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  1. I honestly can't wait for the Hidden Mist to be added, and if its anything close to how great the Hidden Leaf is depicted in SS than it will be just as amazing! I will provide some ideas of what I think could make a great fit for the Mist. Referring to SWTOR and "The Empire", with a bit of a twist, I feel as if this could fit the Mist perfectly. In SWTOR, the basic questline in the starting area involves you having to kill your fellow classmates at some point or another. This could be translated to having to work your way through the Mist's Academy by ultimately killing other upcoming ninja to prove yourself in your superior's eyes. With this route, Kirigakure could hold true to the name of "The Village of the Bloody Mist". (Lore) The Mizukage would be a Kage that does not stand for weakness and demands academy students to be pushed to their breaking point, so their village would never be looked at as weak and frail again. Due to the cost of war and ridicule of rivaling villages, the Hidden Mist has struggled as of late, and become a shadow of its former self. This next generation of Ninja could help bring the Hidden Mist Village to new heights and help regain former glory. The Mizukage would be the ruling fist of the land, with his only council being the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. The Mizukage knows he is nothing without his Council of Swordsmen, and this "Order of the Mist" is what would shape the rules of the Village. (Architecture) Of course the village will need to be hidden by mist and mountains, along with many lakes, puddles, rivers of water surrounding to really push the narrative of it being within the Land of Water. The buildings of Kirigakure would be, similar to the anime, cylindrical based buildings with shrubbery and vegetation up top of these buildings. Maybe have a lake in the center of the village with the Kage building within the center of the body of water, with the rest of the village being reached by bridges over said body of water. This is just some thoughts to get some ideas going. I'm relatively new to the community and game, but I can't wait to see how far this project goes!
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