sanction: Post removal, verbal warning, or 1 Warning Point depending on content.

    Privacy Violation

    1. Creating or posting in threads containing private conversations between players without consent is prohibited. This rule applies to private in-game chat channels (e.g. Whisper, Party) and out-of-game environments (e.g. forum PMs, Discord).

    Exceptions: Communicating with the Shinobi Story Team for support purposes.

    Sanction:  2 Warning Points for violations.

    Offensive Content / NSFW Content
    Prohibited content includes:

    1. Open hostility toward other players or staff members
    2. Discriminatory jokes and language
    3. Offensive, derogatory, or sexually explicit content
    4. Verbal abuse, insults, or threats towards others
    5. Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behavior
    6. Graphic content (gore, sexual content, offensive religious/non-religious imagery, abusive imagery)

    Sanction:  4 Warning Points for violations, resulting in immediate community account closure.

    Bullying and Threats
    Prohibited behaviors include:

    1. Harassing a player for any reason
    2. Encouraging or threatening self-harm or harm to others
    3. Abusive language intended to make a player feel uncomfortable or unhappy with their Shinobi Story experience

    Sanction:  4 Warning Points for violations, resulting in immediate community account closure.

    Malicious Links

    1. Sharing masked links or redirects leading to harmful websites is strictly forbidden.

    Sanction:  4 Warning Points for violations, resulting in immediate community account closure.

    Real-World Trading
    Prohibited activities include:

    1. Buying or selling game accounts
    2. Buying or selling in-game currency (Ryo)
    3. Buying or selling in-game items
    4. Coercing others to buy or sell account data, in-game items, or in-game currency

    Sanction:  4 Warning Points for violations, resulting in immediate community account closure.

    Gameplay Rules

    1. No exploiting bugs, glitches, or unintended game mechanics
    2. No botting or automating gameplay
    3. No account sharing
    4. No harassment or hate speech
    5. No spamming or advertising
    6. No real-money trading
    7. No Multiboxing. (except for Staff Accounts) (Having multiple accounts is okay, just playing them at once is not)
    8. No win trading
    9. Follow the game's economy rules
    10. Please communicate in English only, unless in the special Languages Discord channels

    Distributing Personal Information
    Sharing personal information about other players, such as Discord chat screenshots used for bullying or causing harm, sharing unwanted information, erotic role-play screenshots, or private messages from in-game channels is not allowed on Shinobi Story.

    Sanction: 2 Warning Points issued to the Community Account.

    1. Abusing Bugged Spells/Talents and Game Mechanics
    2. Exploiting bugged Jutsu or spells to gain an unfair advantage in Shinobi Story is prohibited. This includes using unreported bugged Jutsu, exploiting spells in PvP battles, accessing inaccessible areas, or bypassing barriers set by the staff.

    Sanction: Removal of Bugged Jutsu & Verbal Warning - Temporary Account Suspension Depending on Circumstances / 3 Warning Points issued to the Community Account.

    Staff Misinformation

    1. Communication between Staff and players should be supported by logs and screenshots. Providing false information or claims regarding staff authorization without evidence, deliberately misrepresenting staff's words, or reopening a ticket to get a different response on previously denied matters is not allowed.

    Sanction: Verbal warning / 3 Warning Points issued to the Community Account.

    Bannable Offenses:

    1. Using Cheat Software or Hacking Programs
    2. Utilizing programs that enable unfair advantages, such as flying or running at impossible speeds, is strictly forbidden in Shinobi Story.

    Sanction: Permanent & Immediate Account Closure.

    Impersonating a Game Master

    1. Impersonating staff members for malicious purposes, such as obtaining account or personal information or spreading false information, is not tolerated. Sharing links to shock sites, explicit content, or websites containing viruses is also prohibited, regardless of intent.

    Sanction: Permanent & Immediate Account Closure.

    Using Proxies

    1. The use of proxies to bypass restrictions, such as IP bans, is not permitted in Shinobi Story.

    Sanction: Permanent & Immediate Account Closure.


    As an alpha game, bugs will occur. Accounts found cheating through exploits will face restrictions. Exploiting includes any unintended bug or feature that gives an unfair advantage, such as safe-spotting creatures or bosses, unfair immunity, farming quest items by selling them, abusing boosters, etc.

    Players must immediately report obvious exploits via a ticket, not through the #bug-reports channel, to prevent public knowledge. Failure to do so may result in sanctions for actively exploiting. Players must never mention or promote exploits within the community. Reporting a bug does NOT grant permission to continue exploiting it.

    Violations may result in an immediate temporary suspension without appeal, with length depending on severity.

    Plugins and Hacks
    While addons are allowed, hacking tools and third-party programs that provide unfair advantages are prohibited. The use of certain addons may be restricted; editing an addon to restore deliberately removed functions may result in punishment.

    Any hacking attempts or efforts to circumvent banned addons will lead to suspension.


    These rules apply to all players. If you witness any violations, please report them via a post in the "Report" section of the forums. For credibility, video footage is encouraged. All community rules available on Discord apply. Excessively abusive and discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.

    Circumventing in-game mute using alt accounts or characters to harass someone is a punishable offense. If a user is banned from the community (Discord/Forum), they will also receive a permanent mute in-game. All violations will be investigated by the GM team, and offenses may be documented for future reference.

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