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  1. There is currently a patch processing. The server is down. We will announce on discord when that changes
  2. Can you please provide a screenshot of the spell description?
  3. Hi there, all abilities are quest locked, you’ll have to progress in game to earn them. as of now our early alpha has been public a little over three weeks, the leaf village is the only playable faction outside of being a rogue ninja. in the future, try asking questions in the discord too! https://discord.gg/shinobistory
  4. Unfortunately our security measures are very strict to prevent trolls and spam. VPNs and alternate accounts are not allowed. If there are issues beyond that please reach out to our GMs with a few screenshots of any error messages provided! Thank you.
  5. Hi there soldier, our game launches July 30th. This is our forum! Join our discord to get closer to the action for now! https://discord.gg/shinobistory
  6. For these fields of wheat will be my end As the hyuuga come to claim our land ill fight beside my brothers, strong With tooth and nail and monkey paw through loss and fire we will not quit for the Hyuuga do not know our wit these ashes rise and softly fall For love of land we cannot stall The Sarutobi heed this call
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  8. You have to wait till it comes out thirst. Please click “play now” and read the splash screen.
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