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Found 31 results

  1. Before reading: My first language is not english and im writing in passion, so please excuse typos and strange wording. This feedback is only my opinion, and I made it in the mindset that I want to improve the playstyle of these speccs, and thereby improve the game. I really like Shinobi Story so far, and I have no issue spending my time, money and effort on such a fun project. God knows how much money iv spent on just resetting masteries. - Water: Flooding Water: Great spell, but it takes a long time to place. Example: If I want 3 pools i spend in total 13,5 seconds. Thats not going to happen in PvP. Having a casttime also makes it less viable for melee users to use it, because of the low spell haste. My suggestion is to make it instant cast and keep the CD. This will "speed up" the specc and make it "flow" better (yes, thats a pun). Twin Waves: I like this spell a lot. Nothing I want to change, except the spell effect is really hard too see. Its a hard skillshot, and I like that. Rising Geyser: For some reason this spell requires you to have a target, and that the target is in line of sight. This makes no sense, because its an area of effect placeable spell. Example: Your target uses Substitution, you loose target, and you cant knock them out of stealth with the spell because it requires you too have a target. This is extremly anoying and breakes up the pace of the specc. This spell is already hard too use because of the high speed PvP. Whirling Rapids: Nothing I want to change except missing damage numbers from the spell description. Good spell for PvE pulls, not that useful for PvP. Greater Waterbullet: Love this spell, and I see no reason to change it. Water Prison: The absolute best spell in the water mastery. Missing duration from the description. With spell haste, uchiha bloodline and spell haste weapon this can be cast extremly fast, making it hard too counter. Right now it can be used as a high damaging spell and a CC. I suggest reducing the damage and keeping the CC aspect. Water Dragon: Awsome spell, and I love the animation. Great for AOE and single target damage. It says in the description that the targets are effected with "Water Dragon Devestation", If this is a debuff then its not working atm. Passive: Tidal Swings: For casters this is pretty useless, but Its a good mastery for melee hybrids. The only thing I would add is that the effect also works with Waterbullet and Rising Geyser, making the caster choose between a knock up or a range attack/slow. Final suggestions: I suggest to add a Flooding Water generating effect to one of the excisting spells. Example: Rising Geyser creates a Flooding Water pool in the area its used. In longer fights this will result in a slow buildup of water pools in the area, making it slowly go into the water users favor. My first idea was too add this effect to Water Bullet, but considering people fly/jump around alot, it would result in flying Flooding Water pools in the middle of the air and not look very good. - Swordmanship (middle): Tendon Slash: Good spell with a short cooldown. The 3 second 40% slow seems a bit weak, considering it has a 13 second cooldown. This means the target will be "unslowed" for 10 seconds before you can slow them again. My suggestion is to increase the duration of the slow to 10 seconds, and effect to 50%. Guillotine Killing: Considering this is "next attack", this is basically a spell you macro into your Tendon Slash and Butchery Cutting Slash. Its a good aoe spell, and I dont any reason too change it. Rush of Killing Intent: Im a bit confused about this spell. Is it suppose to be a gap closer, or a stacking damaging bleed? 15 yard range makes this spell only usable when you already are in melee range, and the bleed effect seems weak. It says "per application" implying that you can apply this bleed multiple times, but the duration is 15 seconds, and the cooldown is 19 seconds. For comparrison Early Morning Wind is 8-25 yards range and 1 second stun, making it a very good gap closer. My suggestion is too increase the range to 0-25 yards, increase the duration of the bleed to 25 seconds and make it stackable. This will make it a great tool for keeping the target out of stealth effects, and the longer the fight will make the bleed more important to keep track of. Mist Swordsmanship Technique Discipline: Missing damage numbers and channel length from description . The 3 seconds (I think its 3, correct me if im wrong) makes this spell extremly hard to use in PvP. People are in a different area code when this spell is finished, and its a must to disable the target before you use this, and even if you do, the damage after a full 3 seconds channel is not that high compared to 3 seconds of pure DPS. My suggestion is to make this channel cancelable. If you only channel for 1 second you dont do as much damage as a full 3 seconds. This will transform it too a gap closer and a damaging spell. Butchery Cutting Slash: Great spell, and I dont see any reason to change it. I think its great that it says in the description that this is an upgrade from Simple Strike. This makes it easier for new players. Demon From Hell: This spell can only be used under 35% hitpoints, on a 2 min cooldown and only 8 second duration make it extremly situational. I suggest making it a passive. As soon as you go under 35% it will trigger and last for 15 seconds. After the duration is over, you recive a debuff that makes the passive not trigger for 1 minute. This will be a "last stand" of the swordsman and make fighting you at low health very dangerous. EDIT: Another suggestion for a passiv would be a stacking buff that increase your damage the lower you are on health. Silent Killing: Missing damage numbers from description. "Some