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  1. Greetings shinobi, Over the last few weeks, I’ve reached out to a few people in the hopes of addressing certain claims that have been making their way through the community. Among these claims are items such as releasing information about exploits to friends, using GM powers to help certain players to the detriment of others, and several other very serious offenses. Since becoming a GM, it's no secret that I've been very active in all regards. This also means that I've banned former friends of mine for not complying with our ruleset, compromising our friendships in the process. To me, abiding by the rules has nothing to do with who you are, who your friends are or what your rank is. The rules are the same for everyone, and the same goes for my acquaintances. This leads me to a very important point: I clear everything I do with the senior staff on the team, as the newest GM. While certain actions may appear biased, such as removing bosses, often these actions are only taken at the direction of senior staff. Additionally, only Vlad has access to the logs and information such as character databases, for privacy and security concerns. Actions taken by staff, especially new GMs, are reviewed. One of the main goals of the staff is to facilitate a great experience for players. In regards to helping facilitate a great experience for players, I want to discuss my behavior recently, both as a player and as a member of the staff. As a member of the Staff, I need to hold myself to a higher degree of accountability when dealing with players, regardless of which account I am currently on. While I am certainly human and have been dealing with certain frustrations, such as accusations of cheating, this is no excuse for addressing players rudely in game or on theorycrafting threads. I would like to apologize to the community at large for these actions, and have already reached out to several players personally to apologize for past actions. In response to previous feedback on the forums, I’ve attempted to slow down in replying to most suggestions to allow newer players an opportunity to fully express their opinions. I would like to note that as a player, I too have to submit feedback in the same way as the rest of the community. That being said, I understand that a member of the Staff, even not a developer, can be seen as having a more heavily-weighted opinion. Like the rest of you, I just want an opportunity to express ideas about the game that I love. I will continue to make an effort to foster healthy communication, even if that involves stepping back and seeing a different perspective. I would also like to discuss my role as a player in the community going forward. As both a GM and a player, I need to work on finding a better balance in terms of player relationships and the community overall, especially when it comes to PVP. We all want to play the game in the manner we choose, and some of my actions kept players from having positive interactions with Shinobi Story. I sincerely apologize for that, as I only want the game to grow and more players to join and enjoy themselves. Effective immediately, I will cease bounty hunter operations on my character — my organization, for its part, has been passed on. Additionally, I will be spending more time on my GM account than player characters to better reflect and observe the community in order to find a better, healthier ground. Lastly, while my DMs are usually closed (primarily so that players use the Discord ticket system instead of privately messaging me for /unstuck requests), I am going to leave them open for the foreseeable future, at least one week. I am doing this so that players have an opportunity to approach me privately and provide any feedback, changes, or opinions that they may have. I am also available for any players who just want to chat, ask questions, or even get to know me better. That being said, I look forward to continuing to work and serve the community. Even if you're stuck in the same exact spot for the 19th time, I remain dedicated to helping you and the community. Thank you for reading this far, Kizo
  2. Kizo

    Login problem

    Would like to note that this only changes your password on the website and not ingame. Unfortunately, we have no way of changing peoples passwords at this time — that's why we're updating the website. If your username and password don't work ingame there's one of two reasons; your password is either really long, or includes special characters that can't be used. Until these issues are fixed, @irksoy, you'll need to make a new account with a password that doesn't go against the previous 2 restrictions.
  3. I need the founders era armor like I need air to breathe, tbh. I'd also love to see miscellaneous customization like tattoos if possible (or maybe this is something that needs to wait for the model revamp?). Having the clan tattoos would be amazing.
