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  1. My looks are inspired by madara other than that no.
  2. If some want Their oc to be drawn you can dm madara uchiha#9696 and it will look just like the anime character you want and i will make adjustments until you are happy with your oc no cap dm to see my art and stuff
  3. Im going to end up having fire as my affinity too since majority have it and i like some of the cool jutsus they have
  4. I think it would be cool and creative its good to make yourself different it sounds great
  5. Not all leave though. And tbh ima make a very happy and excited uchiha like naruto is happy all the time and goku
  6. Thats the point of a regular clan too you can do all that stuff yeah, but how does choosing a clan just change your personality, is it like if im uchiha i have to be a salty peice of shit and rage andnget revenge when something is wrong every time because if thats the case its a stupid system
  7. We So a clan but nothing is different eh dont see to much point but ok
  8. Uchiha sarutobi and senju are the only clans
  9. What i have is not a dream, because it will become a reality! Im going to restore peace among the world that is my goal, my name is Mirasaki!
  10. Oof atleast be senju they dont have dojutsu you can have huge chakra amounts
  11. What clans will you guys choose to start with? im curious to see the answers.
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