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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, ninja! We had a good laugh in the first Shinobi Story Meme Contest! And the winners of the contest are: @Embyr 1 Ninja Journey Starterpack + 15 Gold Koban @Zoogie 1 Ninja Journey Starterpack Val 3 Wildsummer Ramen Winners should open a ticket and let the team know which character they would like their rewards mailed to! We are looking forward to you enjoying patch 34 and more events like this! Honorable mentions: Kizda (Flow) @Unholy Daddy Hidan Hohohoyee RATFUCKER Yakumo The Frog Master @Toggy @Kizo @Gogo SS_Meme_Contest (1).mp4
  2. Gogo

    Spirit animals

    If a team member could morph into their spirit animal - what would it be?
  3. Grayson


    This is meme, post meme and love me i love u post meme now
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