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  1. the village itself is very nice designed . the jump distance and the distance between the roofs work rly well together . it feels great and makes fun to roof run as a rogue
  2. change your settings in the login screen , not in game. and the esynchronizing should be way faster then the download
  3. Bug Name: simple strike cd reduction cards not working Brief Description: i put 4 simple strike cards into my scrolls to test them , it should reduce the cd by 4 seconds but decided to make it a 0 Reproduction steps: tried relogging/restarting the game Additional info: before the quistion comes up , i had a timer running Pictures:
  4. rabid brown bear , lvl 48 . only 1 spawn as far as i know . should kill 29 of them .
  5. since i picked up the quest it counted in total 3 kills , i abandoned the quest after 2 to check if it solves the porblem (didnt ) the 3 kills that counted was 1.chidori lvl26 (inside the arena) killed him a total of 20+ times but only the one inside the arena counted 2 the poor guy i "helped" with the "duel players" quest lvl 2 (inside the arena ) 3 taishi lvl 40 (also inside the arena ) it may sounds strange that the arena has possibly something to do with it but considering the fact that i made 120+ kills since i first picked up the quest and the small chance of coincidence regarding that only the 3 inside the arena did count ,i thought i share my infos. keep up the great work .
  6. Update: the bingo book stopped counting kills , not relatet to the prays lvl (tested that)
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