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Found 2 results

  1. Patch Notes: Goals and Outline: The goals of this patch are simple: Increase time-to-kill/durability across PvP, trim damage off of defensive masteries to prevent them from being as much of a dominant choice, and improve the prospects of pure offensive masteries such as Fire, Middle Kenjutsu, and Lightning. The increase in durability undoubtedly amounts to a substantial buff to the already powerful Senju and Left Ken masteries, and the decent Medical-healing mastery as well. The aim is that trimming a large amount of the damage from Left Ken and Senju keeps those two masteries from continuing to dominate the meta despite this inherent buff. Many ultimate jutsu will be receiving a slight buff to reduce the impact of the resilience change on the damage they deal. In many ways this is just a shake-up so that players of all skill levels get to press their buttons a bit more before they perish, in an attempt to keep Alpha PvP fun and fresh as we ride towards Beta, needless to say some changes might not pan out as envisaged. General 266 Resilience has been added to every non-cosmetic Head slot item. This might necessitate some buffs to the crit items in-game, as resilience still reduces crit damage (but not crit chance). Something to look at for the future. Expertise added to the following haste weapons: Rooster (+40 per hand), Monkey (+60 per hand), and Rabbit (+80 per hand) With a means of countering it in-game, the defense rating on Goat weapons was buffed to 40 per hand. General Techniques Precise Kunai AP scaling nerfed slightly Fire Ninjutsu Techniques Fire’s damage is currently relatively bursty and dependent on Flame Dart Scrolls. These changes aim to flatten Fire’s damage profile, reward CC without having to commit to casting Flamebreath, and bring fire’s overall dps up to cope with the durability increases, while reducing its burst potential. Flame Dart initial damage scaling nerfed, ground-patch SP scaling buffed considerably. Phoenix Flower initial damage scaling nerfed, DoT effect buffed. Fire Tornado scaling buffed (Especially the SP scaling on the initial damage) Dragonflame Jutsu DoT scaling buffed slightly Fiery Havoc scaling buffed slightly Earth Ninjutsu Techniques Water Ninjutsu Techniques Water Prison damage component scaling nerfed Rising Geyser damage buffed slightly Wind Ninjutsu Techniques Lightning Ninjutsu Techniques Lightning has an uphill battle due to its propensity fo proc Will to Endure. In testing with resilience changes, it was practically being outhealed by Will to Endure. It’s receiving some small buffs across the board to put it in a better spot as a pure offensive mastery. Lightning Style: Static Cutter scalings buffed slightly Lightning Style Weapon Chakra Flow scalings buffed slightly Lightning Style Chidori: SP scaling buffed slightly Swordsmanship Techniques Dance of Flocking Birds nerfed significantly Guillotine Killing Technique scaling buffed slightly Silent Killing scaling buffed slightly Medical Ninjutsu Techniques The resilience change risks bringing back med meta in its full glory, but having more med players on the server is good for PvE. Pulse is the target for nerf should it prove overwhelming, but it’s going untouched for now. Taijutsu Techniques Scaling on Strongfist is currently a bit high, it’s punching up there with some ultimates. Understanding that it is carrying the entire damage profile of taijutsu, it’s receiving a tiny nerf to bring it more in line with “strongest basic ability”, not “weakest ultimate ability” Strongfist Punch scaling nerfed slightly Sarutobi Clan Bloodline Burning Ash technique initial damage AP scaling reduced slightly. (It was a bit broken, waaay off the mark if built full AP.) Senju Clan Bloodline Deep Forest Emergence damage component nerfed. Emerging Spikes damage and healing component nerfed Senju: Heavenly Crushing Punch AP scaling nerfed Uzumaki Clan Bloodline Ice Combination Ninjutsu Techniques Frozen Senbon Strike scalings buffed Lava Combination Ninjutsu Techniques Lava Style: Magma Barrage scalings buffed very slightly As always, Thanks for playing Shinobi Story!
  2. at the current moment the meta dps weapons are dual wield weapons from the shop I know there only supposed to be cosmetic but at the moment but currently they are higher damage than anything available to players in game so I would also like to suggest adding some better weapons either to vendors or drop off of shiro uchiha or the queen bee that are at least equal in stats getting to the point about 2 handed weapons they are simply too weak to justify using they need either the 2 handed weapon bonus buffed or just a damage increase on 2 handers the same level as one handers to make them closer in damage because using 2 handed weapons rn is putting yourself at a disadvantage
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