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  1. IC: Your nearest innkeeper gives a description on a fairly short lady, probably in her late fifties or early sixties. She wore a simple brown robe, and had a clear line of gray hair. Given the old timer had paid the innkeeper in kind, the innkeeper offers you the own drawn map with the added information and lets you know that you know that you are searching for Miyusa if there is any interest. IC: The travelling dojo moves on. After Miyusa's lengthy session with the monks that steered wind up in the mountains, she had found a trustworthy guide to bring her down to the nearby port village from which she would soon travel towards Yokohama in search for more lessons of these unfamiliar lands.. OOC: This current event will be RP-PVP based. Don't worry, i'll explain everything beforehand! just make sure you have picked up your weapons, jutsu and rice patties before you get there! We will remain in-character throughout the event, but the duels are going to dictate the winners. Event location two: Early birds time: 6pm 4/22/2020 server time, mountain temple!! --- Tournament time 7pm 4/22/2020 server time., Yokohama!! (Edit: That is the cherry blossom town, pink trees!) May you be interested in practicing your roleplay, or want to show off your legendary skills. Everyone is welcome to participate or help or even hang out. Hopefully it will be fun together!!! If you're too eager and can't wait for the explanation on what we're doing, you can go to this following post and read the little column after "Roleplay-PVP".
  2. IC: Your nearest innkeeper gives a description on a fairly short lady, probably in her late fifties or early sixties. She wore a simple brown robe, and had a clear line of gray hair. Given the old timer had paid the innkeeper in kind, the innkeeper offers you the own drawn map with the added information and lets you know that you know that you are searching for Miyusa if there is any interest. OOC: Starting today you are able to meet up with The Travelling Dojo's host, These events will mainly be to practice roleplay combat, but we will surely switch out for some regular roleplay / practices or even PVP sessions. Simply because I think it will be hilarious to see who the water prison master is! I will try to announce these events beforehand. Our first event will be at the temple up north this upcoming sunday. Depending on how much interest there is I will progress through the places faster or slower. I want to give everyone a chance to participate, but if we are doing multiple roleplay battles in a row this can take a very long time. Certainly since there are still many people that need to improve a little because they have never done roleplay before. I may also open up some more random roleplays here and there if the people are around for it / I have time. (yes I have weekend too) May you be interested in practicing your roleplay, or want to show off your legendary skills. Everyone is welcome to participate or help out. Hopefully it will be fun together!!! Location one; Temple of the mountain. Sunday. 4/19/2020. 12:00am server time. I plan to be active for the entire sunday and we'll see where it ends. Come roleplay! ?
  3. Hah you snake. Feel the wrath of my empty water bottle and perish! What happened to the giant and ship? O-O"
  4. I guess this is another post that will go under my CTRL+C to show the people all of the awesome sauce around. Really impressed. Keep up the awesome work Jimmus!
