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  1. at the current moment the meta dps weapons are dual wield weapons from the shop I know there only supposed to be cosmetic but at the moment but currently they are higher damage than anything available to players in game so I would also like to suggest adding some better weapons either to vendors or drop off of shiro uchiha or the queen bee that are at least equal in stats getting to the point about 2 handed weapons they are simply too weak to justify using they need either the 2 handed weapon bonus buffed or just a damage increase on 2 handers the same level as one handers to make them closer in damage because using 2 handed weapons rn is putting yourself at a disadvantage
  2. The byakugan is giving only ranged attack power and is not draining chakra at all I and I checked to make sure it wasn't just a tooltip arroe and no it is not giving a damage increase at all
  3. my Idea is once all the base 5 jutsu natures are in the game add an additional option to let the game generate a nature randomly to add more dynamic rp options. Maybe also an option where if you already have a bloodline like uchiha you are slightly more likley to get a specific nature. if anyone else has any suggestions or thoughts feel free to add to this.
  4. I had a reverse grip kunai that dropped off a robber earlier today I logged off I got back on after work and it was gone from my off hand slot and inventory
  5. after the update dropped the 2 handed katana you can buy from the starter weapon vender cannot be equiped even with trainging and I have tried drag dropping it aswell I put in a previous bug report when it wasn't working with simple strike before update aswell
  6. to specify it's the shinobi's tough katana that I know doesn't work not sure if it's all 2handers or not
  7. simple strike does not work with two handed weapons it says must have a melee weapon equipped too use ability
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