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  1. For me the thing that really hyped me up and inspired me to think what the future of SS would be is the situation that aroused yesterday. I and my guild mate Kasai were waiting on another person Calero. As we discovered how to mark one another we then were trying to find our partner and we did so with haste. On the crossroads, near a bridge we met another player - Yasano. He quickly teamed up with us and we continued in our search. The amazing thing about the overall experience was the open world, and the feels it gave when we were put to do a task. I guess just working with people in this game makes it feel amazing, truly awesome experience. Later on we worked as a team once we grouped, rushing full speed toward a farm and slaying nearby beasts within the forest and on the way to the Hachou port. After we completed several quests together, we ended up fishing on the port, taking pictures and talking about the future of SS. The future that I hope to share with many others, the way we did yesterday! PS: The world is so beautiful and I was playing on ultra graphics. It brings such an immersion, dreamlike.
  2. I'll be helping as well, Aetherweaver. I can't wait to enjoy the masterpiece.
  3. Basic information Name: Cadron Gender: Male Age: 24 Height: 183 cm Weight: 77 kg Hair color: Black Eye color: Light Blue Affiliations: Konohagakure, Amegakure, Land of Waves Appearance A mature-looking man, strong and beautiful at first glance. Cadron is expressing seriousness at its fullest. Background Being born in a family consisting of five members along with him he had lived his childhood closely by their side. While growing up he was always troubled because he had little to no money for anything, unable to educate himself or move elsewhere for a good job. Cadron unpleasantly took it all, starting to steal both for himself and his family. As he proceeded with those unacceptable ways he finally failed in his doings and got caught. Cadron's parents, his big brother, and sister learned of this and they agreed along with the people for Cadron to be punished due to his criminal acts. At the age of nineteen, he fully decided to pursue his views as he had this one chance at that moment to choose for himself. The people instead of locking him, returned him to his family for a trial to be held on the next day of his arrest. Using this opportunity Cadron waited for the time after midnight to make his escape. As the hours passed, his father couldn't sleep and stepped forward to make sure of his doubts and the reason was true. Cadron had fled a long time ago, leaving no trace behind as if he had shown that he chooses to be an outlaw. A criminal who now takes a journey on his own.
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