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**Under Construction, the below is subject to change**


Name: Elite Shinobi Academy 

Patron Diety: Omoikane

Organization Type: Military Academy

Player Leader: Celean

Alignment: Neutral

Motto: Strength does not make one capable of rule; it makes one capable of service.


-          To provide tutelage and advice for new players joining the game

-          To provide a neutral option for players (Across nations, villages, orgs)

-          To provide the spectrum to players; PVE, RP, PVP


-          Houses – Teachers, Staff, and Students are generally part of one of the houses

-          Officer Teachers (likely head of houses) – Jonin-level Shinobi who neutrally want to help all shinobi/players

-          Staff – Chuunin+ members who want to assist/protect the Academy

o   Can include teachers, security, or other roles

-          Students – New players (Can be promoted from this rank at Chuunin, but allowed to stay as a student for RP purposes for as long as they wish)

Houses (Likely Placeholders):

-          Melee Focused - Raijin

-          Ninjutsu Focused - Fūjin

-          Support Focused - Suijin

RP Goals

-          Provide mission-based encounters for Students, Staff, Teachers

-          Provide social events to both within houses and as an Academy

-          Allow outside orgs the opportunity to RP with the Academy, including storylines (Looking for Villains =)) or mission requests from outside organizations (non-political)

PVE Goals

-          Provide players with veterans that can assist with learning the game

-          Provide players with assistance, whether peer or veteran, to help tackle bosses/tricky Dailies

PVP Goals

-          Provide players an atmosphere to test builds/test out things with each other via RP/PVP events between houses

-          Provide reasonably story driven PVP between the Academy and outside factions


OOC Goals

-          Open to any new player to join and receive help

-          Open to any veteran of good-standing that can be neutral and put the players/server first to come be an instructor/mentor

-          Neutral guild, not to be attacked, nor to attack without cause

-          As a school, would prefer for Orgs to reprimand members who attack the school/keep neutrality

-          Provide a Gateway org for players who want to leave to find the correct Org, whether from PVP, RP, or even just a region/language barrier

o   If wants to be Leaf Shinobi, then to Leaf

o   If wants to be rogue PVP, then to BLB

o   Above are just examples

-          Provide an organization that can be true neutral ground for hosted discussions, when needed, for warring factions

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