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  1. Some old Akamichi grill RP from really early into the summer. Celebrating Team 10.5's Karatachi's first Jonin! Sending off Meme Tornado just before the Jonin patch. Farewell, this stupid ability served me well. Some general silliness Promoting to Chunin in the Game's first Chunin Exams!
  2. Character Name: Nari Rank: Jonin Even after 11 months, I am still able to enter the hidden leaf village without any issue.
  3. Notetaker: Nari Fujusawa Attendance: Alther, Havu, Charli, Kameko, Iron, Kuroie, Kiera, Nari, Geo, Zabuzasuage, Lupa Konoha Council meeting, 9/25/22 Getting right down to business, the first order of business is the addressing of the empty slots in the counsel as several of them decided to follow Kinito on his mission. These individuals who followed Kinito being Riamu Senju, Koshiro Ryu, and Rikka Uzumaki, the former two representing their respective clans and the latter representing the medical department. After some discussion, we agreed that the last Sunday of every third month will be a new clan head election. In addition, the previously mentioned people will be removed from their positions for inactivity. Next Sunday, the normal counsel meeting will be going on vacation and in its stead konohagakure will be hosting a masquerade ball in the park on that day. Anbu masks will be allowed to be worn by non anbu on that day and formal wear is encouraged. Hopefully this will be a delightful start to the autumn season.
  4. Notetaker: Nari Fujusawa Attendance: Alther, Havu, Charli, Kameko, Iron, Kuroie, Kiera, Charli, Nari Konoha Council meeting, 9/18/22 Lord Second welcomed us to this official meeting of the Konoha Council, especially those of us who were new to these gatherings. Kameko Akimichi, Iron Uchiha, and Kuroie Uzumaki, each of them new appointees to the council representing each of their clans. To further their introductions, Lord Second asked each of them to state their goals regarding their clan. Uchiha: Introducing himself as Sgt. Iron “Mall Cop” Uchiha of the Leaf Police Force, stated that his first goal is to address the rogue group BLB’s killing of leaf genin diplomatically and, if or when that fails, to bring them to justice. In addition, he mentioned taking up the mantle of Deputy Chief to better assist Chief Zoogie. He also made it his task to take up recruitment for the Leaf by guiding new academy students through their new life as shinobi. Akimichi: Lady Akimichi expressed her thanks for the Akimichi’s position on the council and seemed to be regretful to say that she was the only Akimichi to make her mark on the world. Nevertheless, she stated that her goal as a clan is to bring food to all Leaf shinobi as well as Allies and even Neutral organizations. In addition, along with the shinobi academy, she’s taken up duty to host classes for all shinobi, newbie and veteran alike. Finally, she mentioned her wedding with Kenny Sunakoya of Sunagakure, hoping this could lead to a future alliance. Uzumaki: Lord Uzumaki was the final one to speak up, confessing the former lady didn’t really leave him much of a legacy to go on. He did state his own personal goals to bring fairness to the land of fire and pledged to get the Uzumaki clan to side with this notion. He lamented the small size of his clan for just a moment before promising to try and gather his people and talk with them before the next meeting. On one final note, Lord Second declared that a cease fire has been declared with the people of the hidden rain… only for it to be broken by one of Akari’s former mercenaries turned rain shinobi, Jinsoh. Lord Second asked the council how we should proceed with these matters. After some discussion, it was agreed that Lord Second representing the leaf along with an Anbu operative would go speak to Tidus representing the leaf along with Lady Akimichi as a neutral party and myself as a scribe would go to speak with Tidus on this matter. I pray that it turns out for the best.
  5. Notetaker: Nari Fujisawa Attendance: Leaf: Alther, Lupa, Zabuzausage, Kuroie, Rikka, Havu, Riamu, Aethelm, Kiera, Kinito, Koshiro, Izuno, Kimiko, Charli Police Force: Ironhidefire Sunsail: Nari Academy: Celean WDP: Astolfo Rain: Tidus, Snow, Nishio, Moyazu, Saiki, Kairi Amegakure: Shirohana, Wahataura BloodlustBrotherhood: Pyreanoro, Woody Karatachi: Smoosh, Rio WCHB: Jimm Goldshire: Who Introduction: Lord second took the stage and welcomed everyone to the meeting, stating that each and every group will have the opportunity to state their own opinion and story before everyone tonight. He acknowledged that not everyone will see eye to eye tonight and it was pressed that a sense of respect be kept tonight by the representative of the police force. Topic 1: The Fair Fight Treaty Kuroie of the Hidden Leaf took the stage to present his own proposition first. He introduced it as the Fair Fights Act and asked for representatives from each guild to form a council to mediate this treaty. The goal of this treaty is to end the activities of those who look to “Punch down” at those who are unable to defend themselves. Initial signers of the Treaty before tonight Included Nari of the Sunsail League and Tidus representing the Rain refugees. While the idea itself saw quite a large amount of support, quite a few people showed doubt on how exactly a counsel would operate, judge whether or not a fight is fair or not, and enforce its policies. Kuroie proposed a strike force dedicated to enforcing the treaty, formed of members of every organization participating on the Counsel. Doling out punishment as needed. A copy of this Treaty was provided for reference to everyone in attendance. (This can be found in the Roleplay hub section of the discord.) Topic 2: Elite Shinobi Academy Celean stepped forward and announced the formation of an Academy dedicated to teaching and nurturing the next generation of Shinobi. Already beginning recruitment, she stated that she aimed to be a non-political entity and take part in no war, stating their