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  1. In the heart of a boundless desert, beneath the searing sun, an elite squadron of ebony-garbed ninjas strides forward, their umbrellas shielding them from the unforgiving elements. A recent alliance has been forged between the enigmatic Lord Amekage and a clandestine organization known only as the Hawks' Eye. Purporting to represent the elusive Kazekage, the group's true motives remain shrouded in mystery, as every soul who has ventured into this desolate expanse has vanished without a trace. Amidst the swirling desert sands, a figure donning a gas mask utters a solemn sentiment, "I hope... this will turn the tide in this war." As the winds continue to rise, the ninjas press on through the treacherous terrain of the Land of Wind, determined to uncover the truth and bring victory to their cause. ANNOUNCING NEW PLAYABLE FACTION The Hidden Sand Village - Nestled amidst the sweeping dunes of the Land of Wind, the Hidden Sand Village stands as a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of its inhabitants. This enigmatic settlement, veiled by both its natural surroundings and its inhabitants' mastery of stealth, serves as a hub for the most skilled and cunning shinobi. The village's labyrinthine streets are lined with sunbaked adobe buildings, providing shelter from the relentless desert climate. The Hidden Sand Village is governed by the wise and enigmatic Kazekage, who leads with a steady hand and a keen understanding of the harsh world that surrounds them. In this bastion of secrecy, the villagers forge powerful bonds and hone their unique ninjutsu techniques, ever vigilant and prepared to defend their home against any who dare to challenge their might. AN OPPERTUNISTIC ALLIANCE In an unprecedented turn of events, the Hidden Sand and Hidden Rain Villages have forged a formidable military alliance, merging their unique strengths and mastery of subterfuge to create a powerful new playable faction. As tensions rise, this newly formed coalition prepares to engage in a conflict with the Leaf Village. Players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the strategic intricacies and fierce battles that arise from this alliance, as the combined forces of the Hidden Sand and Hidden Rain strive to challenge the Leaf Village's supremacy. The stark contrast of the arid desert and the perpetual downpour that defines the two villages adds a layer of depth and complexity to the gameplay, as players navigate both the physical and political landscapes of a world on the brink of war. The alliance between the Hidden Sand and Hidden Rain Villages offers players new gameplay opportunities, as they can now level up and complete quests in each other's territories. The Blackwind Pass, a valley connecting the two villages, serves as the key link between these distinct landscapes. With the addition of the Pass, the game map effectively doubles in size, providing players with diverse environments and challenges to explore. As players journey through the arid desert, the relentless rain, and the treacherous Black Wind Pass, they will encounter unique challenges and rewards in each location. This expansion of playable territory encourages collaboration between the two factions and enhances the overall gaming experience, strengthening their united front against the Leaf Village. The Blackwind Pass, the guarded border which connects the Land of Wind to Land of Rain NEW WAR-TORN LAND The Land of Rivers - a region shrouded in mystery and intrigue, is controlled by a powerful and ruthless crime organization. Its strategic location, where the territories of the Hidden Sand, Hidden Rain, and Leaf Villages converge, makes it the ultimate battleground for these three great lands. As tensions escalate, the Land of Rivers transforms into a theater of war, with each faction vying for supremacy over the resource-rich region. The crime organization's influence casts a sinister shadow over the conflict, adding an element of danger and uncertainty to every encounter. Players must navigate this treacherous terrain, balancing the art of diplomacy with the ever-present threat of betrayal, as they engage in epic battles and forge uneasy alliances to secure victory for their respective factions.
  2. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 50 - Direct Download Mirror Link - Gameplay & Content The Invasion of the Cloud is now the only battleground we have Bug Fixes It appears we had only spawned the weaker and insignificant version of Jashin boss. The actual Jashin boss has been spawned now All jutsu that previously say "Cannot miss" now will continue to miss randomly Miscellaneous Various emotes have been disabled for Mac users, including /dance, /smile and /thank 'Friend of Deserter Debuff' will now apply to those chatting with players under the effect of the Deserter Debuff. This has the same effect as the standard Deserter Debuff, except other players do not risk penalty when engaging in a conversation with you. "Unpoppable Toad Bubble" is now poppable with enough force Custom hairstyles have all been replaced with blood elf hair styles Females now have 2 additional bald hairstyles Yokohama Town has been destroyed in wake of a upcoming festival in advance of spring breakers Chakra Jump is now useable when channeling Ninja Travel Speed Mastery Resets are now free Mysterious Snake Book now has a use... Waifu Questline is now live - the first Waifu, Lily, is now available at Kaiho Point. Player Housing is now live - enter any house and pretend you own it! Jutsu & Balance General Techniques Shinobi Travel Speed A-Rank has been reverted to +80% movement speed Normal Travel Speed has been reduced to 25% movement speed Prismatic Chakra Shield now grants even more Jutsu Power when taking the Advanced Prismatic Chakra Shield passive Sexy Jutsu has been added, but only will be available if you are sexy IRL. Submit a ticket with a selfie for evaluation The Will to Endure now heals for 15%, up form 7% Summoning Jutsu: Rashomon Gate now is 200% larger. Chameleon Technique will now still be useable even while moving Weapon Technique: Sleeping Dart now has a 7% chance of making you sleepier IRL as well Fire Ninjutsu Techniques Phoenix Flower Jutsu has been buffed by 98% Earth Ninjutsu Techniques Earth's final jutsu pick now grants 5 extra