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The great Senju Clan, often considered one of the greatest to rise throughout the Warring Clans Era the lad has only recently broken free from. Our name being derived from the breadth of knowledge the clan has come to posses over the years. Or ranks housing masters of all disciplines. The Clan of a Thousand Skills.

Currently, the clan is lead by Kizara Senju, following the death of her father towards the end of the conflicts within the Land of Fire. Born and raised a warrior, the sudden end of the Warring Clans Era has left her feeling somewhat without direction, and she does little to hide her quiet disapproval of more than a few of the prominent clans of Konohagakure.

All in all, I wanted to make this organization as a place to expand on the Senju Clan's presence in Shinobi Story. A good way to flesh out there lore, customs, and behaviors since they have very little representation in the Naruto Canon outside of the first two Hokage. Since this is not Naruto canon, I also prefer the idea of Wood Release being a proper Kekkei Genkai that some members of the clan will have access to. As well as possibly injecting some more life into Leaf roleplay.

I would also really love to one day do proper PvE content, taking down big bosses together and tackling whatever challenges end up making their way into Shinobi Story in the future!

As for membership, I expect things to start out very slow and small scale. I doubt I'll be doing any real recruiting, preferring to find people with a genuine interest in the Clan. I definitely don't expect every member to have the Senju Mastery. Gameplay choices do not have to conform with roleplaying ones, but it would be nice to see many members looking the part, preferably staying clear of the cloaks and such of other villages or rogues during roleplay.

And finally, I won't mislead you. I am not an experienced guild leader. In fact, this is my first time branching out and doing something like this. It's especially intimidating going into such a small community where I'm sure I've already ran across or spoken to a fair number of the people who are reading this post. I hope I can grow into things here, if the org ever starts getting off the ground. Even if you aren't interested in joining, feel free to let me know your thoughts or to reach out about roleplaying and such!

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