intent to defend their own neutrality and students. While students who graduate will be encouraged to continue on as Teachers or Staff, Celean also stated that they will reach out to other organization leaders to help guide their students should they be looking towards a different future. She also further encouraged those from every organization to to interact with the students of the academy to learn about the culture of the land and help them choose a future for themselves. There was concern that aiding these students would be akin to aiding future enemies, however Celean was quick to point out they could be potential recruits as well. Stating that reputation of the organizations would play a large role in ensuring who ended up going where. Celean encourages every organization to also assist in organizing joint training with the members of the academy, allowing students to further learn about the various organizations and form a network for themselves for future possibilities. Celean also swore an oath of neutrality in front of the group, promising that they will participate in no war or politics that are not thrust upon them. Topic 3: Is it possible to end this war? After Celean, Lord Second took the stage once more and rather flatly asked the question… Is it possible to end this war? To answer this question, he called upon the Organizations The Hidden Leaf Village, Hidden Rain Shinobi, Karatachi Clan and Amegakure Syndicate to speak. The Hidden Leaf Village: Maintaining the stage, Lord Second addressed the current state of the Leaf, stating they wanted to end this conflict. He referenced the tactics the Village has adopted from some of their enemies in recent history and the outcry that has resulted from the use of such tactics, stating that there is no better time than now to end this conflict. Hidden Rain Shinobi: As Tidus took the stage he declared that it is his opinion that the war stems from one thing, Alther Uchiha being Hokage. He explained that the majority of the people in attendance today were not here for the events that lead up to the situation we are in right now. While he admitted to not having a proper plan, he did believe the rogue Uchiha Pyreanoro should have a place to speak tonight. He believed that the leaf was acting controlling of the conversation and requested that a proper end should be sought out. Bloodlust Brotherhood: Granting the Rain shinobi his request, Lord Second allowed Woody Uchiha to take the stage representing the rogue organization. He stated that the Organization had the following goals… 1: The Leaf withdraws their forces from the battlefield. 2: The Leaf surrenders 3: The election of a new Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. Amegakure Syndicate: Wahataura first thanked Lord Second for taking the initiative to organize this meeting “Allowing words rather than fists to take the lantern light this evening.” He declared that Lord Pyreanoro Uchiha was his Daimyo and that he swore an oath to this lord. While he claimed to support Lord Second’s bid for peace, he would only support it in terms his Daimyo would accept. His assistant Shirohana then spoke up, claiming that her view on achieving peace was that it was best taken in baby steps. Karatachi Clan: Smoosh of the Karatachi clan took the stage, thanking everyone for welcoming his people to this land as guests. He stated that most everything said today has at least some truth to it, that a ghost of a past war haunted these lands to the point of it becoming only a battlefield of hatred. While he will support peace for his people, it isn't his place to enforce it as he is a guest. Instead, he stated that it was down to the rogue faction and the Hokage to sort it out themselves. Closing thoughts: Lord Second claimed it has been a productive session and that everyone was welcome to the Leaf’s Friday night Akimichi Grill meetup. As final thoughts were requested, Lord Pyreanoro Uchiha requested the floor, which he was allowed. He began by thanking everyone for this opportunity and the Akimichi for their hospitality. He claimed that he sought peace as much as any Leaf however further stated that there will be no armistice until the Leaf Surrenders. He claimed he wished for the Uchiha to be free of the boot of the leaf. Lord Second then retorted, claiming the freedom he wanted was already his, and that all a surrender would do is serve to destabilize the leadership of Konohagakure. He claimed that Leaf was the oppressed side and that they’ve already attempted to sue for peace many times. Lord Pyreanoro simply replied with a threat. With a short statement that future discussions would be had at another time, the meeting was adjourned.
  6. 7/24/22 Notetaker: Nari Fujisawa Sarutobi Winner: Kiera Sarutobi Kiera Sarutobi: Claiming to have wanted to be the clan head for a while now, they promise to protect the innocent and continue to help the leaf grow strong. Matsukura Sarutobi: Being mute he delivered his speech though simply taking his lighter, lighting it and waving it slowly before closing it and pressing it against their chest. Yuusha Sarutobi: Admitting they weren't much for speeches, they simply proclaimed their love for the village and the belief in the will of fire. Senju Winner: Riamu Senju Riamu Senju: Winning by default, Riamu simply introduced himself to the crowd, addressed the issues his clan is facing and ensured he would be a strong leader in the coming days. Medical Director Winner: Rikka Rikka: Another winner by default, Rikka showed her appreciation for being so welcomed into the position of medical director and promised to do her best as a doctor and leading a new generation of medical staff. After offering her guidance to any who may wish it, she made her leave. Anbu Captain Winner: Kuerasu/Crow Taka Aka Hawk: *Silent* Kuerasu Aka Crow: *Silent* Instead of speeches they dueled each other for the title of Anbu Captain, silent as anbu always are. After a rather swift battle, Swords clashing, fire hurled, Kuerasu came out on top as the victor.