  4. This thread is going to be a breakdown of medical on a per-spell basis first, then there'll be an overall review of medic's status. Chakra Protection Chakra Protection does not scale (it only prevents 1k damage and never more than that), and here is its mana cost for absorbing that 1k damage: 1.8k chakra used to prevent 1k damage being taken. The 1.5chakra/damage cost is extremely high. If cast on another player, the medic that used it only expends the initial chakra cost and the receiving player is the one losing 1.8k chakra. Mystical Palm Technique Doesn't scale, doesn't crit, 3 seconds cast time becomes 4 seconds in an active PVP situation, actually costs about 1k chakra and not what the tooltip indicates. I don't see why this spell even has a cooldown. The chakra drain from spamming it is warning enough for people to not clown around with chakra dumping. Chakra Power Transfer Costing over 1k mana, CPT's usefulness is mitigated by a few factors: a 2 minute cooldown and a high chakra cost. Given medical's cooldowns, there's no way we can get the most out of using CPT on ourselves. If I use CPT on myself then dump every spell in my toolkit as fast as I can (kunai tech, paralysis, senbon, murder of crows, mystic palm, mirror of heaven/earth and poison hazy), I expend 1k chakra in order to 'save' 934 chakra, meaning I've actually still lost chakra by using it, never mind that I'd never actually spelldump like that in practice. The only mastery in the game with cast and mana costs high enough for it to be useful to is Fire Style. The use of the spell is simply too limited for its mana cost. Poison Hazy Mist As far as damage goes, poison hazy isn't very good. It's a targeted AOE in a game where bosses and players alike are ultra mobile, and its AOE radius is generally too small to catch moving entities. In PVP, 3 stacks of it can be cleansed by using antidote which drastically reduces its damage. In PVP, if my target stands in it for the entire duration of the ability, pops antidote at 3 stacks, they can re-use antidote at 5 stacks, meaning that the target only takes 2 stacks worth of its damage. 2 stack damage with my stats (26 jutsu power and 761 spell power), is 377 per tick on a player with 4 toughness. The spells biggest saving grace is that multiple medic users contribute to the same stack pool, meaning if I get poison hazy on a stagnant boss to 8 stacks, another medic user can add their 8 stacks, bringing the damage ramp up to 16, and this can be added onto indefinitely — and that's not an intended feature. It was reported a few months ago. Poison Senbon I actually like poison senbon for what it is; ultra low damage (idk if its just not scaling or what), slow ticking, ultra low chakra cost, long range. It's a good ability for snagging someone in combat, but that's it. If that's its purpose, then it does its job. If it's meant to be an early on DPS spell, then the spell tickrate is probably too low: auto attacks do more DPS than senbon so lowbies will probably only get a few ticks of senbon in before the mob is dead. Advanced Foodpill The fact its supposed to vanish 15min after logout is terrible. The fact that that function isn't working properly is most of the reason that people get use out of foodpills, seeing as you can only generate 12 per hour and people consume them like candy. They're a super valuable tool for new players as they are, and I hope that the bug with the logout is actually never fixed, and that foodpills simply become permanent. Nerve Cutter Technique Most abilities in the game don't require a weapon to be equipped in order for the abilities to be used, so by default it's useless against most masteries in PVP. It only affects kenjutsu and hyuuga (lolwut?), of the 11 masteries in the game, and it isn't usable at all in PVE. The damage on it doesn't make it more worthwhile to use against the other 9 masteries in the game, so it's an ultra niche ability. Resurrection Jutsu It costs a lot of chakra, has a very long cast time and cooldown, but it feels like a true endgame jutsu. Conclusions The only abilities in medical's kit that feel usable under most circumstances are: res, foodpill, mystic palm and poison hazy, and 2 of those have complaints. Chakra Power Transfer, Nerve Cutter, Poison Senbon are ultra niche to the point where we rarely ever use them, whereas Chakra Protection should be replaced altogether with something else, like a 2nd heal or even just a normal shield. An AOE heal of some kind (even if it's just ground targeted) would be especially nice, but understandably enough that depends on the healing values once it's scaling properly. It would also be nice to have an extra spell, seeing as foodpill is essentially a non-combat spell.
  5. Around 18gb of disk space. The recommended requirements are: • Operating System: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or above. • Processor: Intel Core i3 5005U or above. • Memory: 4GB or more running 1600Mhz or above • Graphics Card/GPU: Geforce GTX 900 series equivalent or above. Though anecdotally I can tell you that many lower spec players play the game even without graphics cards at all.
  6. Titles People love the elusive and exclusive doctor title and are kinda jealous that it exists. It would be cool if other masteries got similar mastery-inspired title or cosmetic item. For Uchiha for instance, the terms 'Wicked Eye' and 'Heavenly Eye' are used a lot throughout the series, so a title could be Playername, of the Wicked/Heavenly Eye and the player chooses between the two or gets both. Hyuuga, the All-Seeing, Omniscient, etc. Sarutobi, Heart of Fire, etc. Kenjutsu could get swordmaster. Elemental masteries are a lil more difficult. Of the Limelight (reference to a lightning jutsu), Pyromaniac, but I'm sure that something could come up. Some religious titles relevant to how many bone donations someone has performed at the relevant shrines would also be nice to see. I'd love to see some more lore-themed groups and I'd definitely enjoy creating a Jashin Cult org with the homies. Minigames Definitely not some kind of development urgency, but it would be fun to see some. It's nice to just lounge around vibing sometimes, playing cards or whatever. In regards to AP/SP cards They could be available for koban? Just a random idea. Other random stuff Add 10 slot bags from somewhere ingame. Craftable, ryo, koban, whatever. That way there's a bag upgrade available for f2p players, but it keeps the biggest slot bag (16) on the store.