jutsu, up from 2 Water Ninjutsu Techniques Water Prison Jutsu now comes with probation Due to the increased price of ammunition, Water Style: Great Water Bullet's cost is now doubled. Lightning Ninjutsu Techniques Chidori now works better if it is used against someone on your friends list, granting +117% additional damage Lightning Style: Lightning Lasso Jutsu now has a 200% increase in effectiveness on Yaks and Oxen Passive: Gathering Storms - If you gather too much storms, a bolt of lightning will just kill you Wind Ninjutsu Techniques Wind Style: Cutting Tornado Jutsu is back! Wind Style: Rasenshuriken will now damage the hand that casts it, preventing you from using jutsu for 2 weeks while you recover, making it similar to the show Due to the increased price of ammunition, Wind Style: Vaccume Bullet's cost is now doubled. Swordsmanship Techniques Sword: Demon From Hell has been renamed to "Demon from Heck" Dance of the Flocking Birds is now usable while moving Medical Ninjutsu Techniques Mystical Palm Technique's nerf has been reverted & buffed by 73% Medics have been renamed to "Pill Vending Machines" Genjutsu Techniques Wake up. You have been in a coma..... wake up Taijutsu Techniques Taijutsu: Gate of Wonder - Open! has been renamed to "I Wonder Why I Used This" ???? Hyuuga Clan Bloodline Byakugan now grants the ability to see behind player's clothes as per Affien's request Gentle Fist has been renamed for being too... sexual Uchiha Clan Bloodline Sharingan of various ranks are now stealable on death. If you lose both, the ability will be removed from you Sharingan Technique: Tsukoyomi now has a 2% chance to put the victim in an Infinite Tsukoyomi, locking their character in an endless loop, then their client crashes Sarutobi Clan Bloodline As a result of excessive smoking from this clan, FDA warnings have been printed on [Pack of Smokes] Sarutobi Clan members have been banned from smoking indoors in The Leaf Village, as a result of new legislation Senju Clan Bloodline All Wood Style jutsu can now only be used outside out of respect for homeowners Uzumaki Clan Bloodline As a result of a massive whirlpool, most members of this clan have been killed. Our apologies Ice Combination Ninjutsu Techniques As the northern hemisphere moves into spring, all Ice Ninjutsu damage has been decreased by 65% for the next 6 months Lava Combination Ninjutsu Techniques As the northern hemisphere moves into spring, all Lava Ninjutsu damage has been increased by 65% for the next 6 months Randomly, the ground beneath you will erupt, simulating IRL lava situations & Many, many other changes that were either forgotten, unlisted, or that we considered to be too minor - Please run your launchers to play the update! Thank you so much for playing!
  3. Ninja, It is with great excitement that we announce a new era of updates coming to our beloved game. We have been listening closely to your feedback and are thrilled to unveil a series of new features that will take gameplay to the next level. From stunning new Jutsu to new stories with a fresh cast of characters, this update promises to deliver an even more immersive and captivating gaming experience based on a deep love for the Ninja World as our game’s theme. Reading your feedback over the months has led us to make the decision to stop chasing monthly updates and focus on fixing and remastering core issues with the very fundamentals of the game. Rather than constant bandaid fixes which lead to further issues, we believe that it is time to redefine what Shinobi Story is as a game and to maximize the fun and gameplay richness that we know we are able to achieve. The transition of Shinobi Story from alpha to beta represents a major milestone in our journey to create a game that is both immersive and exciting, offering you, our beloved players, a fresh new take on the ninja world that you know and love. We are humbled to have you as our partners in this journey, and together, with your feedback, testing, and community presence, we will be able to create the most content-rich ninja game possible. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Shinobi Story. We can't wait for you to experience what we have in store for you in the upcoming beta release. NEW MASTERY TALENT TREES We are pleased to announce that Shinobi Story will feature a new Talent Tree System that is set to revolutionize the way players approach their favorite masteries. Taking inspiration from recent successes in the gaming scene, we have recreated our Mastery system to be deeper, richer, and more customizable, offering new ways to make your ninja truly unique to you! Uchiha Clan Mastery Talent Tree Weapon Techniques Mastery Talent Tree (Right Side: Human Self Puppetry Tank Build) Lightning Ninjutsu Mastery Talent Tree (Right Side: Raikage Lightning Cloak Tank Build) Medical Ninjutsu Mastery Talent Tree Aburame Clan Mastery Talent Tree - Neox's Choice for winning! Players will be able to reset within their Mastery with Koban, allowing players to try out different builds and points combinations without having to buy a scroll; but switching masteries will still require a Reset Scroll With our new Talent Tree System, you will be able to fully spec into a single mastery if you choose, creating builds not seen before such as Full Uchiha, Full Medical, and many more. By removing previous restrictions, players will be able to delve into theorycrafting and explore endless possibilities to tailor their playstyle to their liking. With this new system, we are confident that players will have a more immersive and exciting experience than ever before. NEW MASTERIES & REDESIGNS Announcing a range of new masteries and redesigns for Shinobi Story. The new masteries include the Aburame Clan, which offers both Ranged DPS and Melee DPS specializations, and Weapons Techniques/Puppets, which features Ten-Ten Style Weapons Techniques, Puppetry Pet Spec, and Human Puppetry Tank Spec. We are also excited to introduce the Magnet Combination Mastery, inspired by Gaara's Sand Tank, which offers Iron Sand Ranged DPS. Additionally, the Spiritualism mastery includes Jashinism Melee DPS/Tank Hybrid and Holy Monk Melee DPS/Support Hybrid specializations. In addition to these new masteries, we will also be designing new ones such as Inuzuka, Akimichi, Yamanaka, Nara, Kaguya, Namizake, and Explosion to