  7. 7/17/2022 Notekeeper: Nari Fujisawa Lord second didn’t keep us hanging tonight. The moment he welcomed us to the meeting he announced it would be the final one as he will be pulling out of clan political affairs from today forward. Furthermore, he announced the forming of a new council of Konohagakure loyalists. Following the betrayal of the Ryu and Uchiha clans. He then asked for anyone who had any objections or concerns to step forward and speak their peace. Elder Geo stepped forward, standing in place for Lord Hyuuga once again. To report that the Hyuuga clan will support Konoha and its people, however the exact arrangements have yet to be discussed among the clan. Lord second approved of this declaration and stated a Hyuuga clan leader will be appointed to the council as long as they expressed their loyalty. Elder Geo then spoke of the amassing of other clans from outside of the land of fire and showed appreciation for his new home before stepping out of the spotlight. Lady Uzumaki stepped forward next, reporting that the Uchiha and Ryu Clan heads have fallen silent, speaking of rumors of them attacking leaf Shinobi. Leading credence to the idea that they’ve betrayed us. Lord second suspects that they simply grew bored with peace. Lady Uzumaki then proceeded to pledge her loyalty to the Leaf, as they have always and will always be an ally, and accepted her seat on the council. Next, the Ryu boy took the stage. Pleading that while he understands that the crimes of Kotaki Ryu have led to the council’s choice of separating from the clan head, that any of the Ryu clan looking for sanctuary in Konoha be granted it despite this. Lord second confirmed that those of the Ryu clan will be judged on a case by case basis, despite the crimes of the “Kinslayer.” Next, someone I’m not exactly familiar with stepped forward. Requesting permission to represent the Sarutobi in the new council. Lord second clarified that that the clans themselves will be representing themselves from now on, and votes for new representatives will be handled in their respective clans. The unfamiliar face thanked Lord Second before returning to her position. (Note: Figure out who this is before next meeting) Then the Rogue Uchiha stepped forward simply to voice his displeasure with the current state of the village. Asking why the uchiha should bother throwing their lot in with “You weaklings.” Lord second retorted that the head of the Uchiha clan’s loyalty has proven valueless, as they would happily abandon their honor for monetary gain. The only faction that would be considered on the new Council are the new faction of Loyalist Uchiha. The Rogue Uchiha head continued to bluster further, despite the counterpoints of Lady Uzumaki and Lord Second. Long story short, he seemed to believe that the only value the Uchiha should hold is strength, and that all his actions leading to where we are today are inspired by that. Lord second was not amused and threw his failures back in his face. All in all, a lengthy and rather unproductive argument. Before the argument even ended, the final meeting was officially adjourned.
  8. 7/3/2022 Notekeeper: Nari Fujisawa Today was simply a general meeting with only one rather recent item on the agenda. Lord second welcomed any of us to take the center, an opportunity which the Hyuuga pair of Lord Hizashi and Elder Geo took. Lord Hizashi proceeded to explain his absences from the meetings. He reports of an intruder inside of Notchi city, a strong lightning user that has attacked the lord’s sister. Fortunately she was strong enough to fight him back herself. After proving she was a match the intruder disappeared, leaving behind some feathers. They whispered something among each other, however I wasn’t quite sharp enough to catch it. Lord Second noted the Hyuuga duo’s point, however reminded them that as it occurred in Notchi city it was outside of the jurisdiction of the village as discussed in a meeting several weeks ago. As a result, the Hyuuga clan will seemingly have to resolve this issue on their own. Elder Geo agreed with Lord Second’s judgment and merely wished to report the situation, however the tone in his voice raised a few alarm bells for myself. I have a suspicion not quite all is what it seems with this report. Lady Uchiha had nothing to report herself, however expressed if she came across any information she would pass it along. The Hyuuga duo seemed to appreciate this offer. As nobody else elects to share anything, Lord Second himself takes the center stage, proposing to hold another clan leading vote this time for adding leaders of the Inuzuka and Senju clan to the council. Lady Uchiha mentioned a Sarutobi representative was needed as well which Lord Second agreed with. Lord Ryu and I asked who would step in and how long term limits would be held for respectively. Evidently Senji Daitaro and Inuzuka Flow will likely step up however nobody from the Sarutobi was a clear candidate. There will be no term limits as long as Lord Second remains in power as well, as shorter terms would evidently breed backstabbing and scheming. If a clan leader should ever become incapable of sustaining office they will be replaced however. A new, larger area shall be designated for these meetings as well to accommodate a larger population as well. Lord Second then proceeded to address the alliance proposed in last week’s meeting. More specifically conditions to follow in order to receive aid from the Leaf. Evidently, a letter will be sent in the future to each of the clan leaders in regards to participating in the alliance. I asked Lord Second for a copy of the letter as well which he happily provided. Furthermore, he offered me a more permanent position on the counsel and even a salary for the work. I very much appreciate this offer and graciously accepted it. A copy of the letter will be archived in the library for further reference. As the meeting proceeded, Lady Uchiha brought forth a few questions. Namely, “Is the alliance centered around clans?” “Does your proposal have anything to do with Lord Hyuuga’s request?” And “What is Interference defined by?” This alliance should extend to any fighting force wishing to be legitimized within the Land of Fire. After a short silence however, Lord Second did not have an answer for the latter two questions that he was willing to give. He did proceed to clarify that this alliance was an optional one, describing it as a pact of non-aggression. The mixing of the terms “Alliance” and “Non-aggression pact” seemed to spark some uncertainty between the Head of the Uchiha Clan and Lord Second. Specifically in the cases of the sovereignty of the clans as well as the possibility of legitimizing organizations outside of clans. Hopefully the letter to be sent out soon will address these concerns, as I’m rather confused on a few of the details myself as well. A copy of this letter will be added to the archive as well when it arrives. With this, the meeting was Adjourned.
