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  1. You want dat RP? I got dat RP. This Saturday, I got RP. Big RP. Like, several hours of RP. Pretty cool huh? So come for dat RP. All Roleplayers interested should poke me either on Discord or Here with their ingame names. Be online at 8pm GMT+1. 2pm est. If you don't like dark stuff that is borderline PG 18, do tell before Saturday or I just won't care about you because I already gave you a chance to voice your opinion. So deal with it AetherDM out. P.S. You can DM me on Discord if you wanna risk dying. I don't judge.
  2. High above The Land of Fire, a perfectly porcelain moon crept overhead the sleeping countryside. Dark fields of grass whispered and hissed as pairs of soundless feet passed through. Two figures could be made out, moving through the tall growth at breakneck speed - shinobi silhouettes. It was only when the one leading came to an abrupt halt, signalling the other to stop, they ceased their relentless approach. The second runner, a blonde Genin boy by the name of Aethelm, quickly caught up to his comrade in front. The foremost sentinel, Alther, lowered his mask, green eyes narrowed on the blackness ahead, an impassive hunter's watch developed from years of studying under Sensei Chookcha. After motioning to approach, Alther began to trudge into the void. Aethelm took a breath. 'Have we already reached The Forest of Death?', he pondered within his own mind. He dare not speak, for the mission bore too much secrecy. There was a soft jingle ahead - Alther's touch had found metal wire. After passing the gate, they delved deeper into the forest to find a growing light. The swamp gases bubbled and belched beneath their feet as they ran, but they paid no mind. Aethelm let out a stifled shout, "They're here.", but Alther's two tomoe were already scanning the figures ahead. Seven of them stood in robes of white with red streaks, each of their faces guarded by masks of the most trusted Leaf Operatives. Among them, Grim the Ubiquitous - an agent who had infiltrated the Brotherhood in its early days, his loyalty to The Leaf was proven through intelligence he gathered. Karu the Silver Tongued - serving diplomat to Alther's band of terrorists (formerly Chookcha's students), his loyalty was proven through enduring the rogue's company in meetings. Fuin of the Dojutsu - youngest, weakest, and all but prepared - Fuin had been forced into a life of rebellion when Lord First, Ushinawareta Sarutboi, had pardoned the woman who had killed his parents. Asura of the Waves - a pureblood Senju, an individual that carried a unique set of abilities, Asura was a hardline extremist hidden beneath a mild manner. Moody of the Foul Mouth - able to provoke any issue, this man was supposed to be the leader of The Hidden Leaf Village originally but he canNOT chill. Jomer of the Beats - initially a member of The Sound Village Invasion, Jomer honed his sharingan and resisted the rogue temptations. Matahachi Sarutobi - by happenstance, this rogue had woken up at four o'clock in the morning and found these kids about to kill a boss that the rogues would never let them kill during the day. He decided, in the most real moment, to not be cringe and to actually -help- us. Also worthy of mention, Aethelm the Unhinged - one of the youngest of the group, this blonde lightning specialist served as Alther's bodyguard and sensory specialist. His loyalty was assured with each victory. It was with this rag-tag team that Alther intended to carry out what only his Master had been able to accomplish. As provisions were dispersed, ANBU masks raised and hungry mouths fed, his watchful gaze never faded. After two weeks of planning, he had decided that the only time to strike would be at night, while the majority of rogue forces slept. The fable they sought was a basilisk - a scaled beast known to dwell in The Forest of Death. In this time the beast's power was pure, so great was it, that even an army of forty shinobi stood a chance of being slain just from the sight of its stone grey eye. For assuredly, some had accomplished the task of slaying basilisks - but not without an army. The fabled conquerors, Ko'taki Ryu and Akari Uchiha, had led a successful hunt of a sea serpent off the coast of Port Hachou, or so the farmers said. With fewer powerful shinobi defending The Hidden Leaf Village, if they could not succeed here, they would never be able to surpass Chookcha. This was the final barrier he had left in Alther, Asura and Moody's training. Chookcha's departure came to mind, only for a moment, all he would allow. Alther looked upon each of the faces assembled in that grove, unaware that this would be the last night he would spend with all of his friends together again.