  5. Good read, I like how the character is talking to you. Makes it feel really personal! Keep the Gucci coming! ^-^
  6. Placeholder just in case I ever need it.
  7. (The numbers behind the title of a PVP method stand for the preferred way according to the server's rules. 1 being your to-go-to form. 2 being the back up form/ event system. 3 being optional additons you may enjoy!) Conflict Resolution. If you have turned to this guide, you have already found out what roleplay is. You read the rules, and know there are a series of guides to follow when it comes to solving combat. Throughout my days of roleplaying I have encountered a number of interesting ways to go about fighting, hence I’m trying to share some of those experiences with you here in the form of a pile of text. PVP through Mechanics. ( 1 ) This is obviously the most known version, and will always be the easiest solution. You fight using the game’s set of skills, and the outcome is decided by the one that loses all of their health. This is the server’s to-go-to approach, and will over-rule roleplay written combat in any case. I doubt this needs a whole lot of extra explaining, we have all played a game before. Before I dive into various sub-sections of options for written combat, I would like to mention a few things about the basics of free form roleplay combat. Written roleplay, and experiencing a fight through emoting can be extremely fun if you are on the same page as your opponent. But if you both expect something entirely different out of a fight, it can be extremely stressful. Because who wins? Your thunder technique, or their fireball? It is important that a player understands that they can not win in every situation. You want the game to be as fun for others as it is to you. You need to build up a certain trust in your own writing, and have another set of trust in the person(s) you’re writing with. It is important that you understand the limits that the server gives you. The server enforces part one Naruto power scaling. This means that you won’t be throwing Bijuu bombs and achieve Susano’o on your first day around. You’ll be thrown into the world and experience growing your character within it through the roleplay and other content the game has to offer. See that as something to enjoy and look forward to. Stronger characters exist, but if you claim to be some sort of prodigy god like Madara, that is generally looked down upon. If you randomly have such strengths, there is no reason for your opponent to not do the same. Thus rendering the power you claim to have useless. This would be called power-gaming. But there is more to be found on such in the rules/ basic roleplay guide and I don’t want to dive too much into that. Knowing your limits is not just a matter of understanding your strength. It’s also knowing that every action you make costs time. If you end up roleplaying three different jutsus, sixteen tools, and running across a country all in a single emote. This is considered god-modding. It’s not something you are able to pull off in a short amount of time. And all the time you use in-character, is the very same time your opponent has to react as well. You can’t just say you’ll skip ahead in time towards the end of your emote, and your opponent is now suddenly passed out. Because both characters will move and do actions at the same time. A fair interpretation of this is important. Immersion is key when you’re writing. Knowing what is going on, and paying attention not only towards your direct opponent but also the players in the environment can be pretty important. Missing certain bits can end in you not knowing a wall of fire is coming straight for you. A big tip that I want to give all the newer players is to make a separate channel for roleplay. This is done by right clicking your general chat tab, and click ‘create new window’. You select a name (I tend to just name it roleplay), and from there on out select which messages you are able to see in that specific chatbox. This way your roleplay is all in one place, and hard to miss! In every form of written combat you respect your opponent, and give them the time they need to progress their part of the story. In some cases you may hit them with something entirely unexpected, and their emotes can take a minute longer to be prepared for you. This is a natural thing to happen, and since there will be players of all skill levels around you, not something you can fight against. It is not a reason to post a second emote to your first one, written combat is always turn-based. It’s a good thing to discuss this with the others in your roleplay scene. Set up a turn order, so that everyone knows what is going on around them. Details are important in written roleplay. You will want to be as clear as possible. Lacking details and throwing an emote such as; /emote punches. Is not going to get you anywhere. People can interpreted this in any way they want. Are you punching his little toe, or going straight for his face? Which arm are you using? How are you positioned? Are you moving while making this move? If your opponent makes advantage of this, it’s all fair play. One of the big things in emote fights is finding that one thing your opponent forgot, and making use of it to turn the tide to your own advantage. A better example would be; /emote runs straight at Yabiruba with all the speed she could gather. Her muscles tense, mind focused, and goal clear. A brief thought clutters the kunoichi’s mind, of how to approach the incoming combat. Short before reaching Yabiruba she pulls her arm backwards, and throws her right fist forwards; aimed directly at Yabiruba’s face. Hoping to deliver a gnarly strike to his jawline. You must realise that you are not the only one that is able to decide the outcome of a roleplay. Everyone around you is as well, thus it is appreciated by the community if you don’t expect your every move to work out. Whilst not entirely necessary, it is recommended to write ‘attempt’ or ‘tries to’ throughout your emotes. Because when you write “I hit your face” you block out the opportunity for your opponent to write a counter. This opens up a feeling of trust for your opponent, as they will feel more free with what they can do and you won’t be rushing them into things they may not like. Written free form combat PVP. ( 3 ) Combining all of the above should form the basics to a proper emote fight. It’s all about feeling what you and the other want out of a situation. Try to be generous, and you shall receive the same treatment. Though fighting without a set of rules is mainly ideal when you’re with a group of friends, as an actual opponent is less likely to just give away a win to spare their character. Though, if you trust the other; it is the best way to enjoy yourself without much of a hassle and puzzling numbers. Written Roll-combat PVP. ( 2 ) This will be the ‘automated’ form of written combat. Where a combination of writing, rolls, and statistic modifiers dictate the outcome of every play. Shinobi Story will have a system that determines various statistics of yours, and those will influence the outcome of your roleplay battles. This is by far the easiest solution if you just want to write, but want to block out any sort of discussion over the outcome of a battle. It’s definitely a good choice to be used by newer players, to grasp the concept of roleplay combat. Events hosted by Story Tellers will likely often follow this route. It plays out as the following. You write an emote, as does your opponent. Each of you roll, by typing /roll <number> in the chatbox. /roll 20 would throw a dice that can have any number from 1 to 20. Let’s say we rolled 7. You check your personal statistics, and include your modifier into your roll. Let’s say your strength is 5. You then add your modifier to the outcome of your roll and see who has the higher number. (so 7+5=12) The person with the highest number dictates which jutsu or attacks hit, and which don’t. The winner emotes this, followed by the loser. That is one turn, now you can rinse and repeat. Written roll-combat PVP. (option 2) ( 3 ) This is a whole lot like the previous option. Another form of ‘automated’ written combat, but the order is slightly different. You write an emote. Both you and your opponent roll a dice, and check the statistics to see who has the highest number. Your opponent will immediately include the outcome in their emote, and adds a counter-reaction right after. To which you both roll a dice again, and check the statistics to see if you got hit in return. Rinse and repeat. (Both of the two versions prior can have the addition of example; a plus 3 roll for the attacker, or minus 3 roll for the defender can cancel out a hit on each side. Example; attacker rolls 10, defender rolls 7. Both don't get hit. Weapons clash with one another, or jutsu cancel one another out. This is a variable that the player can decide upon. Try to make sure both sides know what they are getting into before a fight to prevent rule changing/breaking comments later down the line!) Roleplay-PVP ( 3 ) A rather unique way to combine the two into a whole. Certainly a fun thing to try out. This is like normal PVP, just stretched out a little bit and combined with emoting. You select a number of wins to go for. (2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 would be recommended.) You fight a normal PVP duel. The winner of said duel chooses a single attack to launch at the opponent, and the loser takes damage from it. (both will emote this properly.) You repeat this until the right amount of matches are won, and in the final turn the winner gets to choose to down the opponent or whatever they may have in store for them. Hopefully this helps the newer people amongst us a little bit. It may very well be possible that I haven't written down your favorite method in here. If that is the case, feel free to throw a comment down below. Cheers, BloodyDoll. (Once the stat system rolls out I will update this accordingly. Possibly along with a section that is more aimed at roleplay events, opposed to one on one combat. Thanks for reading up to this point.<3)
  8. There won't be a focus on levelling up and grinding in this game. So your statement is false. Once you log in, you're automatically given your talent paths and such. You may have less money and stuff to aid your goals though.
  9. Stick with Prologue's system. You've seen that it works. People that aren't mature enough to grasp the concept will weed themselves out, and hopefully learn and better themselves from the experience. Any other player that is too lazy to read the rules of a roleplay server, is bound to run into a wall at some point. Isn't that what the 72 hour rule is made up for? To make people more cautious about their own actions/progression so they can't really be that toxic person, since they would have to wait 72 hours of playtime if they mess up? Though another player could kill for them, does this rule also mean they aren't allowed to be involved in death combat? Please don't ever lock it to a certain rank. That makes no sense. That will have the older players rule the server without giving anyone else a chance if the older players decide against that. Besides if a genin succeeds stabbing a jounin in the neck, he better be dead or this wouldn't be roleplay. If you ask me, the idea you already had in place was perfect. Why change what ain't broken? if i'd still be affected by all the new players claiming what they claim on a daily basis in a Naruto community, I think I wouldn't even be here anymore and I guess the same goes for most people here, we've seen it so often. Yeah sure they all want to be Akatsuki and none of them pulls it off.
  10. Given the extreme heat of release, I feel like this has to be posted at least once. All though it's probably happened over 9000 times in a single day. People are happy, I guess? Weeeeeeeee!! Hype!
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