  9. Meeting notes; 6/26/22 Note Keeper: Nari Fujisawa My deepest apologies to Lord Second as I arrived late to this meeting today. Unfortunately this means my notes will not contain information on the first twenty minutes or so of the meeting. As I arrived, a Jonin by the name of Taishi was assigned a team of young shinobi to lead. I wish the young hotshots under his guidance the best of luck. In addition Lord second wished to speak with him after the meeting however I doubt I will be able to get details on this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Once that was resolved Lord Second wished to know the current state of each of the clans, starting to his left… Hyuuga: Geo-san represented the Hyuuga today as he took center stage. Apparently the Clan head Hizashi has gathered his members together for a “Meet and Greet”. Just something for common introductions. Lord second wished to know how Geo, being an elder of the clan, felt about the direction the hyuugas were taking which he essentially replied “It’s too soon to tell.” Uchiha: As Lady Uchiha took the stage, she began her report by stating that the Clan was split into three separate factions. The traditionalists, those who never left the ancestral lands of the Uchiha. Those who currently live in Konoha, and the anti-establishment group. There are several members of the uchiha in the rogue group The Bloodlust Brotherhood in both the first and third faction. Lady Uchiha then proceeds to express her concerns about a potential war within her own clan and has been taking measures to ensure it doesn’t come down to this. I do wish her luck in resolving this issue, a civil war among the Uchiha would certainly be less than optimal. In addition, Lady Uchiha also claims that the aforementioned rogue group is beginning to divide itself, claiming a ceasefire may be possible in the future with several of its members. As far as the leaders of each of the factions, The traditionalists are lead by Lady Uchiha, the Villagers are lead by the Hokage, and the third Lead by one of the rouge Uchiha in the brotherhood. Ryu: Lord Ryu confessed that he had nothing. “Business as usual” he claims. Uzumaki: Lady Uzumaki began her report by stating that the numbers of the Uzumaki clan in the Land of Fire were low at this moment in time, however believes that some will be immigrating rather soon. In addition she decided to outlaw any use of the Uzumaki clan’s Fuinjutsu techniques used outside of aiding the leaf, its allies, or special circumstances. I am personally concerned with how the rest of her people outside of the land of fire will react to such a law however I suppose she’s taken this into consideration. Finally, she mentioned that they are still trying to deal with the rogue Uzumaki we saw in last week’s meeting. I’m intrigued to hear how she will manage to accomplish this, as my research states he’s the kind to flee at the sign of any sort of trouble. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the reports from the clan representatives, Lord second offered a proposal to those of us at the meeting. The formation of an alliance known as the “Shinobi Allied Forces”. As dark forces are occuring in nearby lands, Lord second expects that such a force would be necessary to protect the land of fire and asked for our opinions on such an alliance. Lady Uzumaki confessed that she believed such an alliance already existed, even if not formally agreed upon. Needless to say, she approved of the alliance, although stated that she is unable to speak for the entirety of her clan. Lady Uchiha supported the alliance, however expressed her concerns with the Cloud Shinobi who has made our acquaintance in recent weeks. I was the next to speak up, perhaps unprompted. Stating that while we at Sunsail will support the alliance in what ways we can, reminding everyone that we are not a Military organization, thus our aid militarily in such a situation would be small. Lord Ryu expressed that he would certainly aid in defense in the case of a Tailed beast attack, however in other matters he would prefer to maintain his independence from the Land of Fire. He did insist that he would be willing to let his pirates join in as a mercenary crew. I must confess, I had a hard time processing everything the Hyuuga elder said, as his declaration was certainly the longest. I believe I have it summed up though with “He personally supports the alliance, and he will deliver the proposal to the Clan Head personally.” Just as things began to wrap up, Lady Uzumaki presented a gift to Lord Second. He seemed rather surprised by the gift, a kind gesture. After which, the meeting was adjourned.
  10. A short while after the end of each meeting, a copy of the notes for that meeting is presented to each Clan Leader as well as the Hokage themself while the original is kept inside of a Sunsail League Archive. Usually, the copies are in a very neat, elegant writing while the original is in a hasty scrawl however this will differ based on that meeting's note keeper. ((Also, OOC note: Please keep the thread clear for Meeting notes.))
  11. Embyr


    Name: Torako Age: 24 Gender: Female Height: 5’4” (162 cm) Weight: 144lbs (65 kg) Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue Torako stands at a rather average 5'4" with a rather athletic build to her. She has a rather pale skin tone and has several large, branching fern-like scars across her body and face. Her slate black hair is kept cut at around shoulder length and is generally pulled back roughly out of her face. Her eyes are a cool, aqua blue color and her face is somewhat freckled. As far as attire goes Torako generally prefers warmer, practical clothes that cover her body scars and generally walks either barefoot or with a pair of sandals. Around her hip she keeps several belt pouches containing throwing weapons such as shuriken or kunai. Torako is a rather aggressive, headstrong young woman, both verbally and physically. Generally quick to punch, kick, yell or intimidate her way out of conflict rather than seek out more peaceful resolutions. Combined with her streak of stubbornness, this has earned her quite a few of the scars littered across her body and face. Torako is also a rather untrusting person, acting closed and reserved around the majority of people and takes a rather long time to warm up. Once her trust is earned however Torako has also proven to be incredibly loyal as well. Torako, along with several other brigands have made a practice of setting up checkpoints along the roads of the land of fire to extort money out of merchants and travelers. They’ve been rather slippery, packing up and leaving well before shinobi arrive at their operation location. Their victims mostly include merchants and well off travelers, usually kept alive for unknown reasons. For anyone very savvy in the bounty business, a girl named Yukari Nakamura looks suspiciously like Torako. Yukari has a large bounty put forward by a lesser noble clan from the land of lightning for assassinating their clan head. The bounty description mentions the fern-like scars Torako generally keeps covered up.