  7. I'm really not sure where you get the idea that I'm speaking for all rogue players: this is exactly the sort of suggestion that hardcore open world PVPers hate, so players like Okinawa and likely Hibro aren't interested in this sort of thing at all. On the other hand, I dabble in most aspects of the game, and I've always been more interested in rated instanced arenas and battlegrounds than world PVP. I'm generally uninterested in raiding and PVE, but I love teaching other players stuff. There are a couple of really enthusiastic SS players that I'd love to teach and can't because my presence is an active hazard to them. If I'm there, I can't teach new players: I'm setting them up for failure. Being rogue is already a huge enough impediment to everything else that I enjoy doing: I have to make alts to show them stuff, but those alts don't have my mains power level, so I have to hustle 3 times as hard and either level some secret alt that people won't kill, or play two characters intermittently. RPing in most locations is impossible because the guards are overpowered, and the overworld is, well, we saw how that went. That's 2 of the activities that I enjoy, smashed. Players who only want to PVE and not participate in PVP at all can't do anything in this game. If they won't fend off or participate in PVP situations, they simply won't be invited to raid, because they're teammates that can't be relied on when everyone is needed to be on the same page for raids to be successful. So there's another swath of the playerbase that doesn't feel like they can play the game the way they want, and if people can't do the things that they find fun, why would they play?
  8. How do you propose progressing quests for those who already did stuff would work? Removing the mastery token and the spells, passives included, don't actually remove one's ability to continue a questline they've technically started at some point in time. The questing system, unless I'm mistaken, can't be tuned to require something, otherwise the quests could just be set to require the passive of the respective mastery.
  9. Sarutobi is really, really cool. Out of every mastery in the game, it stands out and shines. It does however have two little hiccups that I can see amidst all of the things that people like. 1. Protect the King: This spell focuses a player in one's party and can't be used on someone in another party, even if they're in the same raid. This could probably be changed, just as a QOL thing. 2. The staff summon: The staff summon is, for better or worse, extremely durable. Extremely, durable. As in, it has 22k hp and even from the most hardhitting spells in the game, it seems to refuse to die. Maybe the HP could scale with the casters?
  10. sidenote: everyone is horny for sarutobi. just absolutely thirsty for sarutobi. completely starved for it. everyone saw the staff once and they've been going feral ever since. notes about sarutobi soontm since everyone is intent on hardcoring it
  11. The shinobi world is a dangerous one - but the shinobi world is one that is dangerous even without conflict between rival shinobi. If the game has any field which has been heavily contested, it is PVP enforcement. People have toyed around with the idea of removing forced PVP for those sub lvl 30 or 40, but I think the issue goes deeper than that. There are faction divides beyond rival shinobi groups that splinter an already small community further for their existence. PVE players who only want to do PVE content are measured up against PVPers because PVPers need everyone in their raid group to be down to fend off an attack at any time, which leads to frustration and quitting. Leaf players don't want to play with rogue players and vise versa. New players get drive by-ed. Roleplayers are stuck roleplaying in the handful of safezones which exists because the overworld is so furiously open PVP that they can't leave designated safe areas. The current main argument against flagged PVP, as we know, is contesting bosses - but as we've seen with MM being in a safezone for the last 2 months, while this causes player frustration, the frustration stems from the fact that the boss isn't meant to be safezoned and people are abusing proximity to Konoha to do so. If people could opt in/out of PVP, people might spit about how another player is cowardly for not wanting to do full PVP boss runs, but that would be the end of it. Recent overworld updates in relation to patrols have already increased the danger of the world. Leaf-based guards patrol roads near towns, while packs of wolves and giant snakes require vigilance while maneuvering around. The world, at an increasing rate, feels alive. Things are happening beyond just players moving around and doing their thing. I honestly think that if PVP flag was added and that its introduction patch was dedicated to improving the overworld, fixing the going rogue systems, the entire playerbase (regardless of affiliation and playstyle preferences) would be better for it. Implementation: I understand that implementing flagged PVP would take time and have its own system complications, but seeing as the game has managed to add open PVP, I'm hoping that it wouldn't be too complicated. My recommendation for implementation would be that turning War Mode on or off would mean that someone is flagged or not flagged for at least an hour or two. On another MMO that I played, flagging for PVP was something that had a daily cooldown that reset on daily reset time (on SS that would be 3am server, if I'm not mistaken). That would be brutal, but it could work too.