offer a more engaging and immersive gameplay experience for our players. These updates represent a significant step forward for the game, promising to deliver exciting new opportunities for players to do battle like never before! A few examples... Fire Style: Phoenix Flare Punch Fire Style: Fire Fist Technique Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu Water Style: Life Currents Jutsu Fan Style: Wind Slicing Barrage Wind Style: Tornado Fists Technique REMASTERED WORLD & VILLAGE In collaboration with an additional world designer, we will be undertaking a major overhaul of our maps. Our goal is to bring our game world to a much higher level of quality by adding depth, replacing lower quality models, and injecting new content zones throughout the world. With this new attention to detail, we aim to create a more immersive and full-bodied gaming experience that will leave players truly immersed in the Ninja World! We are delighted to announce that we will be releasing two new lands in our game world, along with a revamped Hidden Leaf Village. The new version of the village will be free of lag, feature unique districts for each major clan, offer numerous RP spots, building interiors, and boast a completely new layout. In addition, we will be introducing a Major Hidden Village that will be a playable faction, which will bring the total number of Hidden Villages to three. This new addition will elevate roleplay customization and PvP balance, allowing players to explore and adventure in a game world that is richer and more rewarding than ever before. FACTION SYSTEM OVERHAUL We are thrilled to announce that Shinobi Story will be featuring two new Hidden Villages as playable factions, offering players a fresh new take on the ninja world. In addition, we are redesigning our Faction system to be more semi-serious, providing players with the freedom to switch factions depending on the story they want to tell, and the ever-changing goals they have. With this new system, players will be able to join factions that fit their playstyle and create alliances that are meaningful and engaging. As part of this redesign, we are also removing "Rogue" as a solid faction and instead turning them into criminals who are hated by all. After their sentence, they will be able to repent and join a different Hidden Village faction, creating a sense of redemption and a deeper level of player engagement. These changes to our Faction system promise to bring a new level of excitement and immersion to our game world, in addition to faction-specific cosmetics and faction-tied stat boosts to promote a sense of loyalty to villages for those who stick to their choices! With greater flexibility and more meaningful player choices, players will have many options of play… and players may even see the return of Player Kages with a completely automated system inside of the faction! NEW PROGRESSION SYSTEM We would like to unveil a complete overhaul of the progression system in Shinobi Story, designed to take the game to a more streamlined design. Our team is working to remove the old, confusing, and multi-layered system that has frustrated many early-level players, replacing it with a new Main Storyline that will take players from level 1-60 in a immersive way. With no need for mindless grinding, players will be able to progress at their own pace, enjoying a seamless and engaging experience. But that's not all - we are also removing the tedious daily grind for Chuunin and Jonin ranks, instead allowing players to progress by exploring the ninja world, completing missions, and engaging with the game's many exciting features. This new progression system is designed to provide players with a sense of purpose and accomplishment, while freeing them from the monotony of repetitive tasks and sending them on their way to the end-game content! Our goal is to deepen the in-game lore and story aspect of Shinobi Story, and delivering it through more thought-out questlines as well as introduce new voice acted quests to truly impress the players with our new development skill! PLAYER HOUSING Introducing a new feature to Shinobi Story: Player Housing. Our goal is to create several Housing Districts throughout the game world that will feature Torii Gate portals, providing players with their own instanced land that is appropriately themed to the district they own a house in. For example, a District in the Land of Fire will have grass, trees, and a skybox as the surroundings, while a Rain Housing District will resemble that zone. With this new feature, players will be able to fully customize their land as they see fit, with the freedom to build whatever they desire. From player farms and restaurants to art projects and recreations of villages, the possibilities for creative expression are limitless. This feature is set to be an exciting addition to the game, promising to bring a new level of player engagement and creativity to Shinobi Story. RAIDS & DUNGEONS We have been wanting to introduce Raids and Dungeons for a long time now, and some of our new concepts are: The Tomb of Jashin & The Underground Laboratory which promise to tell unique stories, and offer many challenging bosses to defeat with your squads! We are also interested in introducing a Mythic Plus (M+) style system for dungeons which will scale enemies to be much harder, but also reward better loot - both dungeons and raids will have a high score system to truly distinguish which squads are the most elite! NEW UI REMASTER With the release of the Shinobi Story Beta, we are excited to unveil a fresh new look for the player's layout and view, one that strikes a balance between modernity and original design charm. We have worked to deliver changes that immediately stand out, starting with the more prominent minimap (that works) and health bar, providing players with greater viewable space. New User Interface in Shinobi Story's upcoming Beta Release We have removed unnecessary clutter and streamlined the layout to create a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Additionally, while staying true to the game's iconic design, we have refreshed the appearance of the Action Bar, giving it a clean and polished look. Elite mobs will be shown with a gold portrait frame & a Elite symbol These changes represent a significant step forward for the game, improving the