  12. Name: Akiyama; Yune Age: 16 Birthplace: Land of Fire Gender: Female ♀ Height: 5’1” (160 cm) Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg) Yune is a touch on the short side at 5’1” with a smaller build further diminishing her stature despite being somewhat athletic. Yune has a rather pale complexion, often burnt on especially harsh summer days. Her dark blue hair is kept rather long and is usually only styled just enough to keep it straight and out of her face. Her eyes are a piercing, icy blue color only adding to her cold colored visage and her cheeks are occasionally freckled. As far as fashion goes Yune can most often be seen in very formal attire, appearing to favor a dark black Kimono, sandals and light amounts of jewelry. Occasionally she can be seen in more casual types of clothing however she generally avoids the public eye in such garb. Yune is naturally a very bright eyed, energetic young woman. Always curiously observing the unfamiliar world her rather sheltered life has kept her from if allowed to present itself. She’s very outgoing and friendly however can have a tendency to fall very quiet when certain subjects are brought up. This natural personality of hers however has been suppressed by a lifetime of drilling, always being pushed into acting like a traditional, proper spiritual leader. While it’s sometimes allowed to shine through in more casual settings Yune will often catch herself and return to her more reserved state. Appearances are important after all. Yune and her family practice a form of spirituality that combines aspects of Buddhism and Ninshū together. Their primary belief being that, as spiritual leaders, it is their duty to eliminate their own suffering to achieve Nirvana. Then, once Nirvana is achieved, help others through their own journey to achieve it themselves through the use of Chakra. Their preferred method of accomplishing this is through the use of a Jutsu known as Empathetic Link. This technique puts the caster and the target under a shared Genjutsu that splits in half, and then mirrors any strong emotion or pain one experiences to the other. The end result hopefully being for the two linked to gain a better understanding of one another. In addition to its more spiritual uses, this Genjutsu has also been used to help more easily identify injuries as well as act as a form of pain relief for the individual suffering. Yune and her family can often be seen tending to a shrine near Konoha. Here they take the role of religious guides for those seeking help as well as both physical and spiritual healers, although they generally ask for “Donations” to perform this latter role. Yune alone can often be seen studying in the Konoha library. Those more perceptive can see that she’s typically reading through story books, technique scrolls or training manuals. While she’ll happily talk about the former, if ever questioned about the latter two she’ll insist it’s research for her duties and nothing more. A girl named Yui Tamamo can often be seen at the second training grounds just south of Konoha’s walls. She has a suspiciously similar facial structure and stature to Yune. However, unlike Yune, has green eyes and more color to her skin tone. This same Yui has recently graduated the academy and is now officially a genin.
  13. I mentioned recently in the patch 34 feedback request that I really dislike skillpoints/boosters as they're implemented right now. The only reliable way to farm them right now being to park yourself near a mob that drops them commonly, and kill them for hours with re-roll dice in your inventory. Currently the meta for this is birds but even if birds are nerfed we're just going to go to another mob simply because there are very few alternatives. This is rather boring gameplay Imo which is why I believe just about everything in this game should drop skill boosters. What do I mean by this? Well, going over them one by one... One time Quests From touring the land of fire to killing the snapping turtles near Yokohama I think each of these quests should reward a rather substantial amount of boosters compared to the effort we put in. They're only able to be done once so there's no way to abuse them and it gives us an incentive to really go for these quests, an incentive that doesn't really seem to exist right now. I feel like this would also give newer players a lot more direction in what to do during those early levels and help them quickly climb those early skill ranks. Mastery Quests While a new Jutsu is a solid reward on its own I think giving boosters akin to what mastery you' are at each step would also be a rather nice thing to sweeten the turn in. Kenjutsu mastery quests could give physical attack boosters, Fire could give Jutsu power, Earth/Toughness, Medical/Chakra Gathering. I feel like its also rather thematic simply on the basis of "Well of course you feel stronger, you've been swinging that sword around all day." Dailies Right now the mission dailies do actually give boosters. A ranks can give 0-2 rank 4 boosters and you can turn in D and C rank slips for a booster of your choice. I like this, but I think each rank should be able to give a corresponding rank skill booster. D ranks giving rank 1 boosters, C ranks rank 2 boosters, ect... In addition, I'd also like to see shrine dailies give a skill booster akin to which shrine you're offering to. Right now the shrine dailies suffer from the problem of being a temporary reward from a daily and, while its a very nice buff, it does feel a bit bad that you potentially lost out on a Koban from a D rank or whatever. I feel like rewarding a little bit of permanent power along with that buff would completely extinguish that feeling of potentially missing out. I'm a bit concerned with this one, this game is already rather daily focused as it is, but I feel that as long as the drop rates aren't too high it would work out. Fishing & other professions Time for the weird ones, I think fishing and professions in general should also reward boosters. I don't think it should be the fastest way to obtain skill boosters by a long shot, however I do think the bloated fish you can occasionally fish up should have the potential to reward skill boosters. Make me excited to open them up rather than groan at the idea of having to delete more clam meat from my inventory. As for other professions, well I don't know exactly what you have planned so I can't really come up with too much. However, using WoW professions as an example, perhaps herblore could drop Motes of Chakra and Mining could drop Motes of body, both of these being soul bound. Then, using these motes and a few other materials you could craft your own skill boosters corresponding to the type of mote used (Chakra = Gathering/levels/Jutsu power, Body = Stamina/Toughness/physical attack) Holidays Finally, I think Holiday events, quests and maybe mobs/bosses if they're added, should drop boosters of a specific type. I remember back to the Chirstmas event where people just stopped doing the dailies simply because they had the cosmetics they wanted and the rest of what they dropped wasn't worth the daily slot. That doesn't feel right to me, we should be excited for the holiday! So what if Christmas dailies gave lots of chakra gathering boosters? Or the Halloween event gave lots of physical attack? Holidays are a special time so they deserve a solid reason to look forward to them! Conclusion I really want to know what people's thoughts are on this, cause the current booster meta is probably my biggest problem with the game and I've been brainstorming solutions to it for awhile now. I fully understand this might be a terrible idea and welcome any and all (polite) criticism as well as activities I may have missed! I know PvP is something I didn't even touch upon however I admittedly don't have too much experience in that area of the game, I just saw boosters on the honor vendor and thought "Oh, that's cool" so ideas on that are especially welcome. At the end of the day though, I just think more actives in this game should help progress your character beyond just killing birds all day.
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    Patch 34

    I guess I'll be the first person to start this. While it's clear some areas of the land of fire are far more developed than others, for the parts that are developed the game is really pretty to look at for me. It amazes me what you all managed to do in an older wow engine with this many custom models. I'm really looking forward to seeing this game in about a year when new locations are potentially added and more of the land of fire has been brushed up upon. As far as the negative goes... I really dislike skillpoints/boosters as they're implemented right now. Right now the only real way to progress in them is to grind mobs for hours which is just taxing. I plan to make a feedback post in the future once I fully collect my thoughts on this but to summarize what I'm gonna say in it, I think literally everything in this game should have the potential to reward an appropriate amount of skill points.
