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unaffiliated/all Laws for the Land of Fire

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These are the current Laws for the Village, as well as Land of Fire. After the next Hokage is chosen and in Office these can be changed, or Laws added to. A more precise list will be available for the Jurisdictions as well.


Dangerous and/or Reckless Behavior | Code: 109 - The usage of dangerous ninjutsu within the village walls. Recklessly attacking civilians or ninja against their will within Police Force jurisdiction.

Indecent Exposure | Code: 223 - The absence of clothing within the village walls. If it is part of a "costume" it may be allowed.

Uniform Violation | Code: 271 -All ninja within the village walls must wear the appropriate identifying markers. The following articles include, but are not limited to headbands, symbols, vests, etc. A Leaf symbol or marker must be visible and not hidden. (Applies to Leaf Shinobi)

Impersonating an Officer | Code: 304 -Acting or behaving in a way that represents a member of the LPF without the proper authority. This includes wearing the uniform, issuing citations, or claiming to be a LPF Officer.

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