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  1. Character name: Kameko Rank: Chuunin I hereby swear I can enter the Leaf Village without being attacked by guards.
  2. Reverse Blade Katana would be nice for some of us who RP as Doctors and try not to take lives.
  3. The following thread is to comprise a guest list of all those who are interested in coming to the Kenny Sunakoya & Kameko Akimichi wedding. The event invite is posted in Roleplay hub on discord but is one Sept 18th 12pm EST or 4:00 server time. At the fire temple. All guests will be asked to have War Mode turned off for the event to ensure the safety of all and that no drama is brought up during the event. Any guests who show up with War Mode on will be asked to leave and to please remove it. If you are wishing to take part in the Wedding, please reply to this post with your in game name and org. Please not this is a full RP event. We ask all guests to be in character at all times.
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