  15. Alright, It's been a hot minute since I've done one of these. Figure now is a pretty important time to get my thoughts out on each jutsu while the memory of being a solo wind player is still fresh in my mind. Although tbh, even with the addition of earth style I find myself using wind abilities far more than earth. Sticking to what I know I guess. For this post I'm gonna go over changes I've noticed, my thoughts on each ability, any bugs/tooltip errors I've noticed, and go a bit more in depth on the two jutsu I have yet to go over. So, In order of of when you obtain them... No noticed change from previous patch. No Bugs/Errors I've noticed While I don't think this is wind's best Jutsu anymore, I do think this is incredibly solid and is a perfect introduction to the spec. Great utility, solid damage for a low level, can be combo-ed with Shuriken for bonus damage, and really just clearly displays what you're getting yourself into with the wind mastery. This is my favorite Wind Jutsu. Maybe a visual update from previous patch? Tbh I don't use this ability enough to notice. No Bugs/Errors I've noticed And from the best we go straight into the worst. Breeze blast Jutsu's main problem is that it's long cast and short range makes it very awkward and cumbersome to use. It doesnt do much damage, interrupts your own auto attacks with its cast time and is very difficult to hit in pvp. Its purpose mainly seems to be as a way to get melee attackers off of you however their strikes will push back its casting even further, its almost always more worth it to chakra jump away because its instant cast. No noticed change from previous patch. No Bugs/Errors I've noticed This one suffers from similar problems to breeze blast. Low damage, short range, cast time in melee results in knockback, interrupts your auto attacks, ect... Additionally, its chakra cost is weirdly high for the amount of damage it does. It does benefit from a significantly lower cast time though which makes it a bit more usable. I still think the best change that could be made to this jutsu is making it insta cast. Buffed! This ability now seems to scale off jutsu power. Before the patch I've seen this ability miss, even against similar leveled targets, but this might have been changed since the patch. Also the tool tip doesn't mention the rather lengthy slow effect. This ability feels so much better to use now that it scales. Hits for around 1.3k-ish at where my gear is at rn (5 spell power 3 scrolls) and is a very solid control tool in pvp as a ranged slow. No noticed change from previous patch. "You are not able to control the direction of the tornado" You actually can influence it, I mention how in a previous post. I'm actually shocked this didn't get changed somehow. This ability absolutely carries wind in group PvM content but on the flip side is nearly useless in solo pvm and pvp (Might actually combo solidly with earth wave jutsu though.) With that said I'm actually rather glad it didn't get changed, Wind would be an absolutely dreadful pvm spec if it weren't for this ability. Dps is a night and day difference between bosses you can use this on (Bird/Bear) and bosses you cant (Raido/Kama). Still, spamming nothing but this ability isn't the most engaging game-play so I do hope that it can be changed someday without completely ruining Wind's viability in bossing. No noticed change from previous patch. Still does not work off of Slicing whirlwind or Cutting Tornado Jutsu. The movement speed buff is a bit better in pvp than I thought it would be but it's still very difficult to maintain. Still can't really comment on the jutsu haste either, even with the addition of earth most of my cast times are either instant or really low. Much higher Chakra cost from previous patch. Cast time is more like 2.5 seconds. I haven't talked about this jutsu yet! This ability does about 1.1k damage in a large wide line in front of you and, for better or worse is a very bread and butter ability for wind in PvP and solo PvM content. Its high chakra cost is rather rough for the damage it deals though, leads to wind going out of chakra very quickly. I was initially very fond of this ability until I picked up earth and started comparing damage numbers. While it's still useful even with Earth style now it feels a bit weak now in comparison. Higher mana cost, significantly lower max damage, longer cool down, shorter cast time and different name from previous patch. Basically reworked. No Bugs/Errors I've noticed Finally we're at the Daga jutsu! The best way to describe this thing is simply Slicing Tempest Jutsu+. It does about 1.7k damage on average in a large wide line in front of you with a breeze blast style high in the air knockback. It's longer cooldown makes it not quite as bread and butter as slicing tempest but it is significantly better as a trade off. Even with its rather significant nerf with the patch its still one of Wind's best Jutsu, albeit not quite as flashy as the other daga jutsu. -------------------------------------------------------- Overall wind feels weak right now, but its not unplayable weak. Other masteries seem to be having a rougher time as of right now and its probably preferable that they get attention first. If I had to change wind in one way, I'd rework Cutting tornado Jutsu and distribute its power in PvM in some way to the other abilities in the spec. As funny as it is creating a miniature tornado alley in the land of fire, it's probably not the healthiest gameplay spamming this one ability for an entire fight... and topping dps while doing so in some cases. One of the motivations I had with making this thread is that I've had a lot of people ask me what my thoughts on wind style are and for me to link them the jutsu. I figured with something like this I could create a clear source for people to check and see just what wind style is like to play. With the entire mastery now addressed here I really hope I managed to accomplish that goal as well as highlight a few of the problems with the spec. Thank you all for being patient with my long winded talk about wind.
  16. Super jump is an ability that Moths and Bees use if their target is not in melee range. It's instant cast in a large AoE around them, stuns for 7 seconds and does massive damage. From what I understand, It's intended to prevent people from safespotting them. The issue with this ability though is twofold, they're difficult to disengage from without using substitution jutsu and breaking off aggro all together and Knockbacks/Knockups cause them to cast super jump the moment they're pushed out of melee range, making them actively detrimental to use. My proposed change is to simply give super jump a cast time that is unable to be cast while moving. That way they're less punishing to people using knock backs and allows a bit of counterplay while still punishing people who abuse safespots.
