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A Year in Review - 2022

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It is with great pleasure and excitement that I sit down today and calculate all of our new landmarks from 2022. Our game and community really took off this year, and we have made so many advancements that our game is unrecognizable from 2021. Our team, our developers, and all of those who supported us have worked extremely diligently to bring us here. I would like to first take some time to thank them for all they have done. 

Next, I would like to thank all of those who have supported us in their purchases. You have made it possible for us to develop the game, to keep working on it, and to keep the lights on month after month. We are truly humbled by your generosity and willingness to support a growing project. Thank you!

Now, let's get into the numbers...



Total /played time of all players combined:     191,789.1 Hours  =  7991.21 Days = 262.72 Months = 21.893 YEARS 

Characters Made: 10,292

Most Played Characters:



Total RYO in Circulation: 562,706.19 RYO

Richest Players: 



Total Player Kills: 140,345

Top Player Killers: 



Total Honor Points: 6,523,341


Top 3 Arena Teams: 

ae52778151fdc93a2ac84432a7aad7a2.pngnoprofanity  - 2142
b9bf617c1a0f82d0816815e3810b01e6.pngCheeseburger - 2123
4bb8a564ba2c32f0d37cd5a54fba1bc0.pngI love roblox - 1745


Total Mastery Picks:

fire    782
uchiha    687 
lightning    519
medical    512
water    392
taijutsu    379
hyuuga    363
wind    255
Kenjutsu    242
senju    238
genjutsu    230
earth    192
sarutobi    123
uzumaki    114
lava    15
ice    15


Total General Points Resets: 690


Total Lv 60s: 252

Total Lvs 41-59: 107

Total Lv 40s: 37

Total Lvs 30 - 39: 135

Total Lvs 20 - 29: 434

Total Lvs 10 - 19: 1442


Total Mail Received: 1,985

Total Stat Points: 198,063

Total Organizations: 52


Total Tickets Answered: 3143



HUGE Thanks to our Community Support Team for ALWAYS helping people when they need it! ❤️

To join the ranks of the Player Moderators, please APPLY HERE!




Post your most memorable screenshots from 2022



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Some old Akamichi grill RP from really early into the summer.


Celebrating Team 10.5's Karatachi's first Jonin!


Sending off Meme Tornado just before the Jonin patch. Farewell, this stupid ability served me well.


Some general silliness


Promoting to Chunin in the Game's first Chunin Exams!

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After 4 months of committed work, Wado finally acquired.


Great Tournament Race 1st place finish



4 in 1 Vaga, Kama, Raido, MM attempt(failed); the hardest encounter up to that date.

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In the first image, you can notice a few newbies making their way through the dangerous shinobi world. 

In the second one, you can see a shinobi trying to leave his mark in the Shinobi World.



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I joined the party late, but 2022 was still a blast with Drop constantly tickling me and showing off his giant P...upper. WoWScrnShot_123022_231311.jpg.33ae35d5e026a053855ea2cba95003a5.jpg

2022 also had down times. Here's me beneath the map after a very dynamic entry on an unsuspecting bee. The long plummet down really gives you the time to rethink your life choices and humbles you. Reminded me that no matter how aggressive a bee is, violence never is the answer. WoWScrnShot_120222_011440.jpg.651bb447602754b3be11fa23e841c03e.jpg

I don't have a lot of photos but I do intend to take more for 2023! Here's to more dynamic entries to the underworld and extra large companions to love and tickle!

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