  12. As of patch 33, every A rank boss has been buffed. In a vacuum, this may not be a problem; it was perceived that every build might get a tiny immediate nerf for a long term buff with the new scaling patch. However, there are two problems with this; 1. The buffs have made already difficult bosses extremely inaccessible to the casual playerbase. 2. The boss buffs in tandem with PVP have made boss clears extremely difficult, even for the hardcore playerbase. The buff that bosses got where their casts can't be interrupted by knockback/knockup anymore, itself, is completely fine. It was very much needed: we could trivialize any boss mechanic that involved casting, but the damage & HP increase as well as the cast time reduction wound up being too much. 15-20man raid groups of 30+ level players struggle. Compound this with a PVP situation of constant boss warring, and A rank bosses cannot be completed on most days.
  13. A/N: This thread is a continuous work in progress until v34 and will be updated periodically as new things stand out. Fire Some spells shifted around, most notably that fire tornado used to be #1 on DPS chart and is now #8 but their damage has been largely maintained. Its biggest problem is chakra management. Firey havoc does funnily bad amounts of damage for the wind up time it requires (2.7k on average, when fireball is 2.2k average on our top fire DPS players). Some logs about what stood out to me: Firey Havoc Fireball Water Continues to have what feels like 0 dmg outside of pool eruption, while also having extremely heavy chakra costs and very long cast times. Earth Again, about the same damage as it used to, hard to see the mana cost on this mastery since its abilities are used more defensively by the players in our raid than anything else. Wind Its damage actually got nerfed by the scaling update, compared to prepatch. Woops. Cutting Tornado Jutsu and Slicing Whirlwind are the only ones doing close to alright, and Slicing Whirlwind still feels very weak. Genjutsu 6-7 seconds of uninterruptible fear is a very long time, and has a tendency to run people straight through SS' custom model buildings and props and get them stuck. The damage on genjutsu seems to be very undertuned. Lightning Has regained some of its former damage, and doesn't struggle as hard with chakra as other masteries, but some abilities like lightning fang seem a bit undertuned. Lightning fang Uchiha Now hard struggling with mana, joining many other masteries, scaling disproportionately with AP instead of SP and providing more AP than it does SP. What felt like a versatile mastery now feels heavily melee skewed thanks to it scaling far more with AP than weapon damage + sharingan only providing strength buff and nothing at all for casters. 35 per second is 1/6 of someones mana in a minute. Kunai dmg from highest physical attack on the server Average kunai dmg My dmg on paralysis which now ironically outdpses kunai Kenjutsu A genin continues to outdps half the raid, lol. Kenjutsu extremely high damage even without significant stats. And here's an active PVP situation: Medical In spite of wearing 747 worth of SP cards, damage on senbon is extremely low and healing values are almost the same as prepatch. Chakra Protection is still not worth casting (shielding 1k damage is nothing, and for its mana cost, its especially horrible, the spell needs a rework altogether). I heavily suspect that 'bonus healing' stat is still not working, given that the Slug weapons also don't do anything. Disarm still feels useless when used on anyone except a 2handing wielding kenjutsu user, since it only disarms the mainhand and weapon equip requirements are practically nonexistent otherwise. I'd consider replacing disarm altogether because it's a PVP spell (does not work in PVE at all) with such niche PVP use that it feels useless. The mana cost on it is also pretty substantial. It could be replaced with a single target root named Body Pathway Derangement. Mana cost on Chakra Power Transfer is so high that using it on anyone except fire feels utterly pointless. Medical doesn't have enough active abilities to make up for the initial mana cost if the player uses it on themself. Senbon miss rate remains like 90% lmao We gained about 40 HPS with patch because the range of the heal was changed. Hyuuga These fellows have no mana. Byakugan is a hefty cost. Can't comment on the damage because we have 1 hyuuga player and he's fire, so hyuuga damage gets completely buried. Primary takeaways Most players feel like they do less damage, with the tuning patch. It feels as though damage was shifted away from jutsu, and lands instead on stats, but we don't have stats okay enough for damage to be at prepatch values. None of the masteries got a buff, most of them are struggling with mana. Dojutsu users are so pressed for mana that they aren't activating what their builds are supposed to revolve around. Possible solutions: reduce the CD on Chakra Recharge to a minute. The buff is needed to be huge, seeing as several masteries struggle to have mana within 40 seconds into an encounter. Chakra Recharge has counterplay in PVP, so it shouldn't affect PVP balance much, as chakra recharge only restores 30% chakra to someone taking damage and the spell can be interrupted altogether. Remove chakra per second costs on dojutsu. Ain't nobody playing Uchiha or Hyuuga to not use the primary cool and unique thing about their mastery. A CC breaker of some kind is also very much needed.
  14. I can update it if you'd like! When I had asked Alther about it when creating the list, he had specifically said that was for the best since Alther and Moody are Chunin and don't claim to be village leadership, is all. What should I update it to?
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