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Found 32 results

  1. Chapter One Konohagakure’s Peace (Some Years Ago) Far above The Land of Fire, the sweltering sun beaded down on the dense canopies and rolling plains that stretched out below. Abated only by a lilting breeze, the late spring heat radiated throughout the recently founded Konohagakure and the towering walls that encircled it. Cradled therein bloomed a bouquet of multicolored rooftops where life flourished. Kiosks lined the busy dirt pathways, children ran freely through the streets letting out joyful shrieks and giggles that echoed across the many side streets and alleys. The elderly watched on from their shaded balconies, some men hammered away on high scaffolding while others toiled in the rice fields. The Hidden Leaf Village, beloved by its citizens, was flourishing. All pathways led to one great wooden dome of a building at the center of the town. This building, larger than the rest by a margin, bore the script “Hokage-tei” over its entrance - emblazoned in a stark coal print. Five arching pillars rose up at inward angles to form its crown, making it a sight to behold even from afar. Some called it The Hokage Mansion, while others knew it as The Administration Building - but to all it served the same purpose - to house the village’s leader, The First Hokage. Within the building sat two children in their mid-teens on an uncomfortable looking wooden bench just outside of the assignment office. One, the elder among them, was a boy with short brown hair that curled upward to form spikes. His eyes were a piercing blue, flickering to and fro from the closed door to the nearby stairwell. The other, younger and smaller in frame, was a boy with tidily brushed raven blue locks and forest green eyes flecked with bits of gold. “I’m nervous. What if he doesn’t like us?”, muttered the more sullen of the two. The boisterous one piped up, certainly loud enough for the Elders to hear. “We’ve graduated from the academy, haven’t we? The hard part is over! Stop worrying, Alther.” Alther lowered his head, swallowing hard. He -hoped- that their Team Leader hadn’t heard his friend’s outburst. There was a pause before the next question came anxiously. “What if we fail the team assignment?”, he couldn’t look up, he dared not to. Merely looking at the off-white walls of the room made him dread what was to come. Their leader was to be someone of the Hyuuga Clan - a powerful Shinobi, or so they had been told by their instructor. Moody, the larger and more charismatic of the two, drove his fist into an open palm. “We’re going to do great - you, an Uchiha, and me, a Senju! It’s no coincidence they paired us up. Now the question is… who will our third member be?”, narrowed blue eyes focused on the stairwell across from the closed office. Someone was coming. Up the stairs came a shuffling of footsteps, driving fear deeper into Alther’s very soul - while emboldening Moody as he began to perk up like a dog awaiting a bone. Round the corner he came at last, a boy perhaps a year older than them. His hair was the first distinctive trait, a snow white mane that ran past his shoulders and down his back, straight locks kept from his face only by a thin headband. Soft blue eyes peered forth inquisitively, an altruistic expression that told of comprehension beyond his years. The boy offered a bow, then made his way to sit at the far end of the bench beside Alther. The Uchiha halfblood gave a nervous glance to the one beside him. Moody had done all but leap over him to greet the newcomer. “So you’re going to be a part of team three? I’m Moody - I don’t think I remember you from the Academy! Moody Senju, by the way!”, the words came out like rapids crashing upon rocks. Fear gave way to curiosity as Alther poked his head up to regard the angelic figure beside him from beneath long dark bangs. A pale blue gaze wandered over to them, somewhat absently, from the far seated newcomer. “Daitaro Senju”, his voice was deep and calming, his skin pure and unblemished. “It’s a pleasure to be with you.” Moody ruffled with excitement, “You’re a clansmen, then! How is it that we’ve never met?”, his astonishment was far from feigned at the prospect of someone he hadn’t already been acquainted with. It was well known that Moody was a sociable creature, his voice rising and falling with every word. Before an answer could be given the door to the office swung open, and out stepped a man clad in the green vest of the Leaf. Beneath red hair, pulled loosely into a topknot, peered cold pale eyes. The three instantly rose to their feet before the fully grown Shinobi, a presence that demanded no less. The Hyuuga regarded them each with a brief look before addressing them in a somber tone. “No need to stand.”, and just so each returned to their seats - Alther’s legs shaking uncontrollably as he knelt back to his seat last. “You’ll know me as Chookcha Sensei. Now then…”, there was a pause as he measured the trembling Uchiha with an overt stare. “Is there something wrong with you, boy?” “N-No, Chookcha Sensei”, stammered the boy. Moody piped up again, “Chookcha Sensei! It’s an honor to meet you. Don’t mind Alther here, he’s just nervous.”, he offered a nudge of the elbow to the one seated on his left, looking a little anxious himself now. The Leaf-nin smirked, placing large calloused hands on his own hips authoritatively. “He has every right to be. There are no rules stating that Shinobi should not be afraid, for there’s much to fear… It is, however, control of the fear that separates the living from the dead.”, the words were cold and dark, bringing a shadow over the three students in the room. “Now then, shall we begin?” - Cries of anguish rolled across the sloping hills where countless bodies lay scorched and sundered. A man crawled, dragging himself by one arm over the ruinous filth below. His Konoha vest was so stained with blood that he would’ve been unrecognizable to any search party. He came to lie on his back between two mounds of rising flesh - gnats and flies swarming the decay. His breaths came heavy, one after the other. How much longer? There they were then, two crimson figures came into view mounting the gentle knoll before a setting sun. One dwarfed the other, a mane of red hair like lapping flames pulled into a streaking ponytail. The lesser appearing to be a woman - or a child, with neatly swept black hair forming a perfect halo above her shoulders. Both made their way leisurely through the devastation of Port Hachou’s former auxiliary defense. The wounded shinobi coughed blood as he rolled back on to his stomach, dragging himself along at a quickened pace. A wreath of flames rolled outward from behind him, the scent of melting flesh filling his nostrils as he began to whimper and dig harder into the upturned soil. Even if he had to bury himself, he would survive. The flames licked at the bottoms of his exposed feet until he felt no more pain. His cries went unheard, at least by anyone who would care. Groans of agony became silenced all at once, and the jet of flames suddenly diminished. Had he died? He could still feel the slick wet of his wound, his entrails held in only by one of his clenched fists. He tasted the bitter fall of ash, and finally he rolled over to embrace his fate. The two stood over him, a woman and a man, their features shrouded in darkness cast by the setting sun’s shadow.
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