overall quality and enhancing the player's experience. We can't wait for players to experience the updated layout and view firsthand, as we believe it will elevate the game to a new level of visual appeal and functionality. MAP & MINIMAP We understand that navigating the vast and intricate world of Shinobi Story can be a daunting task for both new and veteran players. That's why, with the release of the Beta, we are excited to announce that we will be providing a full map and minimap to assist players in their travels. This update is aimed at providing players with a more immersive and intuitive experience, making it easier to understand where they are in relation to where they want to go. With the addition of these new tools, players will be able to navigate the game world with greater ease, improving the overall quality of their gameplay experience. Whether you're a new player just starting out or a seasoned veteran, these changes are sure to enhance your journey through the world of Shinobi Story. Get ready to explore the game world like never before! Additional Bulletpoints We're Developing.. Introducing a vast array of new cosmetics to help players truly personalize their characters and make them stand out in the ninja world. Exploration & Puzzle solving open world main progression system Huge focus being placed on open world exploration & interaction with the world in unique ways to utilize unique masteries New battlegrounds, offering exciting new ways for players to test their skills against one another in thrilling and competitive combat. A range of new evergreen content that is always relevant, giving players fresh challenges and experiences that they can enjoy at any time. A comprehensive profession overhaul, revamping the professions system to make it more intuitive and rewarding, with new benefits and bonuses to help players progress. Improved catch-up options, allowing players to more easily progress and catch up with their peers, ensuring a more level playing field for all. A wide range of bug fixes and performance improvements, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience for all players. Cash Shop rework - most items will be moved to being acquired in-game New Ninja Missions panel purchasable with Koban monthly offering unique rewards (similar to the Trading Post) Professions overhaul - offering deeper levels of crafting for each profession as well as a couple new ones, including unique and rare recipes, formulas, and blueprints to truly make a name for yourself as a legendary crafter! Organization/Guild leveling perks so groups can work together to unlock organization-exclusive rewards! Removing "scaling" in the sense of what we have now, and make everything scale off of the same stat, thus deepening and expanding all hybriding possibilities! All masteries will be played similar to WoW classes in a sense that there will always be buttons to press and very low (if any) downtime! New Energy mechanic, doing away with movement charges! This will allow ninja to use movement abilities that cost energy rather than charges. This will allow us to explore mechanics and talents based around energy consumption & generation! Vastly improved tutorial and early game to increase early player retention. Greatly reducing Download size to 7-10 GB roughly to increase downloads/cut back on waste and bloat Completely remade new player experience to keep new players engaged enough to be able to have fun straight away! We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our players who have taken part in the alpha journey thus far. It has been an incredible ride, from the game's humble beginnings to the robust and immersive world it has become today. As we transition to the Beta phase of development, we are excited to embark on a new chapter in the game's evolution. We understand that this will not be an easy or quick process, but with the support and feedback of our community, we are confident that we can create the most unique and content-rich ninja game ever made. We deeply appreciate your patience and assistance as we undertake this overhaul, and we look forward to working with you to create a game that truly captures the spirit and excitement of the Ninja World unlike any other game. “Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.” With Gratitude, The Shinobi Story Team
  4. Ninja, It is with great pleasure and excitement that I sit down today and calculate all of our new landmarks from 2022. Our game and community really took off this year, and we have made so many advancements that our game is unrecognizable from 2021. Our team, our developers, and all of those who supported us have worked extremely diligently to bring us here. I would like to first take some time to thank them for all they have done. Next, I would like to thank all of those who have supported us in their purchases. You have made it possible for us to develop the game, to keep working on it, and to keep the lights on month after month. We are truly humbled by your generosity and willingness to support a growing project. Thank you! Now, let's get into the numbers... Total /played time of all players combined: 191,789.1 Hours = 7991.21 Days = 262.72 Months = 21.893 YEARS Characters Made: 10,292 Most Played Characters: Kagari Nana Namikazyuki Total RYO in Circulation: 562,706.19 RYO Richest Players: Lashaka Alt Thida Total Player Kills: 140,345 Top Player Killers: Kotaki Nana Woody Total Honor Points: 6,523,341 Top 3 Arena Teams: noprofanity - 2142 Cheeseburger - 2123 I love roblox - 1745 Total Mastery Picks: fire 782 uchiha 687 lightning 519 medical 512 water 392 taijutsu 379 hyuuga 363 wind 255 Kenjutsu 242 senju 238 genjutsu 230 earth 192 sarutobi 123 uzumaki 114 lava 15 ice 15 Total General Points Resets: 690 Total Lv 60s: 252 Total Lvs 41-59: 107 Total Lv 40s: 37 Total Lvs 30 - 39: 135 Total Lvs 20 - 29: 434 Total Lvs 10 - 19: 1442 Total Mail Received: 1,985 Total Stat Points: 198,063 Total Organizations: 52 Total Tickets Answered: 3143 HUGE Thanks to our Community Support Team for ALWAYS helping people when they need it! To join the ranks of the Player Moderators, please APPLY HERE! Post your most memorable screenshots from 2022
  5. Hi, Please run your Launcher.exe. This will solve this issue, because it seems like you do not have all the files properly downloaded. Enjoy!