  3. Chapter One Konohagakure’s Peace (Some Years Ago) Far above The Land of Fire, the sweltering sun beaded down on the dense canopies and rolling plains that stretched out below. Abated only by a lilting breeze, the late spring heat radiated throughout the recently founded Konohagakure and the towering walls that encircled it. Cradled therein bloomed a bouquet of multicolored rooftops where life flourished. Kiosks lined the busy dirt pathways, children ran freely through the streets letting out joyful shrieks and giggles that echoed across the many side streets and alleys. The elderly watched on from their shaded balconies, some men hammered away on high scaffolding while others toiled in the rice fields. The Hidden Leaf Village, beloved by its citizens, was flourishing. All pathways led to one great wooden dome of a building at the center of the town. This building, larger than the rest by a margin, bore the script “Hokage-tei” over its entrance - emblazoned in a stark coal print. Five arching pillars rose up at inward angles to form its crown, making it a sight to behold even from afar. Some called it The Hokage Mansion, while others knew it as The Administration Building - but to all it served the same purpose - to house the village’s leader, The First Hokage. Within the building sat two children in their mid-teens on an uncomfortable looking wooden bench just outside of the assignment office. One, the elder among them, was a boy with short brown hair that curled upward to form spikes. His eyes were a piercing blue, flickering to and fro from the closed door to the nearby stairwell. The other, younger and smaller in frame, was a boy with tidily brushed raven blue locks and forest green eyes flecked with bits of gold. “I’m nervous. What if he doesn’t like us?”, muttered the more sullen of the two. The boisterous one piped up, certainly loud enough for the Elders to hear. “We’ve graduated from the academy, haven’t we? The hard part is over! Stop worrying, Alther.” Alther lowered his head, swallowing hard. He -hoped- that their Team Leader hadn’t heard his friend’s outburst. There was a pause before the next question came anxiously. “What if we fail the team assignment?”, he couldn’t look up, he dared not to. Merely looking at the off-white walls of the room made him dread what was to come. Their leader was to be someone of the Hyuuga Clan - a powerful Shinobi, or so they had been told by their instructor. Moody, the larger and more charismatic of the two, drove his fist into an open palm. “We’re going to do great - you, an Uchiha, and me, a Senju! It’s no coincidence they paired us up. Now the question is… who will our third member be?”, narrowed blue eyes focused on the stairwell across from the closed office. Someone was coming. Up the stairs came a shuffling of footsteps, driving fear deeper into Alther’s very soul - while emboldening Moody as he began to perk up like a dog awaiting a bone. Round the corner he came at last, a boy perhaps a year older than them. His hair was the first distinctive trait, a snow white mane that ran past his shoulders and down his back, straight locks kept from his face only by a thin headband. Soft blue eyes peered forth inquisitively, an altruistic expression that told of comprehension beyond his years. The boy offered a bow, then made his way to sit at the far end of the bench beside Alther. The Uchiha halfblood gave a nervous glance to the one beside him. Moody had done all but leap over him to greet the newcomer. “So you’re going to be a part of team three? I’m Moody - I don’t think I remember you from the Academy! Moody Senju, by the way!”, the words came out like rapids crashing upon rocks. Fear gave way to curiosity as Alther poked his head up to regard the angelic figure beside him from beneath long dark bangs. A pale blue gaze wandered over to them, somewhat absently, from the far seated newcomer. “Daitaro Senju”, his voice was deep and calming, his skin pure and unblemished. “It’s a pleasure to be with you.” Moody ruffled with excitement, “You’re a clansmen, then! How is it that we’ve never met?”, his astonishment was far from feigned at the prospect of someone he hadn’t already been acquainted with. It was well known that Moody was a sociable creature, his voice rising and falling with every word. Before an answer could be given the door to the office swung open, and out stepped a man clad in the green vest of the Leaf. Beneath red hair, pulled loosely into a topknot, peered cold pale eyes. The three instantly rose to their feet before the fully grown Shinobi, a presence that demanded no less. The Hyuuga regarded them each with a brief look before addressing them in a somber tone. “No need to stand.”, and just so each returned to their seats - Alther’s legs shaking uncontrollably as he knelt back to his seat last. “You’ll know me as Chookcha Sensei. Now then…”, there was a pause as he measured the trembling Uchiha with an overt stare. “Is there something wrong with you, boy?” “N-No, Chookcha Sensei”, stammered the boy. Moody piped up again, “Chookcha Sensei! It’s an honor to meet you. Don’t mind Alther here, he’s just nervous.”, he offered a nudge of the elbow to the one seated on his left, looking a