shinobi also opt to use a cover such as mist or even frost to rob their opponents of their field of vision and then attack them", I dont really understand why this is in description. The low range (10 yards) and low damage makes me think I actually loose damage when using this spell. Im not sure if im immune while using it, or if all my attacks actually hit. My suggestion: Add damage numbers in desription, add in description that you are immune while using it, make the attacks unblockable/parry/dodge, and make the attacks do more damage on lower health targets. Would be more fitting considering its a "killing technique". Passive: Double Slashing Strikes: This passive and Way of the Blade can generate alot of extra attacks. Passivly hitting twice is already alot, but after blocking (can you even block??) or reciving damage you get 4 extra attacks ontop of that. A normal 2 hander weapons has a attackspeed of 2,5 seconds, which means that you will max get 3 attacks while the 8 second passive is active. This makes me think that the passive is directed towards dualwield users. I suggest atleast to make the passive effect last 10 seconds, so 2 hand users get the full effect. - Earth: Boulderfist: This spell deals alot of damage, and having it inturupt spellcasting is very nice. This is one of 100 spells in this game that has knock back. For melee this is very anoying. I suggest changing the CC effect. You stun or daze the target for a few seconds, but the stun breaks on damage. Stoneshatter: The 6 second cast make it hard to use as a melee with low haste, but its a great spell and animation. Good way for casters to apply Soften Earth to their melee attackers. Earth Spike Explosion: It says that it knocks up, but it dosnt (which im glad for). I dont see this spell used very much, and I dont use it much myself. The reason is the low range. Suggestion is to increase the range to match other masteries. Earth Wave: Missing range and damage numbers in description. What does "capture and enemies in its path" mean? It says nothing about rooting the targets hit, or the duration of the root. Stone Shield: Missing duration from the description, and it says it has 10 charges, but the buff you get has 6. Your shield has a 50% chance to deal damage to the attacker and has a 10 second duration. This duration is way too short, and iv never seen the amount of charges drop below 4. I suggest to increase the duration to 30 seconds and the increase the chance to 100%. Bedrock Grasp: Love this spell. I would suggest changing the description to specify that it roots the target, not disable it, to be more clear. Iron Skin: One of the best spells in the game if you ask me, and I dont want to change anything about it. Do you use it to negate incomming damage? Or do you use it to get of a full Chakra Recharge? Its great to have choices. Rock Barrier: Another of my favorite spells. A 35 second cooldown full immunity stacked together with another immunity on a 2 min cooldown is pretty insane. Its hard to use in a fight because of the casttime, but its very rewarding when you pull it of. Passive: Durability of Rock: Soften Earth debuff is very strong, it makes it much easier to kite as a caster. The only confusing thing about the description is "and reduce water jutsu damage by 20%". Does the target TAKE 20% less water damage, or does the target DEAL 20% less water damage? And does that stack aswell? I dont see a reason to have a passive that makes water/earth users not want to take this passive. I rather have synergy then excluding a specific mastery. - Senju Bloodline: Heavenly Crushing Punch: This knockback is extreme. You knock people and mobs to a different country when using this spell. The short 18 second cooldown make it very obnoxious. This bloodline already has an insane knockup with Whipping Vines. I suggest changing it to a few second knockdown, and increasing the cooldown. For example a 2 sec aoe knockdown on a 45 second cooldown. Heavenly Vitality: Great buff, but im not sure if it actually works. Most debuffs seem to have the same duration with the buff as without. Body of Thorns: Missing target self in description. Does this spell scale with attackpower/jutsu, or is it just levels? I suggest adding a small scaling to jutsu. Wild Grasping Roots: Add in description that it breakes on damage and duration for the root. Only thing I would like to change about this spell is the range. Having it closer to 35 - 40 yards would make it a good catch up tool. Whipping Vines: This spell has the same problem as the Water: Rising Geyser. It requires a target and line of sight on the target. See Rising Geyser for an example and suggestion for changes. Emerging Spikes: Very cool animation! A bit underwhelming spell number wise. The heal is nice, but the amount is so small. Getting healed for 500 - 600 when you have 50 000 hitpoints is not that much. My suggestion is to increase the heal amount, but makes it shared among the targets hit. So if you only heal yourself, the heal is greater. If you heal 5 targets, the heal is splitt between the 5 targets. Deep Forest Emergence: First of all I want too say that I love the animation, but i have no idea what this spell actually does. I use it, it blocks my camera and i loose sight of my target. It says it does damage and increase the stamina of allies within the aoe, but im pretty sure it does nothing. My suggestion: Increase the area of effect and make it impison the people caught inside of it. The trees form a box around a 30 x 30 yard area. This will make it into a small arena when you can trap yourself and a target, or just a target you want to put out of the fight for a few seconds. Passive: Love the passive. Its very helpful in PvP, and makes you last a lot longer in the fight.
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