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  1. Character Information Name: Ko'taki Ryu Birthplace: Land of Waves Age: 30 Please answer each of the following questions with a maximum of three sentences. Do you have any criminal record? Please note we do have the Police chief on Council, we can check: Yes, but only for minor things such as smuggling. If you could put one law into place what would it be?: One law I would put into place is any form of harassment, or attempting to abuse your comrade shinobi's kindness for self-benefit is to be severely punished. What kind of position do you hold in the hidden leaf village? (Example: Shinobi, Clan Leader, Local ramen shop owner): Outside Helping Hand. For what reason do you want to run for the office of Hokage? : To clear my name and show others that I can be a great leader, as well as to form a brighter future for present and future Shinobi of the Land of Fire. (Not just Konohagakure's Shinobi.) If you are elected, what is your first priority or action as Hokage?: My first action and priority as Hokage would be to attempt to give everyone clean slates with one another Rogue or not. As a neutral standing party I would like it if everyone could meet eye to eye on matters trivial or not. Imagine that you do get Hokage, how do you envision the future of the hidden leaf village under your rule?: Strong Military, Safety and rights for all those who follow the Laws set in place and fair pay to hard-working shinobi, and kunoichi. How would you respond to threats of war from outside of the Land Of Fire?: I say let the threats come, but aslong as the Leaf Village is under the wing of the White Dragon, the flames of war will burn ever so bright. Describe your ideal roleplay event should you be elected as Hokage.: I would like to hold all sorts of events, one of my favorite forms of RP are text based combat RP so, In-character training would be a must. Or perhaps a festival.
  2. Overall - all spellpower based builds are rather... lacking, but fire is the one that is suffering the most from this. If you do not have any kind of combination to set-up for your damage with fire you will underperform severely compared to the other spellpower builds. The other Ninjutsu based masteries may have slightly lesser damage but they have other things to make up for it. Such as CC caked into their abilities. Fire has high cd's and cast times. (Fire sucks in Arenas because all of it's scaling is based off your stats.) Flame dart: The damage on this spell is severely lacking. It's practically only a PvE spell without superheated chakra. My suggestions for making this spell better would be and increase in the dot tick rate and faster cast time. OR increase the on-hit aswell as a faster tick rate. Fireball: This spell needs a definite decrease in its cast time. It's severely lacking in performance due to the high-paced combat we are faced with now. The cooldown is good the dot is fine but it's on-hit is also severely lacking. (Especially if you do not have high-stats.) Phoenix-flower: This is fine. It's damage is great, cast time is fine. Cool-down is in a good place for it's damage. Only suggestion I would make is make this Cast-able while moving. Fire Tornado: This spell is absolutely useless, reason being is the damage performance of the spell is just terrible. It's not worth keeping on your bars at all unless used for tagging. Flamebreath: This is fine. No complaints about this spell other than it cannot be turned and you cannot cancel it if someone gets behind you. Need CC to land it. Dragonflame bullet: Damage is much better with this one now. But the dot is terrible, damage is rather low on it and the tic rate is lackluster but it is a long dot good for keeping people stuck in combat. Only real complaint with this one is the cast time. Fiery Havoc: Much. Much. Much! better this patch, the damage is great, cast-able while moving only complaint I can find about this one is the cooldown. These are my opinions of fire. Alot of old fire players have been switching out of fire due to it's terrible performance in accordance with other masteries - and this is sad to see as fire is a fun mastery to play... it's performance is just lackluster in comparison to pretty much... every other mastery. (Wind may be on the same level as fire just below Water but I have not seen many wind players and their performance. I will leave that up to one of the wind players to give feedback on that.)
