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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Ninja! Please let us know how you felt about the Anniversary Event! For any suggestions, feel free to comment down below! Note: the poll is anonymous. The comments are not.
  2. WARNING THIS WILL BE A MOSTLY NEGATIVE LOOK, I LOVE THE GAME AND HAVE A LOT OF GOOD STUFF TO SAY ABOUT IT, BUT THIS IS JUST MY NEGATIVE OPINIONS MOSTLY BECAUSE THIS FOCUS ON THINGS I WISH WERE CHANGED ON THE OVERALL GAME So I've started playing this game not too long ago, so take everything I say with a grain of sault. BUT right now somethings feel weird. Like at the start the game is very cool, cause everything is new, and you have some neat quests to do, you get your first mastery, you can just explore stuff and that's awesome, specially now that you can grind mobs early on with relative safety. At the endgame you can participate in PVP, and farm bosses like a maniac, also your DPS is high enough to the point where you can reliably kill something that is not Rats/Wolves/Ferrets/Snakes/Bears. But I will not comment or focus too much on the late game stuff, as I'm not there and can't comment, my viewpoint is completely different from the level 30+ and 100+ skill points players. I only have two complaints. After you get your second skill, the real grind begins, and that grind is really boring at the moment. You just do the same SQ's near Konoha or you farm snakes for a living. That's it. You will be very rarely invited to do endgame stuff as you are incredibly weaker, some masteries struggle really hard where others can just go through the levels ridiculously easy, and there is way too much RNG involved like holy fuck if you have someone that is lucky and someone that isn't it gets really crazy really quick. Like if you add more ways to get skill points at midgame that should really help, cause right now its just way too slow for something that can go that high, like I get it higher levels players should be way stronger, and should be rewarded for their work, however the gap is like a canyon right now, there is no way someone that has started recently can get even close to the power level of the guys that have played since day one, cause they can almost infinitely scale with the skillpoint system that takes forever to grind and even longer if you just have awful RNG. ON THE CURRENT CHANGES Sword buff feels like too much. Like for real. I (Level 20 47 skillpoints total Lightning User) take a while to kill a single rat and have to rest after every wolf. Meanwhile I see a Sword user near my level (44 skillpoints, Level 25), and he can take 11 Rats at once and around 10 wolves without resting once. That's just too much. Also I don't believe rat buff will ever fix the issue, cause as you can see the sword guy still farmed them no problem. And if you make them too strong you are just hurting new players even more. What should happen is a reduction of the EXP they give past level 10 or something like that, also buff the EXP of other mobs like the ones around Konoha so that rats aren't the clear winner anymore. (I've seen the wolf EXP buff, it's great but I don't think that's enough when a guy can aggro 10 rats and kill them way faster and safer). Please I understand this may read as just crying and whining, specially in the eyes of players that has played this game longer and experienced way harder and tougher times. And I know the game is meant to be hard and is in Alpha. However I still believe it should be hard on the right way. Having hard bosses with fair and interesting mechanics, hidden quests and bosses that give you decent rewards, mobs that have interesting mechanics (like the wolves), that make it so you can't just farm mindlessly, etc. However farming for days non stop on early level mobs is not hard, it's easy as all hell, it's just time consuming and boring. I don't believe there is any fun do be had in killing Large Snake number 370.000. That is not fun or hard, I firmly believe the SkillPoint system should be looked into, as it is as of now in my eyes a boring system that rewards people for just mindlessly killing weak mobs, instead of adding anything interesting to the game, just adding play time. CONCLUSION I love this game for real, I want it to be as good as it can, and I understand you might disagree with my point of view, or have something to add to the discussion so that I might even change my point of view/opinion. Just please understand I say all of this out of a place of really caring about this game future. ~Have a good one fr, this was really hard to write as i'm clearly dumb af~ ~Fuji
  3. Tunnel Vision Team Recruitment Hello everyone, this is your man, the one and only Aetherwerfer with a new cool concept to EVERYONE not entirely sure what they want to do for the Alpha and might need some inspiration. As you might have figured, I am in charge of the balancing and database part of Shinobi Story and that means I do all the numbers that is behind the game. The reason I have writing to you all today is because I am one man and I am not guaranteed to get all the specific feedback on all Alpha aspects. Some might not give feedback, some things might not get touched entirely and some might be overused and I will get too much feedback on one thing. SO! I will be recruiting a team of players for the Alpha who will get to choose different aspects of the game to put their sole focus on, a.k.a tunnel vision. I need people who are capable of giving continued feedback throughout the Alpha who wants to be a major help in the overall balancing of the game itself. First off, I will be looking for people who wants to join the team that already has or is willing to make a character focusing on the following aspects: Medical Ninjutsu Sarutobi Clan Ninja Tools Earth Release Water Release Civilian | Non-Ninja If you are interested in participating in the Tunnel Vision Teams ambitions, you can post your Discord Name on this post or PM me on Discord Aetherweaver#9053 / Sad Test Creature(Nickname on SS Discord) DISCLAIMER: You will get NOTHING, no perks, no cosmetic, advantages, NOTHING AT ALL other than my appreciation for helping me. Love, Aetherweaver / Sad Test Creature
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