  6. Hi, please run your launcher! ^^
  7. Hey, if you click "getting started" on the launcher it will take you to a gameplay guide!
  8. Ninja, There is a mission I must ask of you - we must spread the word to new players! Imagine if our ninja world had 200 active players, nonstop Battlegrounds, Raiding Orgs, Multiple Villages, and many more people to befriend... this can all be possible if we join together this holiday season to spread our love for our game & community in a special Video Trailer Contest! CHOOSE THE NEXT MASTERY 1x Amazon Gift card ($250) 1x KEHASUK Collector's Edition NARUTO Chibi Poster [18x24 in.] 3000x Gold Koban 1x Amazon Gift card ($50) 1x KEHASUK Collector's Edition Dragonball Z Chibi Poster [18x24 in.] 3000x Gold Koban 1x Hunter-Nin Complete Set 3000x Gold Koban 2x Pet Tokens - DEADLINE: FEB 1, 2023 - RULES: 5 entries accepted per submitter, meaning players can submit ap to 5 videos for entry maximum. The video must be about Shinobi Story & ideally act as a trailer or advertisement to help new players discover and try us out. The videos with the top 3 viewcounts will be deemed the winners, or if production quality is extremely astounding, then viewcount may be outranked. Entries cannot be Shorts, and must be at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length. The videos must not contain profanity, because they will be cross-posted on the main Youtube channel for the game and put into a public playlist. This could really help us bring some new friends to our game and community, and I am excited and hopeful we can really being 2023 with a bang! TO ENTER: Paste your video here Thank you for your support and encouragment, Vlad & Shinobi Story
  9. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 47 Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! - Direct Download Mirror Link - Gameplay & Content PvP Reward Boxes have had their loot increased! Battlegrounds have been set to 4v4 New World Boss: Jashinist Wroshipper The World Rares have been reworked completely, and their loot is now BiS Monster Hunter weekly missions added We have taken additional measures to make Battlegrounds a more fun minigame by: -> Battlegrounds give more experience for leveling players -> Battlegrounds have been made to be lvs 10-60 all Queue together -> Battlegrounds should now make everyone Jonin Tier or equivalent Note: We want to open Battlegrounds & our fun PvP system to fresh players to give them a taste of what combat is like in Shinobi Story, and if this becomes a meaningful and fun way for PvP players to level, and to progress, then this is going to be a great increase to the health of the game, and to the fun new players are able to have from the get-go! New Currency Added: Bounty Hunter Marks New Vendor at Bounty Station: The Grand Monster Hunter -> He sells some BiS Gear Currencies has been moved to their own tab in the character window so you no longer have to clutter your inventory! (If you are encountering bugs, put the currencies into your bank, then withdraw them, and they should automatically store in this tab!) You can now buy Skillpoints with Commendation of War You can now buy SKillpoints with Honor Points Bug Fixes Advanced ranks of Chakra Recharge has been made instant Genjutsu Release should now properly affect Murder of Crows Genjutsu Substitution Jutsu should now properly free you from any movement impairing effects, and allowing you to better reposition The Koban Vendor should now properly require Koban for reputation boosts Warmode has been Fixed Water Dragon Jutsu has been fixed Barbershop Character Hair Vendor now works again The Greench Holiday Worldboss now respawns quicker The Holiday Mission to slay the Greench no longer requires Stolen Presents Fixed some icons not properly showing Fixed some jutsu typos Sickle and Chain's visual has been remade to be... a chain! Lightning Jutsu visuals have been fixed so they no longer float above the head, but now are on the chest Additional visual effects have been added to the general passives Improved Sharingan arts - Fixed! Improved Substitution Jutsu - Fixed! Chain Technique Specialist - Fixed! Master of Poisonology - Fixed! Weapon Technique Specialist - Fixed! Advanced Chakra Shielding - Fixed! Advanced Yin Release - Fixed! Weapon Technique: Sleep Dart - Fixed! Precise Kunai Throw - now affects target(s) near the initial one! Needle Hair Art now scales Weapon: Black Hilted grasscutter is no longer unique, allowing you to loot more than 1 Food buffs can no longer be used in Arenas Battleground broadscat text has been fixed to be more Shinobi story themed! Tsuki's Rest NPCs now have flavor text New Monkey King Mission added! Battlemasters added in Konoha, Yokohama Town, Notchi City, and Tanzaku Town to help funnel lvs 10-59 into them! Miscellaneous Snowfall Emblems & other holiday tokens now stack infinitely More creatures have been added around the map More creature wander around, helping immersion More NPC Dialogue was added to help increase immersion E-Rank Travel Speed no longer costs chakra for early game quality of life Several icons have been upgraded! Cup Ramen price has been reduced Grand Exorcist Trinkets