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Found 3 results

  1. *Note: The art is not mine but if the modifications made, some arts are representation in the history of this character,Also the story is created by me. Name: Kanmeh "Nemuran" Age: 21 Gender: Male Height: 1.90 cm. Weight: 85kg Hairstyle: Undercut Facial hair: None Hair Color: Blue dark Eye Color: Red Blood type: Vel- Primary chakra nature: Wind Hidden Village: **** Clan & Organization: Higuchi & Ouroboros Good or evil at heart: Good Specialization: Sensor ninja, Taijustu & Genjutsu Description of the character's personality: Courageous, proud, Leal. It strives to be better but rarely boasts it always goes unnoticed. those close to him are unaware of their virtues and encourage it to be a little more outgoing, his family and friends is most important for both so would not hesitate to give his life for one of them. Hobbies: he likes to spend his time reading and discovering new things through research. Higuchi Clan Simbol Ouroboros Organization Simbol Description of the character's hist: He is the son of Michitaka Higuchi, one of the leaders of Clan Higuchi, and Shinko Arora. Higuchi Kanmeh born with his twin brother Higori Higuchi belonging to the Village Hidden in the ******. ________________________________________________________________________ Characters from history Higori Higuchi , Arora Shinko & Michitaka Higuchi Fu Shimura & Tempa Shimura ________________________________________________________________________ First Chapter , Confronting of adversity ________________________________________________________________________ Second Chapter, Ties ________________________________________________________________________ Third Chapter , Vow of faith ________________________________________________________________________ Fourth Chapter, Outcome ________________________________________________________________________
  2. If some want Their oc to be drawn you can dm madara uchiha#9696 and it will look just like the anime character you want and i will make adjustments until you are happy with your oc no cap dm to see my art and stuff
  3. What i have is not a dream, because it will become a reality! Im going to restore peace among the world that is my goal, my name is Mirasaki!
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