little anxious himself now. The Leaf-nin smirked, placing large calloused hands on his own hips authoritatively. “He has every right to be. There are no rules stating that Shinobi should not be afraid, for there’s much to fear… It is, however, control of the fear that separates the living from the dead.”, the words were cold and dark, bringing a shadow over the three students in the room. “Now then, shall we begin?” - Cries of anguish rolled across the sloping hills where countless bodies lay scorched and sundered. A man crawled, dragging himself by one arm over the ruinous filth below. His Konoha vest was so stained with blood that he would’ve been unrecognizable to any search party. He came to lie on his back between two mounds of rising flesh - gnats and flies swarming the decay. His breaths came heavy, one after the other. How much longer? There they were then, two crimson figures came into view mounting the gentle knoll before a setting sun. One dwarfed the other, a mane of red hair like lapping flames pulled into a streaking ponytail. The lesser appearing to be a woman - or a child, with neatly swept black hair forming a perfect halo above her shoulders. Both made their way leisurely through the devastation of Port Hachou’s former auxiliary defense. The wounded shinobi coughed blood as he rolled back on to his stomach, dragging himself along at a quickened pace. A wreath of flames rolled outward from behind him, the scent of melting flesh filling his nostrils as he began to whimper and dig harder into the upturned soil. Even if he had to bury himself, he would survive. The flames licked at the bottoms of his exposed feet until he felt no more pain. His cries went unheard, at least by anyone who would care. Groans of agony became silenced all at once, and the jet of flames suddenly diminished. Had he died? He could still feel the slick wet of his wound, his entrails held in only by one of his clenched fists. He tasted the bitter fall of ash, and finally he rolled over to embrace his fate. The two stood over him, a woman and a man, their features shrouded in darkness cast by the setting sun’s shadow.
  4. Everyone deserves to be loved! here is the chance! also the streets will look hecka more filled with more humanoid models running around :))
  5. Kizo


    Background— Ten months ago, the Uchiha clan reported the loss of several of their own. A guarded wedding palanquin traveling towards Konohagakure was shredded, splattered with blood and surrounded with fallen guards. The bride-to-be within it, a young woman by the name of Tsukioka Hikari, had vanished. Her fiancé, Sarutobi Satoru, raged, and challenging the fates to battle for the potential to have his fiancé returned to him. None answered the challenge. At first, the Tsukioka family, part of the Uchiha clan, offered up a reward of 100 ryo for her safe return. The groom's family matched it and over time, it increased to 2000 ryo. Amidst the rumors of slavers in the Land of Fire, both families began to fear for the worst. In what seemed an eternity to two families grieving, ten months had passed. On nights when the moon was high, her mother lit incense and prayed that the smoke would help her find her way home. And still, Hikari was still nowhere to be found. In the weeks that followed the Blood Moon Festival, a bounty poster appeared. It details that a young woman with dark hair and eyes is wanted for questioning for involvement in the White Dragon Pirates' raid of Port Hachou in which the Portmaster & his bodyguard lost their lives. That woman's name is cited to be 'Akari' - a frequent nickname for 'Hikari'. The person seen most often in her company appears to be a personal bodyguard wielding an Uchiha war fan. Curious and curioser. Details— One who prefers moonlight to sunlight, who reads its secrets by fall of night. Ninja registry number: N/A Birthdate: August 27 (Age 21, Virgo) Height: 5'5" / 168cm Weight: ~105lbs / 48kg Bloodtype: AB- Personality: Furtive, serious Description— Akari's figure speaks of hardship; even a small garment easily eclipses her figure, hanging loose as the shoulders. Her frame is harrowingly thin, rather than pleasantly slim, speaking of extended malnourishment and starvation, though the new light in her eyes suggests that her health is slowly improving. However slender and weak of body, she's stern and strong of heart, a proud daughter of a warbound people; resilient and unwavering. In a crowd, she's easily identified by the regal manner with which she carries herself; elegant and graceful, with head held high, gaze grave, dark and thoughtful to match the raven-dark of her hair. Abilities— Relationships— Uchiha clan White Dragon Pirates Ko'taki Ryu Reiji Uchiha Ibuki Mori Sora Hyuuga Ushioda Uzumaki Shinzou Geo Hyuuga Rakutaura