  17. Alright, doing a bit faster of an update this time because my opinions on a few things has changed and I wanna get it out there asap. As far as differences from last time I've unlocked the passive at 150 koban and managed to get my hands on two scrolls, loading them up with two spell power cards each. Covering the first part of the passive is difficult considering it's bugged right now (As mentioned above, doesn't proc off of tornado or slicing whirlwind) but I'm pretty convinced that it will end up being rather meh. With the kit as it is right now it's really difficult to keep up the MS increase without weaving in pointless moves unless you're spamming tornados in which case you're likely in a position where you can just turret cast. It's hard to test due to the bug, but I doubt the first part will be too notable. The second part is honestly out of my league to talk about. As a wind user, I look at extra Jutsu haste and my low cast times and think "What's the point?" However, pretty much everyone I showed this to was like "Wait, wind gets Jutsu haste! That's so good!" I'm gonna believe everyone else and say It's likely great for other masteries, and it is thematic for wind, I just dont really have the means to test it out that way. Alright, for part two I managed to get two scrolls and filled them up with spell power cards which gives me a great chance to properly test out Wind's Spell Power scaling. For reference take I will be testing these jutsu under two conditions. All targets are Oversized rat Swarmers and I am only reporting normal hits. Condition 1: Cosmetic: Shinobi Rough Katana (2h damage bonus) Jutsu power 10 Condition 2: Nodatchi of the dragon t1 (2h bonus damage) Two scrolls with full spell power 3 cards for a total of 316 spell power (392 after the nodachi) and jutsu power 10. Wind Style: Gale Palm (Crits for 150% damage) Condition 1: Min: 143 Avg: 198 Max: 277 (127 uses in testing) Condition 2: Min: 301 Avg: 557 Max: 863 (80 uses in testing) Wind style: Breeze Blast Jutsu (Crits for 150% damage) Condition 1: Min: 87 Avg: 192 Max: 353 ( 113 uses in testing) Condition 2: Min: 231 Avg: 489 Max: 1100 (114 uses in testing) Wind Style, Slicing Gust Technique (Crits for 150% damage) Condition 1: Min: 78 Avg: 149 Max: 536 (247 uses in practice) Condition 2: Min: 336 Avg: 589 Max: 878 (173 uses in testing) Wind Style: Slicing Whirlwind (Crits for 200% damage) Condition 1: Min: 499 Avg: 647 Max: 833 ( 24 uses in testing) Condition 2: Min: 531 Avg: 700 Max: 865 (35 uses in testing) (I theorize this might scale off of mostly attack power but have no good way to test this right now.) Wind Style: Cutting Tornado Jutsu (Crits for 150%) Condition 1: Min: 61 Avg: 159 Max: 256 (429 uses in testing) Condition 2: Min: 272 Avg: 381 Max: 398 (262 uses in testing) I believe this paints a solid picture of what's wrong with the spec the most, its base damage is abysmally low to where you need scrolls to really hike up that damage to respectable numbers. It so difficult to recommend someone take this as their first spec because auto attacking will be the vast majority of your damage until you get your hands on scrolls which are rather difficult to obtain right now. With that said, once you get those scrolls things get quite a lot better. As mentioned before in this thread, I can't compare it how other masteries do at this point, but it have noticed that seem to keep up to people of similar level way more than I used to. One final thing I'd like to address is that my opinion on Cutting Tornado Jutsu has shifted quite drastically since my last post. While it's still certainly wind's black sheep jutsu, it's also certainly our strongest by a long shot... in the optimal circumstance. That optimal circumstance being when you're fighting enemies that you can keep at its max range of 30 yards reliably such as Heavy Ox and certain bosses with preferably a large hitbox. It absolutely redefined my grinding style from slowly killing bees to gathering 4-5 heavy ox into a close area with the help of knock backs and shredding them down with tornadoes. You really need at least a scroll to do this though because at lvl 30 with full spell power it often takes me my entire chakra bar plus the recharge to kill them doing this. I've eluded to this quite a bit but while wind is a pretty lousy choice for a first mastery, it's a really solid choice for a second mastery. I cant really speak for damage tuning or pvp balance, but its clear to me that the main help wind needs is early on as a first mastery.
  18. Alright, Finally have played enough since patch 32 to feel confident enough to give feedback so here we go. I forgot to add my level and equipment to my previous post so I'll go ahead and rectify that here. As of writing this post I am a level 27 wind genin using duel Katana of the Dragon t1, I do not have a scroll. Patch 32 introduced Wind buffs, from what I've noticed here are how each of the previous 4 abilities I've mentioned have been changed and my new opinion on them. Wind Style: Gale palm he jutsu itself is unchanged from what I've noticed however the icon and tooltip for the Dazed debuff has changed! The defuff now specifically mentions that Shuriken bonus damage is activated, I like this! Despite being unbuffed I still believe it's wind's best jutsu. Knockbacks are still a bit buggy in caves, likes to hit mobs into ceilings, but everywhere else it's super nice to have an instant, aoe knockback for casting interruption. Wind Style: Breeze Blast Jutsu This one got some work done on it and my god did it need it. It's damage has been significantly buffed to 206-680 at base and the knockback sends enemies significantly higher now, giving it more of an identity from Galepalm's more horizontal knockback. The damage in testing seems to be more weighted in the middle of that damage range, usually hitting for somewhere between 400-600 damage with spellpower weapons but will occasionally hit above or below this range. I still think this jutsu could use a slight range increase, the melee range on a cast time is a bit awkward to land against moving targets, but I like it a whole lot more now. Wind Style: Slicing Gust Technique Damage has been buffed to 251 -450 damage, with spellpower weapons it seems to hit in practice for 350-500 damage. Again, significantly more usable than back when it'd literally hit for double digit damage. I generally use this only when fighting three or more enemies because on two or one auto attacking is generally better. This might change with a 2h weapon due to longer time in between attacks but Wind seems to heavily rely on duel weapons still to do single target damage. Wind Style: Slicing Whirlwind Unchanged from what I've noticed. Imo, still wind's second best jutsu even despite the buffs to the other two. Being able to crit against up to three targets for 1.3k damage, even on a 45 second cd, is still really really nice for wind. Its unmissable quality is also a nice ribbon as well, although it is still possible for it to miss against enemies significantly higher level than you. One more thing to note is