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  1. Yo dude you gunna play this upcoming SS patch? gunna be a good one, hope to see you in game soon !!
  2. I talked a little about this the other day in discord... The identity of Wind Mastery. I just dont understand its role or purpose at the moment. Apparently it is supposed to be a "battlefield control" mastery but I really dont see that being the case. The tornadoes are too random and dont do enough damage while the knockbacks and slows are either too short of range or just not effective enough. I think the mastery does underwhelming damage and only provides a moderate amount of utility. The best things about the mastery, in my opinion, are the interrupts. Which it only does so well. If I had to narrow down an identity or playstyle for wind at the moment it would be one that is focused around mobility and using abilities on the run. However it doesnt even do this very well. I would like to see either a massive increase in damage and go that route, an increase in utility, or an increase in movement abilities because at the moment it does all 3 of those things very poorly. If all 3 of those things got slightly buffed that would be okay too, then it could be another "jack of all trades" mastery but at the moment it fails and feels bad.
  3. I think that an anti-safespotting mechanic is needed for obvious reasons but the current version of the charge/stun mechanic called "Super Jump" is just too punishing. Players will say that it isnt a big deal, you just gotta work around it, but that is problematic in itself. It is a flawed mechanic. A punishing mechanic like this 7 second stun serves no purpose other than to prevent safespotting, however if you are not safespotting there is still a high chance it gets used on you. This is why it is punishing while at the same time providing a negative gameplay feature that, in my opinion, is unintended. I suggest a complete rework of the mechanic or at the very least reduce the stun duration to a few seconds. Im not sure if I understand the proposed cast feature and how that would fix the problem? My biggest problem is that I am hit with "Super Jump" when I am playing the game normally and not safespotting. However it gets fixed im okay with, but this mechanic is probably my least favorite thing about the alpha right now.
  4. First, i think that there should be a way to avoid CC. With everyone getting Chunin and access to more abilities CC has become a very crucial aspect of pvp and being able to survive or not. Damage seems to be really high right now so being locked in chain, or even just 1 CC can feel hopeless. However, I am not a big fan of a "CC break" button. I think it is way over done in mmos and in particular World of Warcraft. In WoW arenas, for example, having a "pvp trinket" is such an important part of the game that I feel like if Shinobi Story added something along the same lines this game would feel way too similar. I understand that this is a wow engine and not everything is doable but I do want to suggest something that would be considered a "pvp ability" but not a true "CC Break." This is what I suggest: a complete rework of the substitution justsu. It will instead be an ability that you can preemptively use to try and predict an incoming spell and negate its CC as well as damage. It will act as a CC break but instead of using it during the CC you have to use it before. Not only will it require more skill, it also makes more sense. Im not claiming to know a whole lot about the show but from my understanding the substitution justsu has to be completed before they are struck by an attack. they replace themselves with wood or a water clone or something like that. They dont use it after they have already been hit. It may be reactive to a point, but the ability is always used BEFORE the incoming attack. Im not much for lore or anything but this just feels more right to me, other than using or doing something AFTER you have been struck by something. If the engine can allow it, this is what I suggest: Substitution Jutsu will provide a buff lasting just a few seconds and within the window if you are struck by an ability it will negate it. CC or not. Afterwards you go invisible for a few seconds like it is now. I really dont care how it works tbh, I just dont want a "pvp trinket." In my opinion it is extremely overdone in MMOs and it doesnt even make any sense in the shinobi world imo. THanks for reading, sorry if i rambled a bit. THoughtS??
  5. Having a CC break has been a topic for a long time in discord so I thought it was about time we took it to the forums... Should there even be an item or ability that can break CC? Should it act the same way as the PVP trinket in WoW does? Are there any other ways, within the limits of the engine, to break CC? to How long should cooldowns be? Available to everyone and at what level? There are many questions to be asked, as well as answered. Please, if you have any suggestions or input to this topic please comment something For anyone who isnt familiar with the term CC, it is short for Crowd Control. It is something that makes you lose control of your character. For example, stuns, roots, disorients, mind controls, slows, etc are all forms of CC.
  6. Yeah making a major, permanent decision after days of playtime feels bad... Especially when there is little insight to your options. If i had all the knowledge that i do now at the start of my character I would have gone a different route. I really dont wanna reroll and put in another 6 days play time at this point.
  7. I have been hitting a training dummy for 10 minutes with both a 2hander and a single 1hander. I have yet to see an extra hit. Didnt try dual wielding because the numbers go by too fast to see them. Have you tried the passive with a 2 handed weapon? I am pretty sure it is bugged, at least for me it is.