has been buffed to now offer a stat increase New visual effect added when looting Koban Boxes! Leveling Experience Bonus gift (10,20,30 etc.) now lasts for 2hr up from 1hr Many mobs has Skillpoints Booster drops increased A New loot Rolling UI has been designed to replace the default one! Additional tooltip info has been added on jutsu to communicate what they do & how long they last more clearly Our Live database has been optimized a little, and junk data has been deleted, making startup & restarts quicker! We have made improvements to our launcher & Updater to increase download speeds by a great deal, especially for players outside of the United States! Most players should no longer have any download issues! Additional map updates were made in the forests around Nagomi Town Player NPCs have been added for players who subscribed to Kage Tier Jutsu & Balance General Techniques Bloodthirsty Strikes has been buffed to heal more The Will to Live has had it's percentage chance to proc increased, and the amount it heals slightly increased Sludge Bullet's range and damage has been reduced significantly. This ability was very OP/Bugged Throw Kunai has had its' cooldown increased by 2 seconds General Techniques should now properly show which scaling they use Thousand Years of Death has been buffed Summoning Jutsu: Rashomon Gate's size has been increased High Jump's cooldown has been reduced by 5 seconds Prismatic Chakra Shield now scales slightly with Jutsu Power Ambushing Chameleon has been reduced to only working for 60 seconds down from unlimited Shuriken Barrage has been greatly buffed New General Skill: Storm & Earthquake Increase the charges of Lightning Style: Weapon Chakra Flow by 7 and Earth Style: Stone Shield Technique by 7 charges. Heavy Strikes's stun has been icnreased from 0.5s to 1.5s Advanced Foodpill Absorption's healing increase has been increased from 150% to 200% Immunosuppressant Weapon Venom has had the healing reduction increased from 25% -> 35% Fire Ninjutsu Techniques Fire Style: Dragonflame Bullet's cast time has been reduced In addition, it's damage has been increased, and it now ticks 3x quicker Fire Style: Flaming Tornado Jutsu has had the cast time reduced and its' damage increased Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu has had its' burn damage increased Fire Style: Flame Dart is now an instant cast & has its' damage increased Mastery Passive: Superheated Chakra no longer applied to Flame Dart, but now applies to Phoenix Flower Jutsu instead Earth Ninjutsu Techniques Water Ninjutsu Techniques Lightning Ninjutsu Techniques Lightning Style: Lightning Weapon Flow's charges have been reduced from 15 to 10 Wind Ninjutsu Techniques Wind Style: Gale Palm's cooldown has been decreased Wind Style: Rasenshuriken has had it's slow duration increased, cast time reduced, and damage increased slightly Swordsmanship Techniques Medical Ninjutsu Techniques Medical Hippocratic Oath has had its' duration extended to 30 seconds, and now offers a 5% healing bonus instead Medical Technique: Chakra Protection has been removed Medical Technique: Focusing Seal of Medicine has been added - AOE Heal All Medical Jutsu chakra costs have been increased Genjutsu Techniques Genjutsu: Flash Pillar's cooldown has been reduced to 60s Chakra Destruction has received a slight nerf Taijutsu Techniques Taijutsu uppercut's cooldown has been reduced to 5s to allow Taijutsu Combo Points to be dumped more often Hyuuga Clan Bloodline Twin Lion Fists has been nerfed to no longer give absurd Strength bonuses -> Twin Lion Fists now grants a large amount (35%) of dodge, making them great melee duelists Balance Breaking Strike's cooldown has been lowered from 26s to 20s Uchiha Clan Bloodline Uchiha Kunai Technique has had the damage slightly reduced Sharingan Precise Strike has been buffed and show now properly display the damage it deals Mirage of Position Shift's cooldown has been reduced by half to offer a more disruptive gameplay Amaterasu has had its' damage slightly increased and slight cooldown reduction Susanoo' Shield has had its' duration extended by 1 second Sharingan: Murder of Crows now ticks slightly longer, and the damage has been reduced a little Sharingan: Eye of Insight has had the cooldown reduced by a little All three tomoes of Sharingan have been aligned to be more fair as buffs, and no long give strength Sharingan: Precise Strikes has been made so it can be used while moving (oops) Sharingan: Flash Step Strike has been buffed Sharingan Kunai Technique's cooldown has been increased to 25s Sarutobi Clan Bloodline The Will of Fire passive now only increases all attack power by 6% Climbing Silver has been nerfed to no longer give absurd Strength bonuses Senju Clan Bloodline Uzumaki Clan Bloodline Apply Seal of Torment now reduced healing by 50% up from 35% Ice Combination Ninjutsu Techniques Lava Combination Ninjutsu Techniques Lava Style damage has been buffed across the board Magma Greatstrike's range has been icnreased & Many, many other changes that were either forgotten, unlisted, or that we considered to be too minor - Please run your launchers to play the update! Thank you so much for playing!
