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  1. Maximo

    20min Art Challange

    YUHHH ama steal this art and not give the credit (jk i will steal it but ill give credit)
  2. Maximo

    Critical Error

    in port right under the platform overlooking the people working on the boats close to the 3 mobs i crashed 2021-09-01 16.41.56 Crash.dmp 2021-09-01 16.41.56 Crash.txt
  3. you know i be young and playing fighting games a lot im here to help and hopefully balance stuff out, at least moves and farming SINCE I DO BE THINKING ON PPL AUTO FARMING AND STUFF unlike someone i may or may not know
  4. OH look a Summon?! put up a quest, apparently the summon in question was anonymous for some reason. but this quest describes... a- monster that has been doing horrible, truly disgusting acts ugh I can't even read this outloud... this seems like fiction. Well basically close to no information is known about the guy aside from what he is being detained for... go ahead and based on what he has done gather enough clues and arrest him for further investigation. remember any disobedience will cause a penalty This is a quest made to follow and detain/kill a truly horrible person that has gone out of his way to make hell to those who fall victim to him, he is accused of capturing family homes in the country sides rape the women in the house eat the husband and kill the children until the reassures are done, this does includes the pets of the house as well, that is the most intriguing thing about it no one has seen him and ended up being alive from this so... who put up the mission? and also how are these houses occupied again, do they even get reoccupied or do they get burned down (that's part of the quest making I would say he has left some intact and that's how you find some of the clues and affirm/confirm that he as done such things [eg finding a bitten arm and a dismember head of a child, a dog with heavy physical trauma in the head and a women with bruises around that area] and a track would be found by the player to guess/know his next possible destinations) well regardless I know it was in the country side so that's where I'm heading to find anything regarding this monster, I hope this description is just an exaggeration (after you are done with the mission and find the guy you will get the option to kill him and get more rep or capture him and possibly loose rep, also killing is going to be easier than taking him hostage if im asked I can give a story line regarding the character) never the less this will cause interesting rp in my opinion i feel like frienships can be lost for this, doing the mission or what's right, batman type of deal
  5. Me and Leaf are the most active Spanish talkers in the community. Yo y leaf somos las personas más activas que hablan español. Puedes escribirme a mi o a él en caso de cualquier pregunta. Públicamente solo se puede hablar en inglés pero como dije cualquier duda o pregunta no dudes en contactarnos
  6. If the quest is an A rank quest then A mission about hunting down someone that is capturing many recidences (viking type beat but without the massacre) there are many hints regarding his apareances schedule and characteristics, he disguises by staying among the families and villagers sometimes so you would have to know which one it is (his appearance is randomized and so are the hints) but the man always works alone. We have to go to these recidences (the man leaves at a certain time of the day for each one and you gotta figure them out with hints and stuff.) In all of the recidences there is a clue telling you where the boss base is and where you can find them. It ends up being an org instead of a single man and they all use transformation jutsu turning into this (random) guy you have to defeat them and they each have a different moveset but similar. (One is def focused one is dmg focused one is tai focused etc) If it's b rank then a simple hunting mission of a person in the bingo book. A rank ninja spotted around an area (you as a player will know the specific spot but not with way he is facing or anything like that. Also env will help you be a surprise) get there without making any noise and ambush him (if you start the other way he might run away and if he gets to his base all his stats are enhanced) If it's a c-rank is to hunt pest in the area (could be bugs or other wildlife) but then it turns out to be a local clan that was using it to get food or something that they need and then you have to dialogue with the clan leader leading. It could lead to a fight or a good ending without confrontation and maybe they give you an exclusive item If it's e it can be about finding a hidden book and avoiding certain things such as water and sand or something as you deliver it If it's an event /wb then it can be about a rare animal praised by a clan or org or something used for medical reasons that spawned rarely and it's in a limited amount per year. You will have to fight the criminals protecting it and not harming too much the environment somehow (basically can't use catastrophic jutsu or something that will change the terrain) and defeat all of them and then get the drop from the animal or plant by killing or capturing the animal
  7. to fill out the houses and also to add a benefit/incentive to become rouge make it so that you can steal money from houses, if you are a rogue it would just put a bigger baunty on you, if you are a village high rank you are just going to put your job at risk (if you do it x times you become a rogue)
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