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Found 30 results

  1. You have already shown some innovations in your beta announcement video, but since we don't really know what will be added, I would like to add a little something: - What I currently miss a bit are companions in the game. I relate it to summoning spells (Kuchiyose no Jutsu). You could include these as quests so that you can choose ONE of many. An example https://youtu.be/uSvSxrPjiz8?t=2449 - I know the game will be mostly PvP focused but some PvE content like dungeons and raids (the usual stuff from MMORPGs) would be a 10/10. Not all of us are avid PvP players. - A few more Naruto universe themed weapons wouldn't hurt either. What I mean would be fans, dolls or some fist weapons (aka Asuma Sarutobi knuckledusters with a blade). You know... - As far as Jutsus is concerned, you could see that you would change a few things. But I would wish for a few special ones like the "6 Paths" ( Truthseeker Orbs ) or the "Rin'negan" OR the "Pressure" Jutsu ( typical Pain ). Oh and before i forget, could you add some more early content in terms of equipment? You will find almost no usable weapons let alone armor (from quest or npc) and thus cause very little damage. You shouldn't focus too much on the late game. After all, the first impression is what counts the most (based on early and middle content).
  2. I have nothing against the current "finger sound" that is played when a jutsu is cast, but sometimes it doesn't quite fit. Alone when casting quick casts that require instant or only 0.5 - 1 second, this often overlaps when use another jutsu. I took the liberty of creating a 1 second sound file with the usual noises when the ninjas cast/use something. Jutsu Sound.mp3
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