  6. A brief tale of a misty dawn stroll... You wake far earlier than usual, the dawn sun not yet touching the horizon. Despite how long you slept, you feel invigorated by a strange compulsion. Looking outside you see a low, light fog slowly roll in around where you took respite. Sensing the fresh scent of coming rain, you take a walk down a familiar path. The misty morning presented a natural filter to your surroundings, breathing deeply with life around you as you let your mind wander for a moment. The sun peering over the horizon brings you back from the awe inspiring morning, and you turn as if to return. However, the path you took is not as you remember. A misty lake with crystal clear turquoise water and sprawling mountain ranges now lay before you. While the sight was daunting, all your other senses noted a earie feeling of familiarity to your surroundings, and as you continue you begin to notice a reflection begin to appear in the glistening water. You gaze across the lake, searching for what seems to be shimmering in it's centre but cannot make out the object. The landscape appears as a moulded ideal of nature in balance; visually intense and yet calm and serene. Walking further along the path you come to a wooden bridge, painted red with bells and ribbons tied to each of it's posts. After crossing the bridge the figure in the centre of the lake becomes clear; a vast citadel, decorated with gold and brilliant shades of blue and purple. It's outer compound appears to be below the water's surface, with it's keep being accessed through a path leading across the lake, connected through islands and bridges between then. While you are acutely aware of the wonderous fantasy of what you are experiencing, the prevailing sense of being at peace calms your nerves. Hearing light footsteps approach from further along the path, you turn from looking upon the shining structure to see a woman, who beckons to you as your eyes meet. Her hair is dark, and she wears a white and red robe. On her wrists tied are bells and white ribbons; the same as those on the bridge, that seem to ring on with a soft echo as she continued her approach. "Welcome to Shin Shinkiro Seiiki; the New Mirage Sanctum" Your curiosity takes hold. "New Mirage Sanctum?" you query as the women walks up to your side. Matching her gaze, you look clearly upon the magnificent citadel. The sight fills you with an elation, and you indulge in your senses temporarily. "It is very impressive, but where am I?". "Not long ago, something happened. One day, our old sanctum vanished. We searched through the misty morass, but we couldn't find it." the woman replied, a note of longing in her voice. "This is our new sanctum, very much the same place, and yet entirely new." Missing vital pieces leaves you looking for clues. Not certain of the woman's demeanour, you moderate your response; "So, you built a new citadel?". The woman shakes her head, and you notice a curious misty smoke emanating from her earrings. Watching the smoke whisp away in the air you hear the chirping of birds and the singing of frogs; evidence of other life revealing itself for the first time. Alongside the sounds of flowing water and of the wind in the trees, the impression that this place is a wonder of life is embedded deep within you. "We didn't build it. We found it in the shrouded mists, just as you have" she said, closing her eyes in contemplation on the topic. The water seems to still for a moment, and you wonder about the peculiar situation you have found yourself in. Perhaps a dream, you wonder. Puzzled by her words, you press the topic. "Impressive, but strange. Where are we? What is this place?" you ask. The woman takes a deep breath before continuing. "We don't know, not anymore. You can walk it's bounds forever searching, and yet always find your way. The mists guide your steps and the path mirrors it's intent. The sanctum is as exactly as it appears to be..." she replies, trailing off as she leads to walk further along the path towards the next bridge. While crossing, you peer over the sides into the water and see an abyss of depth to the lake. Deep below the shimmering surface you see what appears to be a large fin darting in a shadowy crevasse. Unable to see whatever had caught your attention, your focus shifts to your own reflection. You recognize yourself in it's mirror like gleam, and inside you feel a sense of pride well from within. Your failures feel a little more manageable, and your victories warm your soul ever so slightly more. "A soldier long ago, said to be the visage of a goddess, honed her swordcraft for years through constant mortal combat. Later, when the sanctum revealed itself to her, she took upon many students, whom studied her style in it's grounds. The sanctum was a place where the the soldier's spirit could find rest for her soul, and immortality for her techniques." Noticing her vague and dismissive vernacular, you query it directly. "Who are 'we'?". You wander over to the edge of the water bank, and seat yourself on a large flat stone. The tone in the woman's voice changes to one of routine as she replies. "We are, or were, it's keepers. We manage it's Shrine and halls, and have devoted ourselves to achieving the same solace of soul the great soldier once did". You ponder the words of the Shrine Maiden. Vaguely cryptic conversation was less of the direct answer you were seeking, and desiring a more thorough understanding of your position incites another question; "Who are you? How can you speak for others?" A childlike grin appears across the woman's face for a moment as she turns to face you. She then bowed deeply, and spoke; I