  3. Of course y'know I have to request the Hidan blood possession body paint if possible, and well just overall this whole fit
  4. We will be doing a sort of reset on who is welcome on runs and there will be NO more blanket blacklisting of orgs for the actions of one or several org members. This means if person #1 in <DingDong> guild is camping new players, but someone else in <DingDong> guild is not, person #2 is not barred from runs. Who isn't allowed in, what gets people removed; - Don't PVP people that participate in the group. - People harassing other players will not be tolerated. - People who gank lowbies (sub-30) are not welcomed. - Ganking the run will get people barred from participation. Loot rules; Use 'need' if you really need something. Use 'greed' if you'd like to have it but it isn't urgent (scroll for mastery you may not pick, etc). [In WoW, if 2 people roll need on something and 3 greed, priority is given to people who NEED it, hence need or greed, and only the people who need on it are taken into consideration. If no one rolls need on an item, then secondary roll priority goes to the people who greeded on it.] VC rules; - We will be using the main SS discord during runs. Standard community rules apply.
  5. I think you miss the point of fire, It's all damage no utility. Also that damage is wrong on fireball this is on a bee. I also have to aim all of my abilities other than Dragonflame bullet. Also a 1.6 second cast time when I have one hand bonus + Snake weapon is not quick.
  6. Earth Style: Boulderfist Jutsu This spell is carrying earth style, at level 40 with no Attack power cards in scrolls it's dealing 900 damage 2k with crit, plus has a slight knockback to cancel casting, on a 9 second cool down. Suggestion: Nerf the cooldown to maybe 13-15 seconds seeing as it does a decent chunk of damage. Earth Style: Stone shatter jutsu Does 481 damage per tick(Tick rate of about 1.2 seconds) last about 9 seconds, doesn't crit and has a pretty small radius not easy to keep someone inside of during a pvp altercation, The spell seems to deal spell power damage but it doesn't scale with spell power, after testing with scroll on and off the damage is unchanged. Suggestion: Increase the spells radius and bump up the spell power scaling or enable it's scaling in general. Earth Style: Earth Pillar Explosion This spell is very disappointing and almost useless in a pvp altercation, the 10 yd range forces you to be close to your target and the cast time is easily what makes it even worse. Dealing about 600 damage seeing as it also is not scaling with Spell power. Suggestion: Increase the range at wich the spell can be cast to about 20-30 yd's / OR decrease the spells cast time to 0.5 seconds again. Also enable spell power scaling. EDIT: The damage for Earth Pillar and Stone shatter seem to increase in damage whenever I take my spellpower scrolls away. So perhaps they have a negative scaling that is decreasing the damage rather than increasing. (Will continue to add further spells as I unlock them)
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKKJS9LvzGc (Just some music for the read.) The night sky sparkled like the sea, the moonlight clashed with the ocean as the tide rose driving up the bank, few were alive in the dead of the night as the moon drifted through the night in Port Hachou. The sounds of guards armor shuffling could be heard in the town square as a mans voice shouted out, “Get that thief!” Adorned in all white a tall man holding a box filled with valuable gems could be seen escaping the scene, with haste! The man fled through the market, kicking the legs out from under a fruit stand he created the opportunity to scale the smithy, making a dash for the docks the guards were back on his trail cutting him off on the rooftops he had nowhere to run, as the guards cornered the thief they began to close in on him, keeping weary as they drew closer prepared to apprehend the man before they knew it flames began to rise underneath them. The ones that could jumped back as they looked to the rooftops noticing more men dressed in white running off a black liquor on their hands, averting their attention to the ground they’d notice the barrels that surrounded them, one of the guards shouted out, “It’s a trap!” but it was too late ...Boar… Horse… Tiger! A great ball of fire shot from what appeared to be the mans mouth. As it ripped forward through the now deceased guards, creating a violent vortex the flame grew as it traveled toward the guards quickly igniting the barrels a loud explosion could be heard from the town, as more guards arrived they could see the culprit as he stood upon the rubble, the flames died down, fabrics that were strewn from building to building fell to the fire drifting behind the man almost as if they were wings before burning away. The guards couldn’t help but stop and stare in awe, the lead of the guards mumbled… “The White Dragon.” birthing the name of the pirate legend. The man vanished from their sight before they could even comprehend what was going on.
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