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Found 31 results

  1. [Credited to Kagari] "Our good intentions have always been delayed." Age: Late and bitter 20s Clan: Chinoike Rank: Genin [Currently officially a missing-nin] Traits: Pacifist | Introverted | Distrustful | Guarded EXPERIENCES & TIMELINE Rise to Genin, Land of Hot Water Circa Third Hokage’s Death While the Land of Fire was handling a crisis unlike any other at the time, Nobu, in spite of his troubled lineage, took on a fake name and lived long enough within the Land of Hot Water to become a pupil, and be allowed to graduate as Genin. During this time, he learned the principles of pacifism and the importance of upholding Yugakure’s unique brand of keeping out of any bloodshed. From D-Class to B-Class, Land of Hot Water From Third Hokage’s Death to Conclusion of Search for Fifth Hokage During a calamitous time in the world, with political powers vying for growth and the might of the Village Hidden in the Leaves tested by Orochimaru, Nobu was far away and in training. Through the bonds gained with his team, and though guarded because of his heritage, the young man managed to show his talents in Ninjutsu. During this time, his aptitude for Water Style and Fire Style were discovered. Chunin Ascendance & Later Life, Land of Hot Water Emerge of Sound Four to Kidnapping of Last Uchiha Clan Member Nobu was quickly becoming apt in the ways of performing missions to find missing nin, recover artefacts for the Land of Hot Water, and aid medical nin in difficult assignments where assistants were becoming a necessity. After all, during this time tensions between each nation began reaching a political boiling point. In the Chunin Exams that followed, a 12-year old Nobu was forced into submission and narrowly avoided an unnecessary death from his bloodthirsty opponent (a zealous Jashin worshipper) when his Kekkei Genkai activated on instinct, the Chinoike Clan’s own Ketsuryugan. While not as infamously powerful as the Sharingan or devastating as the Rinnegan, the ability of this doujutsu let Nobu manipulate the blood in his opponent’s system, causing internal bleeding and leading to their untimely death seconds thereafter. Needless to say, the examiners were in morbid shock. Because of Yugakure’s pacifistic ways, and the history of the Chinoike Clan which Nobu was able to shield himself from for the longest time during childhood, this was as far as the boy could go. For the good of the Village, he needed to be captured and either studied or slain. After all, the rest of his clan was dead, and such a dangerous, blood-curdling eye could not be allowed to exist within this peace-abiding land. Having unofficially passed his test, but never given his certification of legitimacy as Chunin due to him running away at the revelation, Nobu Masanori shed his false name and began to wander the Lands as a vagabond. Now, several years having been alone, he has drawn from nature to learn more about his Fire Style and Water Style aptitudes. He hops villages and towns to gain scrolls of knowledge, and often looms for days for no discernible reason. Nobu is alone, but searching for his purpose in a divided world. [Credited to Naoreo. Source: Fiverr] TECHNIQUE SPECIALIZATION Katon [Fire Style] - Proficient Suiton [Water Style] - Proficient Kuchiyose no Jutsu [Summoning Technique] - Adept [Contract Made] Doujutsu - Ketsuryugan [Kekkei Genkai] Taijutsu - Focused on repelling rather than assaulting Genjutsu - Proficient Cloning Jutsus - Hi Bunshin no Jutsu, Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu IMPORTANT HEIRLOOMS Yugakure Headband - Though in hiding, Nobu admires the ways of his Village and wishes he could follow the path set from noble pacifism regardless of his blood. Therefore, he has kept the headband of his Genin days in pristine condition. Clan Apparel - In spite of his predicament in being of a blood-abiding Clan, Nobu honors his mother by wearing his father’s old shinobi outfit with the Clan’s sigil inscribed onto it. CURRENT LIFE GOALS & ASPIRATIONS Apart from wishing to find his place in the world, the current Nobu wishes to find a shinobi who will guide him further in learning and offer friendly companionship. After all, the shinobi world is difficult to traverse without connections, and this one has already exhausted the goodwill of one Hidden Village. Beggars can't be choosers, and that's why this beggar is traveling to many a valley, leaving no stone unturned, to keep learning about life. [This section will be updated throughout the organic RP experience I wish to have; an individual's goals, as well as their personality, change over time depending on the impact others and the world itself have on them. Don't expect what you've read here to be a stagnant character, bereft of growth or change.] OOC NOTE This character is an original creation and any imitation or blatant attempt to copy key components of said creation will be scrutinized. I aim to use this character in Roleplay as well as in-game content, therefore he's to be considered partially In-Character during most times. If I'm walking around, I'm in character. I allow any and all interaction with Nobu, but in the case of potential loss of limbs due to injury, or in the case of potential death, I would like to be forewarned about participating in an RP prompt. Furthermore, I would like to point out that I do not tolerate Powergaming nor will I sit through blatant Metagaming. Just because your character has a Sharingan, a Ketsuryugan, a Byakugan, or some other eye technique that does not mean you should be able to openly commit Roleplay sins. The best characters rely on their character itself, and not their powers. Nobu's traits and personality are to be discovered In-Character. See you all in-game!
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