  8. Opening Statement I'd like to start by saying that the long awaited buff/rework to kenjutsu has improved the masteries playability by a lot. I still feel however a lack of identity with the mastery. There are a few abilities that I really like that add a unique playstyle but the biggest problem I see arent the abilities but the auto attacks and the lack of 2handed viability. These are just a few things that I would like to see changed/tuned. In no way is this me complaining. I think Vlad and the rest of the team have done an amazing job! These are just my opinions on the mastery having played it for many many hours. Way of the Blade The additional melee swings just dont work or theres no way to see them. I have tested with 2handed and 1 handed weapons and I have yet to see any additional attacks. The 5% chance to hit is also suspect, when looking at my extended character stats my hit rating is unaffected. If this passive worked properly I could see it being really effective in creating that "swordsmanship identity" that I feel the mastery is lacking. Also not trying to be woke but the tooltip should be changed to "his/her swords" not "his swords". Tendon Slash I think this is a great idea for a utility ability but it just the duration and cooldown doesnt make any sense for a skill shot ability. The hit box is extremely short and narrow making it awkward and incredibly difficult to land. The damage is actually pretty balanced imo but it needs a longer duration and/or its hitboxed modified. All in all I really like this ability but it needs love. Dance of the Flocking Birds I have just a few little problems with this ability. First, the animation is bugged. Either you shouldnt be able to turn your attacks or the animation stays in 1 spot only. Similar to that fire mastery ability. Unsure what its called... Second I think that the damage is a little undertuned... I know that this is an aoe ability but it is still a skill shot. With how much movement there is in the game it is near impossible to land its entire channel unless the targeted is immobilized. Swordsmanship Slash Not much to say about this ability, I think that it is in a really good spot and works well. Similar to Tendon Slash in terms of its hitbox but it is much better because of its high damage and low cooldown. I think that it preforms very well. In the future I could see this ability needing tuned down but atm I think it is fine. Final Glimmer of Evening Light I love this ability! Having an execute just makes sense and creates a lot of opportunities in PVP. The Only thing that I would change is possibly adjusting the chakra and cooldown numbers in the future. PS the animations on this ability are amazing! Early Morning Wind. I think this ability along with the previous execute are Kenjutsu's bread and butter. I think the stun duration, ability range, and cooldown are all appropriate. The only thing I would like to see is maybe a damage increase but it really isnt needed. All together it is an awesome ability that helps the mastery in many ways. Also, using it in certain terrain has made me fall through the map however. I remember this happening a few times when killing goats. Conclusion I think a few of these abilities really dont need much tuning. However I still feel like the damage is a little underwhelming. Once the first passive is fixed maybe that will help bring the mastery to life but at the moment it is a little underwhelming. It isnt the worst mastery but it is still far from where id like to see it. I know everyone wants their mastery to be the strongest but I think Swordsmanship SHOULD be strong. "When the master of the blade draws his/her blade, the outcome is death." This is the description of the mastery in the first tooltip. This statement feels far from reality. Thanks for reading PLEASE ADD YOUR THOUGHTS TO THE COMMENTS
  9. The base damage on most of the abilities is really really poor compared to other masteries. Also, knockbacks + NPCs anti-safezone mechanic is an overly punishing nightmare.
  10. I understand how you can be very frustrated with the game but you gotta realize that this is an early alpha... I too am very frustrated at times but what do I do? I make posts on the forums and the discord and I just stop playing. Most of the things that you are complaining about are just results of this not being a completed game yet. things are always changing with every update. If this was a completed game that you had to purchase then yeah, you'd have every right to be pissed off but those 350 hours you played you were essentially beta testing, no one forced you to put in that much time into an early development game.
  11. I really only have 2 major complaints/things that I would really like to be fixed. First is the ninja rank -> skill point board. There are players that have gotten to C rank while others who cant even get past E when they have the required points to do so. Feels bad. Second is the anti-safespotting / super charge. I understand the reasoning for the mechanic but it is not only buggy but it can be extremely punishing for those who arent trying to safespot. In its current state players are almost forced to just attack one mob and stand still. Using Aggressive Bees, for example, if you want to gather up multiple mobs that are spaced apart you risk getting charged and dying. I know that there are ways around the mechanic like using shuriken, standing still or running a certain way but the mechanic at the moment is a total fun killer in my opinion. I dont think its outrageous to ask to be able to run around freely when attacking NPCs.
  12. Bug Name: Ninja Rank Bug Brief Description: After reaching 50 skill points my character will not rank up from E to D
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