that it still applies a magical debuff that applies a slowing effect. It calls itself dazed however it does not buff shuriken damage. The new Jutsu! This one is a really weird one and it's honestly wind's new black sheep Jutsu. Let's talk about the random movement first. This is me spamming the ability off cd, note the tornado that dissipated in front of the building, that's about how far they wander although I have had a few escape the square through the building while testing it here. The jutsu also doesn't seem to like to move when you're on a different plane from it. They'll occasionally move but more often than not they'll expire where you set them. There is a second aspect to their movement thats a lot harder to capture in screenshots, The tornado will always move away from you if you get within ~25 yards of it. For example, if you cast it right in front of you, it'll always immediately start moving away from you while if you cast it at its full 30 yard range it'll usually stay put. In addition, if you move towards it it will run away from you. In result, this jutsu is almost impossible to use in melee situations unless you're cool with it only hitting once, and with wind being a very melee range encouraged spec with Breeze blast and Slicing cutter it feels really weird to have something that discourages you from moving into melee. As for the damage... It isnt great it does 200ish damage, 300ish on a crit and tics once about every second. The enemies I've found it the most useful on are ones that move very little and have a large hitbox, the best current candidate being Heavy Ox. This is one of the best case scenarios for the tornado, where you can manage to stack up a bunch of them on a large target (Preferably more than one) without them moving around too much and able to consistently do it at a 30 yard range so they don't run away from you. Worst case scenario is against something like MM, Kaze or another player where they're small and move around all over the place. Imo, this thing could use some major love to keep it from being a gimmick. If I were to make changes on it I'd do the following 1: Increase it's cool down, damage and maybe cast time. Make it less spammable but more rewarding to use. 2: Increase its area of effect 3: Make the first hit deal significantly more damage than subsequent hits. Not sure how possible this is in engine though. 4: Make it not run away from you. Obviously there are other changes that could be made, this is just what I came up with after a bit of theory crafting while using it. Summoning multiple of them from a single cast would be kinda cool as well, would still need to make it unspammable though. Overall, wind feels significantly better to play than back in patch 31. It's not great but I can aoe farm now that Slicing cutter does damage and dailies just feel way better to do than before. It has this identity crisis though where it wants to be both a melee and range mastery at the same time, having two different kits for each. In addition, its single target damage feels much weaker than its aoe but I feel like that might be intentional. Either way, just wanted to get this out there before the new year. I unlock the 150 passive later today (Hopefully) so perhaps that ties together the spec a bit more.
  19. Alright, so it's pretty common knowledge at this point that wind mastery is kinda booty. I've been pushing it on my main for a few weeks though and, while I don't have too much experience with other Masteries, I feel like I can give some solid feedback on each of the first four abilities and how they compare at least to each other. Note: Tool tip doesn't mention the daze it applies, it also does about 400 damage, not the 70 mentioned. Imo, this is wind's best ability of the first four for the sheer utility of it alone. 400 damage is respectable for wind style and the knockback is useful to interrupt casting like a Moth's blinding pollen or pushing a wolf with the 150% damage increase pounce buff away. Most importantly however is the daze debuff it applies to enemies which activates Shuriken bonus damage. Considering wind doesn't deal that much damage, a 750+ hit from a shuriken is really important for taking down harder mobs. The main issue with using this ability right now is against bees and moths, unless you run along with the knockback they'll cast super jump and wreck your day. There is honestly nothing good I can say about this ability, It is just worse than Gale palm in every conceivable way right now. Except against burrow eggs, there is not a moment I can think of that I didn't regret using it compared to just auto attacking it's so bad. Its range also seems to be very low, basically melee range although I could be wrong on that. The damage isn't misrepresented either, it actually does like 125 damage. I dunno how you'd improve this outside the obvious reduced cast/cd time, increased range/damage. It might just need a complete redesign. This is marginally better than breeze blast simply because the cast time and CD are both lower. Again, the damage is actually that low, I see it hit double digit damage frequently even with two "of the dragon" katanas. Another major problem I have with this ability is that it's an AoE, melee range ability with a cast time. You are essentially guaranteed to have your cast time knocked back while using it which feels really lousy (Note: This also applies to breeze blast). Besides an obvious damage increase, this ability would feel so much better to use if it didn't have a cast time. If it needs a longer CD in result that's fine, but interrupting your auto attacking and casting in melee feels really bad. Note: This ability applies a magical slow to the enemy despite not being listed in the tooltip. It does not count as a daze despite being called one by the debuff's tooltip. So no Shuriken bonus damage :< This is the other contender for wind's best ability, although I do think Gale palm beats it out. It basically works like a slower moving, insta cast chain lightning that slows. It does about 450-650 damage (With Spell power weapons) and, unlike wind's other abilities, seems to Crit for double damage rather than 1.5x. It does seem to scale off spell damage despite mentioning using a sword and is easily the most damaging ability of the first 4. This ability is a genuine breath of fresh air after two stinkers however it does still seem to be lackluster compared to what other masteries are doing at this point. I'll try to keep this post updated as I unlock further into the wind mastery but as of right now it feels really really weak. As a point of reference, I've been leveling an earth alt on the side, and stoneshatter Jutsu genuinely feels like it's better than all four of these abilities combined. I know it's been confirmed that tuning is coming for wind, I just want to share this on the chance that it helps make the mastery feel fun to play.
  20. The quest Last will: Foul Play describes a sword in a lake east of Yokohama Town. The sword is located in the lake west of town.
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