am ♦ Overview Given Name: Kagari Family Name: Amaya Gender: Female Bloodtype: AB ♦ Appearance Hair Colour: Black Eye Colour: Blue Height: 5'9" | 177cm ♦ Titles Occupation: Shrine Keeper of Mirage Sanctum Rank: Jounin Bingo Book Entry: A - Rank ♦ Traits & Personality Kind. Diligent. Excitable. Vengeful. Brash. Conniving. More fighter than lover Both scholar and soldier ♦ Pursuits & Hobbies Poetry. Art. Kenshibu. Shogi Debauchery. ♦ Skills & Talents Kagari as a child was born in a region suffering from a long drought. The people who lived there struggled to survive, and she grew small in stature as a result of a poor living. It was years into her childhood before she saw rain, and in her wonder of exhilaration at the sight and feeling of what she had come to know as a purifying, life bringing force, she wandered from her family home that misty morning. Her childlike wonder and joy guided her way, and the mists formed a passage to the Mirage Sanctum. The mists that purveyed it's grounds nurtured it's inhabitants, and the stunting that had diminished Kagari's early growth slowly began to reverse. There she met it's keepers, whom took her in and taught her of their history and ways. Soon she was told of the ancient heroes of Seiichi, and she learned of the first denizen of Mirage Sanctum; Mempo of the Shroud, and how her devotion to the Sanctum saw her become one with the mist itself. This was seen as an ascension of the physical body, beyond mortal coils. Mempo of the Shroud became the first Keeper to attain immortality of body through this process, and immortality of mind through spreading her techniques to her students. Thus the Shinkiro Kakure Dojutsu, the Hidden Mirage Way, was born, where mastery of and devotion to the Sanctum and it's ways could bring enlightenment and transcendence to a practitioner. Early on, Kagari presented as a good student, and learned their basic methods quickly. Her young mind absorbed all that was put before it, leaving her much time in the day to explore the other exploits of the Keepers. From them she learned of things useless to her as a child but vital in being courtly, such as politics, courtly manner and etiquette. As Kagari grew into her teenage years, she began to reject the finality of her devotion to the Sanctum, and sought to leave. However, whenever she attempted to escape the mists, the path would twist until it led back towards the citadel. Feeling stripped of her existence and detached from her image of self, she attempted to drown herself in the abyssal lake below Mirage Sanctum. Her body seemed to be welcomed by the ever darkening waters as she drifted deeper below. She let the glistening water into her lungs and suppressed her innate panic. As her vision darkened, and the sound of her slowing heartbeat began to echo in her mind, the icy water around her seemed to warm. A deep voice manifested in her mind. " Rare to see your kind come so deep. Perhaps you are... like she was... or perhaps not... " A flicker of consciousness sparked in Kagari's mind; she had yet to die after what had seemed like hours of drifting, completely surrounded by water. She sighed, coming to think that the Sanctum had bested her final attempt to return to her own people. Another flicker of thought then sent her mind into a web of logic that she could not come to understand. Now in a frenzy, unable to make sense of her situation, she scrambled to the surface. She could not tell if she was unable to hold her breath any longer and was frightened of drowning, or if the illogical panic she was thrust into had taken hold of her. After climbing to the surface and onto one of the banks of the Sanctum's many islands connected by it's bridge network, Kagari was again able to breath as was familiar to her. Confused and in a daze, she turned back towards the edge of the water, and stared at her reflection. Her mouth had filled with jagged, razored teeth, and slits had appeared on the sides of her neck. Kagari blinked to remove the water from her eyes, and as her vision cleared, her focus rested deep into the water, where a large fin flickered in the light far below the surface. As she tried to look more intently at the figure, her focus shifted again to her reflection, depicting only that of a cold, wet young woman. Kagari returned to her studies with a strange curiosity now planted deep inside her. Over a decade has since passed since Kagari's descent and her encounter in the abyss, and other such strange events that have moulded her character in many illogical ways. What new stories might her journals behold? No longer a young girl, both enlightened and deceived by the Mirage Sanctum and it's strange mechanisms, Kagari seeks to find transcendence as is the way of the Sanctum. Soon, through the misty path will come those capable or learning her teachings, and through cultivation of her arts and learning the secrets of the abyssal lake, she can attempt to unlock the history behind the disappearance of the old sanctum and the true meaning within the will of the mists. ♦ Goals - Take upon students who can travel freely to the Sanctum - Continue to learn of the Abyssal Lake and it's powers
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