  10. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 46 The Celebration of Snowfall! - Direct Download Mirror Link - Gameplay & Content New Player Character Model for males - New Hairstyles, New Facial Hair, Eyes Fixed, and minor improvements to the model have been made! - Thanks Dan! Several Map updates have been made The Hokage Building has been updated The Academy Building has been updated The Hospital Building has been updated The Police Station model has been updated The Land of Rain has been unlocked, but does not have content yet (enjoy the RP) A new cove has been discovered near the Land of Rain A new Lightning-struck area has been discovered somewhere in the Land of Fire Additional Bamboo has grown over in Tanzaku Town Warmode no longer gives any stat bonuses 67 new General Talents have been added for players to be able to specialize their character & unlock tons of new builds We have reset player's General Reset Count to allow you to have fun! A new Caravan has parked itself in front of Yokohama Town The Caravan sells items for Sage of Six Paths Chakra Many new Koban items have been added to all Koban Vendors! Battlegrounds have returned! > We will be rotating the battlegrounds until we have a longterm solution with all random queue Battlegrounds now give you MAX STATS to help all players feel competitive in BGs Battleground Rewards have been greatly increased - Loss Spoils of War contain 1 token, Win Spoils of War contain 3 Tokens! The whole Land of Fire has been covered in snow! Haunted Shrines now appear around the map, requiring you to exorcise them to get rewards at the Monk Temple! Every 10 levels, players will get mailed a Reward Giftbox full of goodies to help them progress! SIX rare bosses now spawn periodically throughout the map! See if you can kill all 6! The Celebration of Snowfall is now live! - Meet Greatfather Winter outside of the Leaf Village, explore 21 new Holiday Items, and slay the mean ol' Greench & save Snowfall! Bug Fixes Stormcloud Ravine (Cloud BG) now has its' respawn areas fixed Some missing models have been found in the Land of Waves Several ground effects have been removed in Konoha to help with lag issues Several buildings in the Leaf Village have been remade to help with polygon count lag Hokage Building Stairs should no longer eat people Random stuck points near Tsuki's Rest and near Port Hachou should be fixed; players should no longer get stuck there Hirudora's tooltip should now accurately reflect when you can use it Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergence's tooltip has been fixed to reflect what the ability does Cold Embrace of Winter has a proper icon now Koban reputation items should now properly appear for all players Ninja Cloaks for clans no longer require being in the clan The Kakuzu Set has been fixed to no longer show a different set (sorry!) Water Style: Great Waterbullet Jutsu's on-hit visual has been fixed (Fix) Sword Silent Killing Technique goes into CD instantly when a Genius Wandering Ronin uses it towards you. Academy student guide spawn on Daisuke quest stays almost twice as long upon spawn, so that the player does not miss him. Academy NPCs Update - Named NPCs, Tip & Flavor Text Updated C and D rank daily quest text for clarity. Miscellaneous MANY jutsu tooltips have been updated to better make clear to players what they do & to be sexy The buffs in Battlegrounds have new custom 3D model potions to look more ninja-y (thanks Gogo!) Battleground AFK debuff has been extended to 1hr & AFKing/Loss farming in Battlegrounds will now be bannable Lord Third's Battlegear, Hunter-Nin's Garb, and Demon of the Mist's Battlegear have been added & will make their way to the Shop very soon! Additional quests and dialogue have been added to the Academy area to help new players Many Sarutobi now occupy Tsuki's Rest Jutsu & Balance General Techniques Substitution Jutsu now acts as a typical PvP trinket, removing movement imparing effects as a baseline feature Fire Ninjutsu Techniques Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu has been buffed in damage Earth Ninjutsu Techniques Water Ninjutsu Techniques Lightning Ninjutsu Techniques You can now move while casting Chidori, the ability can no longer miss, and it pierces through defensives Wind Ninjutsu Techniques Breeze Blast Jutsu now has a new & improved visual effect, and has had its' area of effect increased, it's damage, and it's cast time reduced Swordsmanship Techniques Swordsman: Demon from Hell now has an improved visual effect Medical Ninjutsu Techniques Medical Resurrection Jutsu has its' cooldown reduced from 10 mins to 3 minutes, and now takes half the time to cast Medical: Healing Palm Technique now gives the user a debuff: the Hippocratic Oath, causing all healing they do to increase by 20%, and all damage they do to reduce by 60% for 6 seconds (refreshes on HoT tick) Genjutsu Techniques Genjutsu Release now affects Murder of Crows Genjutsu Chakra Destruction has had its' cooldown lowered from 26s to 10s and its' cast time reduced by half Taijutsu Techniques Hyuuga Clan Bloodline Uchiha Clan Bloodline Sharingan: Kunai Technique has been buffed Sarutobi Clan Bloodline Senju Clan Bloodline Wood Style: Wooden Spikes has had its' healing increased All Senju Jutsu now hybrid scale with Jutsu Power/Attack Power Uzumaki Clan Bloodline Ice Combination Ninjutsu Techniques Lava Combination Ninjutsu Techniques & Many, many other changes that were either forgotten, unlisted, or that we considered to be too minor - Please run your launchers to play the update! Thank you so much for playing!
