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  1. Tournament WinDaga solo strats biggest secret ever
  2. All of the Birds, Bandits
  3. I still can't get into the Discord, probably ever again without manual verification, but at least my 5th Dice fixed my SQ
  4. Can't. Logged in on my phone on a throwaway account when I was at work cause I couldn't remember my password and now I can't get in.
  5. I've been stuck on this for a while. I've done everything I can to try and get it working. I am down 4.5ryo in dice just trying to check if location would affect it.
  6. I think a couple of outfits from Shodown 2 would feel at home here. Some hairpins to go with our Kimonos would be really nice too. Perhaps some inspiration from Basilisk as well?
  7. Bit of a ramble, but I had a couple thoughts for a main quest, or a quest line of sorts. Since this world is not exactly the same as in Naruto, I think it would be awesome if you travelled around the Land of Fire, earning the respect of war veterans to learn about the history of this world and what makes it different. You could have them tell the story of the Ninjas that shaped this world and what made them special. Could have one veteran in each of the coloured levelling zones perhaps, with a few quests tied to each one to show mastery of the area and earn respect of the veteran, like visiting locations and killing harder creatures. Maybe each could have a unique trial for the player, like gathering a certain flower on a certain cliff or beating them in a game of riddles. It would give lots of depth to the world while also guiding players with little mmo experience in the direction they should take. Maybe you could choose one of the veterans to teach you a jutsu at the end; one that you could only get from the quest. It would add a level of uniqueness to each character and could feel like you are being taken on as a student of a hero. Would be cool if a really unique playstyle was revealed through a certain mastery combination and certain unique quest reward jutsus from around the world. Leaves lots of room for creativity and integration with other quest ideas too, as they could play as the requests of trials from the veteran to gain their trust.
  8. Kagari 16+ It will be very early in the morning for me, so I can't promise I won't pass out during proceedings.
  9. Soooooooon. It's going to be a wonderous experience to bring Kagari to life in the game for sure, even more so if Mirage Sanctum somehow gets embedded in. It's a very special thing to have others experience your dreams, and I can't wait to experience ShinobiStory with you. Let me know when you're ready to have the Kagari touch added to your art!
  10. Perhaps this missing nin might stray upon a lonely misty path and dance with a certain maiden. Can't wait to see where Nobu's adventures take him! PS. Gonna secretly remember to add an heirlooms section for Kagari after reading this XD
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