  11. Hey, I just wanted to start off by thanking you for your support! I investigated this for you, and it seems the email you provided in your account was incorrect, and so the email service wasn't able to email you the code. Please make sure your email is valid and correct in your account settings. I have DM'd you your code in the meantime =]
  12. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 41 Hotfixes - Direct Download Mirror Link -
  13. All those who wish to run for office of Leaf Village Council, please reply with your player's name. You must be: Chuunin or Jonin And able to enter the Leaf Village without being attacked by guards Edit: For all of those Leaf-affiliates who are "rogues" due to PvP, we will be resetting your reputation before the vote. The only people we will not reset are: rogues, non-leaf affiliates, or "unaffiliated" members
  14. Ninja, This is the new Ninja World government structure for each village, as well as rules, regulations, and customs they must follow. ALL Village leaders are representatives of the game, and must act with that in mind. Recently, we have failed to establish proper rules and procedures for these positions, and so effective immediately these are in place. If the Village Leaders choose to act in a way which would hinder Shinobi Story's growth, I reserve full ability to remove and sanction that player(s). <The Hidden X Village> Organization organization will be given to the new Village Leaders, and ONLY official members of the government listed in this post will be permitted to join, acting as a form of official verification so players know if they are interacting with a real village leader. This is to give the chance for many different types of organizations to form in their respective villages, and be able to have your squad name or personal organization be your Org Name. Village Leader: Hokage The Hokage is the village head of the Leaf Village, and is aided by 5 Councilmembers. He or she has the ability to approve or veto laws set by the Leaf Council, and acts as the figurehead for the village in times of peace and times of war. The Hokage cannot pass laws independently from the Leaf Council, and the Council must have the Hokage's approval for any new laws. Each of the Hokage's terms is 6 months, and each is limited to 3 terms maximum (18 months) which may only be served consecutively to avoid confusion/weird lore. The Hokage can be impeached, but not in the first 30 days of holding office. * As the highest ranking member of the Village's army, the Hokage may declare war without the approval of the Leaf Council The Hokage will retain the exclusive and sole power to: Assign and dismiss ANBU members, and assign or dismiss Jonin Team Captains as he or she sees fit. The Hokage is able to appoint the following positions: Hokage's Assistant, Leaf Police Captain, Chief Medical Ninja, Academy Headmaster Legislative: The Leaf Council The Leaf Council's term runs parallel to the Hokage's, meaning that each Councilmember has a term of 6 months (excluding upcoming election, which will serve out the remaining term of the 2nd Hokage's first term.) They Council has the authority to elect the Hokage, alongside the Feudal Lord's Ministers. The Leaf Council cannot be impeached, unless directly dismissed from office by the Feudal Lord of the Land of Fire. Every 6 months (except for upcoming election) a new direct-vote will be held in the Leaf Village town square, and all citizens who are: able to enter the village, and have at least Chuunin Rank are entitled to 1 vote. Any roleplay status is null for the duration of the election. If the player is able to enter the guarded voting station, and is at least of the Chuunin rank, then they are entitled to 1 vote, regardless of any assigned roleplay status. The citizens will directly vote for each councilmember running for office at a designated time. The top 5 voted candidates will be elected into office, and subsequently join 5 of the Feudal Lord's Ministers to form a 10-member electing committee, which will decide who the next Hokage will be. If a Hokage is elected from the pool of 5 Councilmembers, then the vacancy will be filled by whoever gathered the 6th largest amount of votes. The Leaf Council has the authority to impeach the Hokage by calling a referendum popular vote of no-confidence, but only with the permission of the Feudal Lord. Village Leader: Supreme Leader The Rain Village is ruled with an iron fist by the Supreme Leader, and the Black Cloud paramilitary intelligence agency. The Supreme Leader position is held for a period of 6 months each term. The position is voted on with a direct-vote election by all Chuunin or higher Rain Ninja, who are able to enter a heavily protected area to cast a vote. The Supreme Leader is is limited to 3 terms maximum (18 months) and must be served consecutively. The Supreme Leader has the authority to appoint the Lord of the Black Cloud, which acts as an internal secret police organization to enforce his or her will. The Supreme Leader cannot be impeached, unless defeated in a Civil War* The Supreme Leader is able to appoint and dismiss Village ANBU Legislative: The Rain Council The Rain Council's term runs parallel to the Supreme Leader's, meaning that each Councilmember has a term of 6 months. They have the direct authority to oversee the training and conscription of new recruits or refugees. The Rain Council is the only organization able to pass laws, but all laws must be sanctioned by the Supreme Leader. The Rain Council is unable to govern or hold any authority over the Black Cloud internal police. Hidden Mist Village Hidden Sand Village Hidden Cloud Village Hidden Stone Village Hidden Star Village Hidden Sound Village Land of Iron Samurai
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